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Do you want to become a civilization builder, and solve pressing world issues for a living? Welcome to the world of rapid, integrated learning. In the first year, you learn to build the Seed Eco-Home - not one trade but 17 trades that allow you to build a complete house - our Seed Eco-Home. We run a 4x10 scheudule, and one day is school time for movement entrepreneurship. If you make it through the first year, we will hire you at a pay scale that would normally take 10 years for an average master carpenter to achieve.

What are we doing here? We are developing a bootstrap funding mechanism for lifelong learning for world transformation. We believe in the Housing Theory of Everything - ie, housing is a very important sector to get right - as a multitrillion dollar global market.

If you are considering tech school as you may not be sure you want to go to college and work in a cubicle - consider our alternative.

The only requirement is that you want to become excellent - by learning the Art of Possibility


  • You are literally building a new civilization. The philosophy and science study is literally there for Action R&D.
  • Each campus follows The Book, of best practice built on all of societal theory and best practice (no bearded theorists and moustached maniacs)
  • Campus, after 4 years, means that you take on a role in creating advanced civilization. It can be locally distributed, but cooperate as a whole with standard enterprises for housing, food, energy, manufacturing, materials, semiconductors, and earospace.
  • 8 years means you are working for replication.

Class Schedule

Survey of Everything.

Job Types

Hiring Rationale

  • Local - on-site and Factore-based production and local builds.
  • Remote - addresses distributed production: make modules, ship to our facility via trailer load ($500 for 250 mile distance)).
  • Mentorship - open source ecology performance culture, related to current missions. Mindset training. This means OSE Mindset Training which is core to the Civilization Design related tracks. Builder track is entry level for progressive rednecks interested in advanced learning that is more integrated than standard career tracks.
  • Civilization Remodeling Track - you pay for the learning. minimum 4 year commitment. Apprenticeship track - larger mission - meaning advanced mindset training. This is for the sophisticated, advanced, rapid-learning student (integrated learning, good mental models, post-enlightenment, high level of agency, decent self-awareness. Transitions to getting paid based on measured proficiency (time to build modules, time to assemble modules). Once you become proficient, we hire more builders. Expectation is for people to rise to R&D capacity, enterprise leadership.
  • Builder Track - 4x10, for those who already have demonstrated build skill. Friday 2 hr learning. Hiring builders. 2 hrs skill training for career advancement + homework. It's optional. It's enterprise training. They can opt in to the other track, or opt into enterprise training for remote work. Remote/distributed production, etc.


  • Civilization Builder School - 3 days on the job / 2 days class work/study. 6 people. You pay, and this anables you to work in any trade, 1-2 year apprenticeship period, come out at $48k out of $36k average. This includes work hours for We invite you to work with us if you are interested in growth track. Earn as much as a 10 year master carpenter in 2 years. For those who don't want to spend the excessive time jumping through the hoops, and who are interested in continuing learning and advancement opportunities. Promise: successful completion gets you to the pay scale of 10 year experience - in 2 years or less if you focus more. The promise is: after 2 years, you will be on a team that builds 10x faster than any construction company, at 3 weeks per house instead of 30 weeks mi. Pay based on skill set is quantified by time to build specific modules.
  • Construction Apprenticeship Work - Full time construction, 4x10. this is the brutal path, but also has growth opportunity. Full time 40 hr. Competitive pay based on skill, at or above market rate. For those with prior experience. 6 people.
  • GI Bill Apprenticeship - more requirements from OSE. On the job training, subsidized by the government. Added learning:
  • Movement Entrepreneurship Track - this is Alternative College. First year is same as Tech School. Second year you start getting exposed to the vision of collaborative enterprise. Not your regular enterprise, but integrated, collaborative, transformative enterprise. 2 year. Learn integrated design and build, first year you learn an area of your choice, second year you develop a product related to the Seed Eco-Home related to an integrated enterprise (machines, materials, built modules, Swarm Build product, house designer product, etc)
  • Collaborative Enterprise Mentorship - This focuses on developing a mindset of unlimited opportunity (Art of Possibility) and great work (Good to Great) as the frameworks for transition to the open source economy. Built around the capacity to build things openly and collaboratively. Requirement is that you are building a business, and you would like to contribute your enterprise into an open source Seed Eco-Home ecosystem. See more at OSE Mentorship

Candidate Clarity

  • 18-26 YO though negotiable - growth mindset, reaching for the stars, farmer work ethic, excited by possibility, fundamental interest in doing great work, and seeking humble immortality.
  • High performance (can build) high trust is ideal.
  • Builders for 100% effort. Do carpenters work 40 hour weeks? Yes [1]. See industry standard work conditions [2]
  • Select for farmer work ethic.
  • Learning mindset. Select for people who ideally want an accelerated learning track (functional proficiency in 17 Trades compared to a single trade in the same time in a regular pathway)
  • Performance culture. We are looking for people interested in performance culture.
  • Build Transcendent Culture. Selected for people who are excited, and who spread excitement. This is a function largely of the Art of Possibility. The 'excited part is important, because without it, new things aren't tried.
  • Antifragile - growing from difficulty, as in Ashes and Diamonds


  • What will the canditate contribute to pushing forward the state of art?
  • What will the candidate contribute to teaching other team members regarding performance culture? Will the person teach me anything?
  • What bothers the candidate about the way the world works, and what are they doing about it?


  • It will be a thinking-on-your feet discussion of integrative thinking, where the candidate must be familiar with concepts of Industry 1.0 to Industry 3.0. on top of this - decentralization.
  • Candidate must have an orientation towards humility and inclusion, but not the partial inclusion of disadvantaged people but everyone inclusion as in we are all in it together

Economic Case

  • $71k/year average for master carpenter after 10 years of time [3]
    • How does this match BLS, which says mean is $60k carpenters and 66k for MEP? [4]? Mean is higher by $10k - a conspicuously substantial difference.
    • Here average carpenter is $48k at BLS [5]
  • Average trade school costs $33k and earning after is $36k. Associate Degree in carpentry (2 year) is typically $4-20k.
    • $12500 for associate degree in carpentry, Minnesota [6]
    • $6600 Montana, $13k at MATC Wisconsin.
  • Reconcile? $13k vs 33k? Is the $20k difference room and board, whereas $13k is tuition only? Room and board is $12k [7]


  • The builder candidate must not be a 5-Legged Dog - there is too few of them to scale the project to dominant market share.
  • Talent must be built in house, leadership grows through the ranks.
  • Likely candidate: a progressive individual open to learning, with a strong Work Ethic. Challenge: negotiate the declining work ethic with culture building that breeds purpose.


  • 5x8 in July-August, and 4x10 at other times [8]. Dec 15-Jan 15 is off construction season. Temperature


  • 4x10 schedule with Friday Culturing. It is culture and mindset for the he big picture, repeated and reinforced as an ecology of consistent, mutually reinforcing, and for the time timeless core and constant improvement. Outcome is creating new ideas + mechanisms for reinforcing this core, also backed by incentives. Badges, perks, bonuses, financial bonuses, status (meritocratically administered), etc.
  • Workshop Operations