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Wed, May 29, 2013

  • Creating Design Sprint #4 Invite to include a plug for The Spark
  • Updated [Design Sprint] "More Information" page
  • Updated Plumber's Log, delays!
  • Updated and linked pages to [The Spark|The Spark] and [The Spark Film -- 1 Day Planning Log|The Spark Planning Log]
  • Prepped for intern arrival, but was not able to accomplish a lot of tasks--infrastructure problems are taking up a lot of time; will keep working over the weekend on the documents for Monday's on-boarding
    • Goals accomplished for today: Laid hay on the muddy areas, moved the bridge into place (water still flowing), facilitated carrying the bed frames from the shop to the hablab. Assigned intern to begin set up of the rooms, move items to storage, etc.
    • Still need to finish documentation, move appliances, etc
  • Update on electrical--got a message from Joe, see OSE Grid Back up (internal document)

Tues, May 28, 2013

Goals for the Week:

  1. Send out Design Sprint #4 invite, include The Spark plug (no pun intended, LOL)
  2. Get the Events page on the wiki updated
  3. Continue IRCs for talent search, look at other forums for advertisement, keep engaged in FB, Linked In
  4. Prep on-boarding material for DPVs: welcome packet, standards, room assignments, schedules. NOTE: need to develop easy to use tracker to help prioritize & follow-up on DPV assignments/tasks

Recap from Last Week:

  1. Develop DPV Welcome Packet to include updated comm standards; UPDATE: draft product complete, review INW
  2. Develop listserv cape for sending OSE announcements, work with Elifarley to allow users to request type of info sent (i.e. newsletters, announcements, events, requests for support, other?); UPDATE: Still needs action, but have created second gmail account/work around so I don't get locked out of my email anymore
  3. Reply to several emails requesting info; UPDATE: done, but never-ending, have more inquiries to respond to
  4. Recap Design Sprint #2; UPDATE: Needs to be done
  5. Redirect & populate The Spark wiki page; develop Gantt chart for project; UPDATE: All in-progress
  6. Finish Google Hangout Instructional; UPDATE: In-progress
  7. Get quotes for Hablab improvement initiatives; UPDATE: have sewer/plumber coming out this week, awaiting electrical final quote
  8. Check on title transfer for Ford p/u; UPDATE: title never sent, being returned to Marcin for further action


  • Worked infrastructure: plumbing issue, new sewer issue, and generator issue (see Plumbing Log). Also, obtained non-assessment documentation from the county finance/revenue dept to facilitate vehicle registration for the pickup.
  • Completed FeF Welcome & Comm Stds...ready for review/edit
  • Creating [Hablab Schedule] (for chores, showers, and laundry)
  • Dealt with intern issues, arrival dates, and other logistics
  • Washing the towels/laundry/sheets from Hablab to prep for intern arrival...performing other intern prep work

Mon, May 26, 2013 (Memorial Day)

  • Received/reviewed backhoe design from Brian Log (backhoe)
  • On Monday, I laid out the comm plan for The Spark with Ian...need to finish populating The Spark page...
  • Received call re: sewer backup at Hablab; also, was told there is a generator problem as well

Sat, May 25, 2013

  • Held successful 6 in 60 Design Sprint #3
    • Had X participants--see May 23, 2013 Design Sprint Log
    • Streamlined processes with Marcin's Dashboard Script and Conceptual Design Module tracker to pass out tasks
    • Advertised sprint on Facebook--brought in 5 more people expressing interest in collaborating, but need to make intent of sprints clear--its a working session, not info gathering; need to include 6 in 60 invite via FB, twitter, linkedin
    • Successfully utilized Google Hangout to record session [1], screenshare, and chat; used Dashboard script for quick update and onboarding message
    • To facilitate a better hangout session, would like to:
      • Build a participants book with resume and info sheet listing their expertise & what they have done in the past for OSE, & a participants cheat sheet
      • Need to incorporate skype handles into survey
      • Create a links cheat sheet for the session facilitator to quickly post informational links to the chat as questions come up
    • Infrastructure update: Hablab now has an operational washing machine and printer/scanner; received the flash water heater today
  • Began outline Community Standards doc (currently an internal doc)
  • Outlined comm strategy for The Spark--really need to populate The Spark wiki page
  • Touched base with several interns, DPVs, etc
  • Organizing Friendly_Organizations into a rated contributor page, see [ ]

Fri, May 24, 2013

  • Had 4 hour exec meeting discussing path forward, protocols, project status, etc
  • Contacted four plumbers in Cameron, see Plumbers log
  • Updated Contributor Touchpoint doc [ ]
  • Used OSE FB to celebrate new 3D printing and intern success

Thurs May 23, 2013

  • Finished Design Sprint #3 Invite and supporting document 6 in 60 Campaign Announcement
  • Developed Linked In 6 in 60 Recruiting Announcement Template; shared to 5 groups (1x3D designers, 4x open source groups, and 1 prof sketchup group)--21,563 people
  • Developed 6 in 60 Campaign page
  • Met with Ian, Tom, James & Rob re: The Spark (roll these notes into the Spark Planning Page)
    • ACTION: Ian needs to know what we can do to help with the microfundraising for the film (write about it in a blog, newsletter, etc?)
    • ACTION: Need to connect Ian and his team with some hydraulic experts
    • Tom is looking at designing a key switch to be able to shut the motor off in the cab/seat
    • Evaluating integration issues with the new power cube--will require 3/4" hydraulic hoses with 1" return lines
    • Evaluating using multiple (up to 3) pumps--evaluating cost and integration issues
    • ACTION: Does OSE have CAD files of the Lifetrac?
    • ACTION: Gary will upload/link current progress on the tractor tonight in Gary Log
    • ACTION: Does OSE have operational test plans of the previous Lifetrac or any other product?
    • ACTION: What can we do to get experts in the tractor/ag manufacturing community
    • ACTION: Are there width constraints to the back of the tractor where power cube sits? New cube is designed to be 35"
    • ACTION: Get with Drew (Ian's producer) re: schedule development

