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November, 2012

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Sequencing Rationale - Up to Mid-2013

  1. Machine Designers are the core developers. On the core prototyping front - we currently have 2 Machine Designers. We intend to build our team to 6 machine designers by March 2013.
  2. Product Lead directs machine design effort. When we reach 4 machine designers (Jan. 2013), we will need to recruit a Product Lead to oversee the Machine Designers.
  3. Documentation Director assures that documentation is produces alongside the development process. This includes video instructionals and technical documentation. Documentation Director develops a production plan for instructionals and progress videos with the Videographer. The Product Lead is responsible for machine documentation until a Documentation Director is recruited. Docmentation Director works with OSHWA on documentation standards and reports to Product Lead.
  4. Community Manager facilitates remote contributions. To facilitate an increasing number of contributions from remote collaborators, we need the Community Manager to guide remote developers - to complement the work of dedicated Machine Designers. While the Product Lead manages the overall technical development. The Community Manager recruits both high level Technical Advisors for specific projects and leads our hands-on development hackathons, which we call Flash Mobs.
  5. Operations Manager handles all the moving parts by interfacing between the Executive Director and staff. The Operations Manager coordinates the interplay between machine design, machine builds, remote collaboration, and documentation.
  6. Production Director leads production and sales to generate earnings - to make the operation financially self-sustaining financially.


  • Machine Designers follow OSE Specifications in general, and build machines according to Open Source Hardware Modularity Pattern Language, follow GVCS Rollout Sequencing, and follow the GCVCS Module Ecology White Paper - defining the design standards and interfaces for the main modules. See preliminary design of modules in the GVCS Modularity Pattern Language. Machine designers follow well-defined design parameters to generate design on a contract basis. ED defines the modules and fabrication suggestions with assistance from Technical Review Team. Machine designers culminate in CAD,CAE, BOMs, and Fabrication Tree Diagram Method procedures.
  • Product Lead - recruits the Machine Designers, who are approved by the ED. Writes contracts for Machine Designers. Informs the Machine designers about sequencing and about design parameters. Keeps Machine Designers on schedule and removes their blocks. Runs up to4-6 projects at a time, and works with Documentation Director to assure that proper documentation is published on an ongoing basis.
  • Production Director - negotiates production sales contracts, secures materials, organizes workshop infrastructure, takes care of tooling, leads production runs, trains fabricators, and
  • Operations Manager - Required after a single Product Lead reaches their capacity of 4-6 projects for securing materials. Secures materials. Assures coordination between Product Leads. Assures that Documentation Standards are met, that machines are field tested in strategic partnerships, and assures smooth flow of recruiting process, and oversees Resource Development Director. Organizes Dedicated Project Visits and Oversees Production Director. Helps ED in selection of recruits. re
  • Executive Director - Engages high level networking to poach top candidates based on mission alignment. Raises funds from high level contacts. Recruits advisors and strategic partners. Develops Documentation and Development Standards. Develops brand. Participates in Collaborative Production runs.

June, 2012