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The entire fabrication procedure is contained in a master PDF file - Pulverizer Full Fabrication Procedure.


Note that CAM files are available for the various mounting plates of the soil pulverizer. See Soil Pulverizer CAM files – bearing mounts and motor mount plates


  • For a materials list which is organized a little differently, see the Bill of Materials.


These pages provide instructions and information on manufacturing and assembling the Soil Pulverizer.

Note: All fabrication drawings are first draft and may contain errors. If you see any please add a note on the page for the correction.

Fabrication Steps

Complete all items in Parts Fabrication and then assemble them. Once the machine is assembled, you can paint it.

Parts Fabrication

The following steps can all be completed independently.




  • Cover the hydraulics and any other place that should not be painted.
  • Check all external surfaces for sharp edges and smooth with angle grinder.
  • Remove any surface rust with wire brush and / or sandpaper.
  • Apply a thorough coating of paint to all steel surfaces.
  • Allow 24 hours to dry before handling.