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Lets list all of the possible applications of the microtractor and how it fits in with the other GVCS tools.

What should the microtrac be designed for?:

1) A small/startup village with small crops and small construction that doesn't need or can't justify a full size lifetrac?

2) Or for more precision work to suplement the LifeTrac for tight-space job or remote locations where you don't want to haul a fullsize LifeTrac to the jobsite?

3) Instead of brute force for LifeTrac style work, should it be more agile and dexterous, basically a second pair of (hydraulic) hands to do a task that would be impossible with out the strength of 4 people? More like a non-cnc and mobile version of the Industrial_Robot

I'll have to dump links here sometime, but i've seen a couple of interesting examples:

Those are existing uses i have seen, and can upload some documentation on. They are also existing markets ose could potentially sell in/spread awareness in.

Some other ones i can imagine are:

--Eric (talk) 21:02, 17 August 2023 (UTC)