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HintLightbulb.png Hint: This is a simple and basic low cost extruder for 1.75 mm filament that can be built from scratch. This is not necessarity optimized for rubber, and will not work with 3 mm filament in its basic form. However, it is still cabable of basic production, with its Volcano nozzle for large nozzle sizes up to 1.2 mm. This is an entry level extruder that can produce reliable prints, but is limited in filament size, will have slower rubber extrusion. Rubber Extruder is a 3mm extruder optimized for rubber, and also optimized for all other filaments. Picture here shows Angle Bracket in production:

Working Doc



v19.11 - Nov 2019

Chris Log. Main features: Volcano nozzle; 1.75 mm filament; integrated print cooling fan and probe; 24v standard. Design appears workable with Supervolcano heater block


Towards Finish:

V2 - London International Edition - October 2019

Main Features: titlable fan; regular nozzle - not Volcano heater block

V1 - July 2019


Folder on Google - [1]

CAD - London International Academy Version

See Open Source Microfactory Startup Camp version at Chris Log and D3D Universal.

Note - some duplicate parts are listed below. The four particular parts were used in the simple extruder build in London, Ontario in October, 2019. These have been added here with the hopes that we will somehow organize them better William - October, 2019

Reverse Engineering Pictures

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