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We are developing an open source, Distributive Enterprise, crowd-sourced, scalable, voluntary, self-funding, replicable method of product development known as Extreme Manufacturing. We are building on prior work of the Civilization Starter Kit v0.01 as our initial build-outs of openly-published hardware design for economically-significant hardware. The focus of the method is real goods - physical infrastructure development for building regenerative human settlements - moving beyond the Google Doctrine and towards balancing the Disparity of Wealth. There are significant scalability challenges for the Extreme Manufacturing method. The challenges include complexities due to the values imposed by OSE Specifications - the creation of a disruptive, distributive, open source economic development paradigm - with a diverse Innovation Platform including technical, organizational, enterprise, and other innovations. The outstanding challenges include: developing a comprehensive development platform; defining clear roles for management and volunteers; defining an effective organizational/management model for the effort; assuring volunteer continuity and morale; developing a self-funding mechanism; and leveraging reliable crowd sourced contributions via well-organized Flash Mobs, among others. To address these challenges, we are deploying one or more of the furthest-developed technologies and bringing them to full Distributive Enterprise status - to test the Extreme Manufacturing development platform and to assure bootstrapping, self-funding, scalable operation. Our first milestone is establishing a reliable revenue stream of $20k/month by 2012, and scaling that to $80k/month by year-end 2013 - while demonstrating technique scalability to multiple products and to replicability to other locations.


This is a 2 year strategic plan for OSE for the completion of the GVCS not only to Beta Release, but to XM_Distributive Enterprise Development by means of OSE Fellows trained to replicate enterprises to different parts of the world.

We are building a scalable, collaborative, open source product development pipeline for increasing the rate of innovation. Our method is developing the Global Village Construction Set as a test bed for an Extreme Manufacturing methodology - an application of Scrum to hardware development. Our specific product is an open source, Distributive Enterprise - the Extreme Microfactory capable of clearing $80k/4 people/month/4000 square feet of production space - producing the 50 GVCS machines - as proof of concept that open economic collaboration not only works - but makes proprietary development models obsolete.

Defining the Game

  • The name of the game is creating the open source economy.
  • The purpose of the game is developing a scalable, self-funding, off-grid, organically-growing open product development platform based on XM and the GVCS as a route to the Open Source Economy of Affection.
  • The strategy is a Distributive Enterprise Incubator - training entrepreneurs via a self-funding program, where capitalization assistance is also provided as part of the program.
  • The entities in the game are: a land-based facility with agriculture, a production workshop, OSE nonprofit organization, OSE for-profit organization for self-funding, workshop apprentices, Dedicated Project Visitors, Product Director, Product Managers, Recruiter, farm interns, mentors, OSE Fellows, Resource Development Director, Farm Director, Construction Director, Strategic Planner, Coaches, Mentors, Flash Mobs, Advisory Board, Board of Directors, greater community, True Fans, Kickstarter Supporters, TED community, Shuttleworth Foundation, Chickens, Orchard, Ponds, Tractors, CEB Presses, Kauffman Foundation, speaking engagements and conferences, media presence, social media networks, replicators, product buyers, enterprise strartups, Distributive Enterprise Incubator, OSE Campus, Sweiger Shop, prototypers, Foundations, and many others.
  • How to play: design, develop, build, test, use, iterate products; generate visible customer value; teach entrepreneurs; inspire the greater community, change the world
  • Rules of the game: the products must be developed openly, while publishing progress and process early and often. Protectionism is prohibited. Bootstrap funding is required. Education is required for volunteers. Whining is disallowed, only creative solutions to address issues. Supporting warfare, bureaucracy, evil institutions, corruption, mal-distribution of wealth, and coercion is forbidden. Openness, collaboration, and open communication is required.
  • Indicators of satisfaction include open source designs, blueprints, and Civilization Starter Kits being published, and entrepreneurs being trained. Greatest marker is the value of open source products produced, and supply chains relocalized - to boost local economic prosperity and autonomy.
  • The person responsible for instigating the game is the project founder.


  • Beginning of Q4 2012, we are aiming to demonstrate a $20k/month revenue stream to bootstrap fund ongoing development - via production of CEB Presses at a rate of 1 per week - with a Production Manager and apprentices who receive crash course training in flexible fabrication.

Team Ecology

This is the basic team ecology for 2012. (click to edit)

Role Descriptions

Self-Funding Enterprise Model

We are pursuing OSE Self-Funding Business Model. One part of this is a Producer Track for skilled fabricators.


A significant portion of OSE work is recruiting talent, from Flash Mobs, volunteers, to product directors.

Here is the Streamlined Recruiting Plan


  • Value of GVCS machines built
  • Net worth of enterprises started via access to the GVCS