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Return of the Charvester !

I want a T-Shirt or something with that now that i think of it. Give it a Slasher Film / Metal Band Aesthetic. Neat Merch.

I do think something along the lines of this would be really interesting for a semi- Rewilded Grasslands, where the " Controlled Burns " are replaced with something like this, used for Biochar / BECCS / (or just conventional Bioenergy/Biomaterials but with BOAR to prevent Nutrient Loss. Still be able to do your Cellulosic Biomass etc, but instead of having it be some managed farm, just every so often deploy *electic gituar riff* THE CHARVESTER

(Sidenote i think there was some DARPA project along these lines, although i think that was moreso in the goofy "throwing funds at the wall for science and seeing what sticks" camp of Chip Controlled Beetles and so on rather than GPS, The Internet, and Boston Dynamics etc. May have been Microbial Fuel Cell based as well)

--Eric (talk) 01:05, 27 September 2023 (UTC)