Strategic Plan 2012

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Guide to this Work

In these pages, you will find the strategic plan by which we aim to create the Open Source Economy.

  • Please start with Strategic Plan Abstracts for a bird's eye view, starting with the Overall Abstract.
  • Then see the list of the 50 technologies in the Strategic Plan Introduction.
  • Then the 10 Month Development Roadmap (with budget) - burndown of $400k for 32 further prototypes.
  • Then see Scaling Strategy - Organization, and Impact Scaling for the 15 year view.
  • See Theory of Change.

If you have time, then go into the business Plan and all of its 9 subsections, which are the 9 components suggested in Business Model Generation.

Strategic Plan Abstracts

Strategic Plan Introduction

Strategic Priorities

Improve Processes

Stabilize Site Infrastructure

Develop Organizational Infrastructure

Define Performance Metrics

Define Development Pathway

10 Month Development Roadmap

Lower Barriers to Collaboration

Recruit Core Team

Implement Scalable, Rapid Development Platform

Business Plan

Customer Segments

Value Proposition


Customer Relationships

Revenue Streams

Key Resources

Key Activities

Key Partnerships

Cost Structure

Scaling Strategy: Organization

Impact Scaling Strategy

Theory of Change

Infrastructure to Replication in 10 Years

Otehr Sections

1. Overview of Need 5. Leader Overview 6. Landscape 7. Programs 8. Results to Date

10. Scaling Strategy: Organization 11. Scaling Strategy: Budget 12. Income/Fundraising Strategy 13 Metrics 14 Milestones 15 Evaluation

Appendix: Assumptions