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Integrated genius is high performance in a diverse array of human capacities.

Such genius can be measured, which OSE proposes through its Candidate Assessment for Global Stewards. The unique value proposition in the OSE Edge of Knowledge program is intent and framework for direct and sustainable action on Solving Pressing World Issues.

Curriculum: Concepts Covered

  • How all of the above play a part of Integrated Genius
  • How all of the above can be implemented in new product design so that the technosphere can promote genius instead of reducing popular intelligence and agency
  • The edge of knowledge on all of the elements - the state of art
  • Big Questions and Improvement Points for the future of integrated genius creation.
  • Why is this lesson - or how could this lesson - be the most important of the 1000 lessons

Seminal Reading

Existing Courses

  • Nature of Genius at Yale, Coursera. [1]
  • Brick and Mortar, Cornell - [2]


  • Test: Contribute additional insights to any of the above articles on the wiki, and set aside a 4 hour period in 2 sessions where you complete all of the above tests. Each should take about 15 minutes. Publish your dashboard of results in your work log
  • Contribute: These contributions should be documented on the wiki.
    • Wiki Suggested contributions: create a Google Doc or other easily accessible template or display tool that others can use to display their results in an easy to understand, effective way - which is trackable over time.
    • Big Questions towards the Edge of Knowledge - What are some key, simple, unanswered questions regarding Integrated Genius, the capacity of humans to achieve it, or clear limitations that remain unaddressed?
    • Future Development Work - What are the trends where is humanity going with respect to increasing Integrated Genius and Integrated Intelligence? How can OSE play a part in a positive impact in this field
    • Product Design - Design in certain additional modules or Affordances into existing products being developed on this wiki that can help enhance or promote Integrated Genius
    • Enterprise: Execute on your product design by creating an add-on module to an existing product in order to reify the concepts discussed in other peoples' lives