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Sun Dec 20, 2019

Heat Exchanger and Steam Generator. Broadly speaking, a steam generator is one application of heat exchanger.

You are welcome to correct pages. I will be publishing my book in 2019-2020 where I discuss the relationship between pellet stove, heat exchanger for house heat, partial burn to heat for saturated water for 1/4 hp night time steam engine for off-grid; production of charcoal for cars; integration of PV and solar concentrator into this; integration of Hillbilly Heater. In any case, it's a complex ecology for off-grid combined heat-fuel-power. Eventually this will be superceded by hydrogen at medium pressure for stationary storage, and eventually for car fuel. See Book - Solar Concentrator

Nov 2018

Welcome to Open Source Ecology!

Thank you for registering on the Open Source Ecology wiki.


I don't know what your plan is, so don't take this as something pushy, but off the top of my head I think a full on CHEMICAL ENGINEER like yourself would be great for the work on biofuels, batteries, chemical aquisition/refinement, recycling, and plastics

Also a step below that may be working on lab stuff

Anyways can't wait to work with you!

--Eric (talk) 13:17, 19 November 2018 (UTC)