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With the OSE Brand, OSE Values, OSE Culture, OSE Character Stand and Promise, OSE Product Values aka OSE Specifications, OSE Vision 2023, SEH Mission, SEH Purpose, SEH Strategy, and SEH Tactics - we want you (infuse these into the Announcement) depending on the audience this goes out to.

We are hiring for the Builder Track, and Leadership Track. All of us are entrepreneurial, with collaborative open enterprise culture for an inclusive economy of abundance. We want to eradicate artificial scarcity of housing from the face of the earth, and as soon as we are done, move to healing other societal diseases.

We follow that a great company is built on great people first. It is not about where we are going, it is about who we get on the bus in the first place - to create a collaborative we culture of people looking to accomplish something bigger than themselves. Everyone has a chance to rise in a meritocratic organization - by their demonstrated merit. There is no glass ceiling, becuase there are enough great causes to struggle for - that as we near achieving one mission - we are already upping our game for the next one. Our learning culture means that every person from executive level to ground floor has an opportunity to expand their skill set in design, engineering, management, and leadership. OSE plans to commit 50% of profit to the creation of rapid learning infastructures for its education programs, and 50% to the creation of infrastructure such as new edufactory campuses to scale its programs worldwide. The goal is to transform education from disintegrated and siloed to an education system that cultivates integrated, applied mindsets and skillsets for responsible stewards of a world that everyone would want to live in.


Looking for courageaous people to join an out of the box enterprise. We build Seed Eco-Homes - the highest quality housing at the lowest possible cost - via open collaborative enterprise. Do you aspire to the culture - to share? Do you aspire to the skills - to substantiate sharing? Join our Extreme Build Team. As we grow, we build faster. One person can build one house in under 1000 hours, or 6 months. A crew of 4 takes 1.5 months. With a crew of 12, we fly at 2 weeks, where the productivity becomes fun - not toil - as we get better and better. Then we replicate. You can stay on the main crew- or you can be a crew leader - up to build manager - up to eentrepreneurial executive, as part of a high growth organization that owes its success to its distributed operations.


  • Lifelong, rapid learning


  • Is it possible to build a system that looks like this? (This gets into microstate notions as in Network State)
    • Is it possible to replicate genius on a macro scale? Everyone can cultivate genius - do you want to, and have the discipline to do it?


  • Your application consists of a brief screening form, intro video from us, 15 minute interview. Followed by your application, which is a real build.
  • Build and ship a 135 lb module to us. Look at a wall module blueprint that we send you. Materials are simple big box store materials, you need a circular saw and cordless drill as the only tools. 50 lbs for OSB. 15 lb for 2x6 = 75 lb. Blocking. 10 lb. 135 lb total weight. May include electrical and plumbing, such as shower dropears, to be used in our actual house. $12+35+5+5=under $60 + wrap [1]
  • Application cost is $74 for FedEx shipping [2]. Materials and shipping may be refunded upon receipt, shipping is the responsibility of the applicant. Even our application process produces real product. OSE refund limit is $74 for FedEx.
    • Negotiation of this process shows candidate's openness to hacking, learning, and collaborating.
  • Video time lapse from start to finish must be included. Application time - 1-4 hrs build, + ship + timelapse at 3 second interval.
  • Application does not guarantee acceptance. We prioritize candidates who follow OSE culture and values of discipline to make a choice to become great.


  • Must achieve 1/8" tolerance with respect to the edge of the OSB for a perfect pass. Ultimate quality control is determined by an L-angle showing near perfect alignment (1/8" or less discrepancy).
  • If damaged in shipping, applicant has another chance, or the product may still pass if it is evident that it has been built correctly, by the sole discression of OSE.
  • Correcting a mistake in our blueprints means passing with extra credit.
  • Video timelapse required to document workflow, tool handling, logistics, quality control, and build speed.
  • OSE will evaluate for telerances on the work product (as above), and for transparency and collaboration throughout the process:
    • Open dialogue throughout the process
    • Mutual learnings on distributed production and distributed quality control