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Materials List

Beverage Cans

(Glass) Bottles

Corrugated Containerboard

  • "Cardboard"
  • Any Standard Box Sizes?
  • Also can just say "cut to 0.5 meter sheet" etc
  • Can be cut by hand, via Dragknife, or with a Lasercutter
  • Rigid, Lightweight, Insulative, and Common/Cheap

Food Cans

Liquid Packaging Board

  • What "Juice Boxes" "Box Wine" and similar products use
  • Essentially a semi-rigid, durable, waterproof/vaporproof, insulative textile
  • Outside of seams may be comprable to Tyvek ?

Metal Scrap

  • Reuse "as is" if possible for Offcuts
  • If melted try and keep as "Pure" as possible
  • Get makerspaces to have an X-Ray Florescence Gun for measuring scrap metal ingot compositions?
    • Granted not accesible until a company makes such a device, and/or a FLOSH design is made

Vulcanized Rubber Tyres

  • Will exist nearly anywhere wheeled vehicles are common
  • Is there a common standardized width?
  • Need to document those standards
  • Can be used as is (For things like Roof Shingles , Shoes , Crash Barriers (like in F-1), as a bench/chair, as a Tyre Swing, or for Animal Agility Courses
    • ...And More
  • Also VERY weatherproof

Wood / Wood Scrap

  • Already common place, and standardized via standard wood shapes (2x4's and all that)
  • Bamboo and on-site Engineered Wood Products may be an area to explore

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