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HintLightbulb.png Hint: We are looking for people who have problems. With the System. Ethical people and college dropouts: apply for the OSE Fellowship

Recruiting Database




OSE is currently recruiting:

  • Admin Assistant - needed for about 8 hours of work per week
  • House Manager - needed to manage the OSE Summer School - to make sure the summer interns are housed and fed;
  • Board of Directors - we currently need at least 1 BoD member
  • Review Board - see Review Process for what OSE Review should look like, and for responsibilities of Review Team.
  • BoA - on organizational and technical review
  • Legal - minor legal consulting on issues of liability (product), governance, compliance, others.

Local Resources for Recruiting

  • Bob Berkebile
  • Kauffman foundation
  • Free internet people, KC
  • Jack Lerner - legal contacts.


These can be sought via university lectures. Typical approach:

  1. "engineering for good University programs"
  2. "community service" programs at universities
  3. "college break programs"
  4. "required community service hours"
  5. "independent study"
  6. "internships" programs leaders - preferably staff, professors, club leaders.
  7. Architecture for Humanity - all will know Sketchup
  8. Include "engineering for good programs" outside universities - such as ESW, EWB, worldwide.
  9. Sustainability programs at universities
  10. Open Source Engineering programs, Labs - hardware, software
  11. Hackerspaces
  12. Farmhack

Various Leading Orgs