Rototiller/Manufacturing Instructions/Piece Parts

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Here are the additional piece parts are required to be fabricated to complete the final assembly.

Tools Required

Materials Required

Flat 1/2" X 6" x 8" 1
Flat 1/8" X 48" X 40" 1
Tubing 2" X 2" X 0.25"THK x 24" 2
Round ø1.875" x 52" 1
Round ø0.5" x 50" 1
Round ø0.5" x 4" 2
Pipe 0.5"ID X 0.75"OD x 2" 8

Parts List and Drawings

Small Tube Connects bucket welded assembly to front frame 2
Plate, Motor Mount Additional mounting plate for motor 1
Shaft Main spinning shaft 1
Rod, Hinge Long rod for cover plate hinge 1
Rod, Pin Pins for locking in the tube between the bucket and front frame at a set distance 2
Top Plate Large plate to cover the bucket 1
Hinge Pipe Small pipe used to create hinge between top plate and bucket 8

Fabrication and Assembly Instructions

  1. Cut pieces as per piece part drawings.