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OTS Options

Low End


Utilizing OTS Steam Cleaners / Steam Mops etc

  • From Personal Confirmation (Albeit with a Cooking Thermometer and no-tool on the end) a "Bissell PowerFresh" produced a constant 100 Degree Celcius Wet Steam
  • So in theory it should work
  • Should run out and try it sometime
  • Lack of High Flow and/or Boiling Water Drops to Kill Roots may prove problematic
  • Also Corded
  • A Video by the YouTube Channel "Melissa - Empress of Dirt" Titled "How to Remove Weeds with a Steam Cleaner" ( ~3 Minute Watch )
    • They showed about 4 days from treatment until full brown death
    • Used a Steam Cleaner rather than a steam mop, but same concept
    • I was looking into these a while back when i was probably looking this up to beging with, not for showing another person, BUT Automotive Detailing channels use these quite frequently and had good recommendations, granted will they work for this application is another matter

Commercial End


  • The utilize a typically Flame Heated system
  • They call it "Satusteam" which may not be Dry Steam / Sayurated Steam per se, bit of Patented Secret Sauce (Should look up the patent though)
    • Quote:
      • "SatusteamTM is our patented technology that is a combination of saturated steam and boiling water."
  • Seems to be a successful, albeit somewhat niche company
  • Several documented towns using the system, PILES of Video Documentation etc
  • Their Website
  • Their YouTube Channel
  • Seem to be Diesel Burner Based
  • Specs of the "Satusteam" "On-Delivery" (ie at the nozzle) are:
    • 2-4 Bar (30-60 PSI)
    • 118°C (250°F)
  • They sell nozzle based, "hood" based, and boom mounted hood based systems
  • "The SW800 model is our affordable entry-level steam weed control machine designed to deliver 5L of Satusteam per minute. It is ideal for handheld application of satusteam in municipal situations such as parks, garden beds, streets and for smaller scale organic growers."
  • Pricing/Capability are a bit hidden but the SW800 seems about right given most use cases at OSE's kind of scale (ie not an entire orchard)
  • In A Video by their YouTube Channel they mention the "SW500E" which seems similar
  • A video on their channel mentioning the "steam spike" (Supposedly more localized for around decrative gardens etc / non-row gap row spacing)

Designs by Nobox7 / Burners Galore Sold on Ebay

OSE Design



A Photo of a Large TLUD Gasifier that seems highly adaptable to use as a Flash Steam Generator, built by Rob Diermair, Biochar Ontario.


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