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Original Working Doc

See [1]

D3D Universal

  1. D3D Universal is the multi-toolhead version of D3D Simple
  2. See D3D Simple for prior art on the 3-dimensional motion axis.
  3. Scope of complete printer is Universal Controller, no heat on bed, Simple Extruder, and spool holder. All is mounted to a wooden board.
  4. Modify current design for a specific size: 6"x6"x6" as a small and robust device
  5. Needs


Universal Axis Designer

Universal Tool Head Connections

See Universal Tool Head Requirements

CNC Plotter

A device based on the Universal Axis capable of drawing pictures and circuit masks on copper-clad boards. The platter is part of a 3-in-1 CNC Tool which uses a CNC motion system in 3 dimensions, coupled with quick-connect toolheads. The Plotter is one of these tool heads. This uses a RAMPS-based Universal Controller and Universal Axis to move a drawing tool. The universal axes are oriented in a configuration embodied by D3D Simple. The specifications include 10 micron step size of motion, and plotting resolution limited by the width of the pen or marker tool. The nature of this development is to produce a quick-connect plotting toolhead for D3D Simple, including the software that can be run on the Universal Controller. The technology in (1) concept diagram, (2) CAD in open source file format and ideally in FreeCAD and KiCad, (3), any required wiring diagrams, (4) software, (5) Build Instructions, (6) CAM files for production, (7) BOM, (8) Exploded Part Diagram, and (9) Build Instructions.

Modular Breakdown and Requirements


CNC Plotter Etching


Arduino Uno

See Arduino Uno Requirement

Universal Power Supply

This is the Universal_Power_Supply_Requirement

We start with the Universal Controller and demonstrate basic power electronics control ciruits which are used with a Power Stage so the same generalized circuit can function as Light Dimmer, Welder, Cordless Welder, Charger, and Motor Power Supply for the STEAM Camp Curriculum. Thus, using this generalized module, we can domonstrate:

  1. Light Dimmer. A simple light dimmer that takes an incandescent light bulb and controls its brighness. To do this, we rectify AC to 120DC, and then use a PWM circuit to control brightness by varying the voltage.
  2. Welder. If we have a 2.4 kW (20A at 120V)-capable light dimmer - we can get into welding. If we rectify to DC, then PWM allows us to get any voltage between 15 and 25 volts - which is just perfect for a small welder up to 100A DC. We also show how simply connecting 2 of these circuits in parallel allows us to scale power, based on using a single PWM output from the Universal Controller to trigger multiple transistors - for a 200A DC welder application
  3. Cordless Welder. If we have a scalable battery pack at 22V (see other specification), the Universal Power Supply can be used to make a cordless welder.
  4. 18650 Battery Charger. If we have a universal DC power supply - adding the right control sequence to it via the Universal Controller produces a battery charger.
  5. Motor Power Supply. A universal DC power supply also functions naturally as supply for the 3D Printed Electric motor, which runs on 24V DC.


Cordless Welder

While a corded welder power supply rectifies AC and takes id down to usable voltage via pulse-width modulation - the cordless welder uses multiple 6s 18650 battery packs. The 18650 cells are combined using a clamping system as opposed to soldering or spot welding. Instead, modular holders with flexible elements, press fit, and bolts or set screws are used to hold batteries in place. The batteries can be removed without having to solder and unsolder. The pack geometry and modular holders are 3D printed. The battery is designed with interconnects so that the battery can be stacked either in series or parallel.

To obtain a cordless welder, a 200A aluminum bus bar (1/2" bar stock) is used to connect 24v batteries in parallel.

Universal Controller is used to control the current via the control knob.

Battery Pack Requirement


Universal Controller

The Universal Controller is a LCD-screen equipped controller based on the Arduino Mega that is capable of controlling 3D printers, CNC machines, welders, filament makers, automated machines, or any other applications where a microcontroller runs different actuators, sensors, or power elements. It is a platform consisting of the Mega, RAMPS, LCD screen, power supply, power outlet, and power handling SSR, and can be connected to external external stepper drivers, solenoid valves, or other power elements. Equipped with an Arduino Mega, it can be used to control just about enything that requires a 100 kHz or lower control signal.

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Electric Motor

Power supply is covered above.

Electric Motor Controller Logic


Raspberry Pi Tablet Specification

See Raspberry Pi Tablet Specification

Software Toolchains

For uniformity of toolchains, we will use OSE Linux with all software preloaded. We use the Universal Controller running Marlin firmware. The software toolchain must be designed for using the Universal Controller with modified firmware to run different machines:

  1. 3D printer
  2. Plotter
  3. CNC Mill

We can also consider using a single firmware for all these functions, but that may be too complicated for now.

3D Printer

  1. Going from FreeCAD to STL export to Cura to g-code export for SD card.


  1. Going from Inkscape to gcode for drawing pictures
  2. Going from KiCad to FlatCam to gcode for drawing circuit masks for copper-clad boards.

CNC Mill

  1. 3 mm milling bit for light aluminum milling with coolant using a small aquarium pump
  2. Using a 1 mm milling bit for circuit paths and through-holes without switching tools and with coolant
  3. Etching is done using Cuprous Sulfate and a mask drawn by the circuit plotter. The requirement includes agitation by placing the etchant bath on the D3D Universal bed to be agitated back and forth. Custom firmware is required here, or we may collapse all the firmware into one version of Marlin

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