Wed May 22, 2013

  • Developed DPV Offer Letter template
  • Spoke with local plumbers @ Martin Plumbing, 114 Main St, Maysville, 816-449-2710--they are booked this week and next and not taking appointments beyond that; I got the impression that they were not interested in the work; started Plumbing Log
  • Spoke with POC at DMV about process to get the pick up declared an "Abandoned Vehicle"--lengthy process, will need to call the DMV in Jeff City to explain our circumstances to determine next steps
  • Updating contributor and true fans distro list for Design Sprint #3 invite; developing Design Sprint #3 Invite
  • Researched IRCs [IRC Notes] spent 2 hours down that rabbit hole--need to parking lot this once we have other processes in place
  • Finally determined path forward on mattresses and bedframes for DPVs; ordered from Wal-Mart & Amazon

Tue May 21, 2013

Start understanding our stakeholdership for OSE - In_the_News. Check also Friendly_Organizations

  1. Develop folder for standard responses - 1 - design sprint; 2 - concept design as in OSE-OSHW-Dev-Backhoe. Marcin defines deliverables.
  2. Develop community management processes (initial response letters to inquiries, surveys, FAQs, etc)
  3. Develop survey for work days, video/documentation, and non-tech support
  4. Expand recruiting network outside of OSE database [Recruiting Touch Points]. Study the Friendly_Organizations and determine point sources of specific talent. Define the specific talent that we are looking for.
  • Created SOW for electrical work

Mon May 20, 2013

Goals for the week

  1. Develop DPV Welcome Packet to include updated comm standards
  2. Develop listserv cape for sending OSE announcements, work with Elifarley to allow users to request type of info sent (i.e. newsletters, announcements, events, requests for support, other?)
  3. Reply to several emails requesting info
  4. Recap Design Sprint #2
  5. Redirect & populate The Spark wiki page; develop Gantt chart for project
  6. Finish Google Hangout Instructional
  7. Get quotes for Hab Lab improvement initiatives
  8. Check on title transfer for Ford p/u
  • Updated OSE Short term budget Budget
  • Modifying Tech Recruiting Blog #1
  • Completed Ameren paperwork
  • Researched Ord Bot community--redirecting to rep rap community for recruiting touch points Ord Bot Notes
  • Found possible local "handy man" from the True Value hardware store
  • Received insurance quote from Progressive; created OSE Auto Insurance Quotes
  • New fridge, compressor is broken, will arrange repair with technician

Sun May 19, 2013

Sat May 18, 2013

  • Interactive tech reviewer program: Found a program similar to what we want, but for software people. Stackoverlow
  • Downloaded Sketchucation to search for a BOM Sketchup plugin
  • Outlined comm protocols for Google Hangouts
    • Need to research flat screen TV, mic and camera for video conferencing in the Hab Lab--bandwidth issues creating poor sound and video quality during sessions
  • Rough outlining Agile Designing process for those not able to participate in sprints but want to collaborate on a module and capturing Sprint Design process in OSE Design Processes

Fri May 17, 2013

  • Design Sprint 2 Invitation
  • Spoke with Doug Alberti from Ameren electric; updated OSE Grid Backup / Returning Power to the Grid Planning Log
  • Picked up / delivered "new" appliances to Hab Lab: fridge, w/d, d/w
    • Door to bathroom is too small for the washer, will need to remove the molding--will be tight, but may fit
  • Creating short-term budget Short Term & Recurring Budget -- one time and recurring purchases for Hab Lab, Shop & Recruiting
  • Notes: need to develop Hab Lab Community Introduction, Standards & Chores Chart; also need male/female sign for bathroom
  • Updated OSE 6 in 60 Community with additional participants (sent invites)
  • Partially completed form for business car insurance quote from Schumacher Insurance Schumacher Insurance Quote form
  • Spoke to Joe (electrician)--he had an idea about routing power to save $$, referred him to Marcin
    • Note: need quote for 220 power in Hab Lab for dryer, plumbing/electrical for d/w

Thurs May 16, 2013

Wed May 15, 2013

  • Creating 6 in 60 FAQ and worked on Google Hangout Instructional
  • Wrote Design Sprint Invitation #2 -- emailed to 500 contributors/true fans; NOTE: was locked out of email due to large # of emails sent, need to ensure account allows for max of 2000/day
    • Would like to research listserv
    • Would like to develop a link to allow true fans/contributors/etc the opportunity to choose what type of information they receive: newsletters, program updates & campaign information, special events/announcements, other categories?
  • Consolidated true fans/contributor lists to one--deleted multiple entries of the same email OSE Consolidated Email Contact List (internal document)

Tues May 14, 2013

Mon May 13, 2013

  • Built OSE Parking Lot
  • Received inquiry from Maris Ozinga--mech engineer student in Holland who would like to use a GVCS product as part of a student project; would like to collaborate with us. Need to establish processes for remote projects/remote student projects--perhaps similar to that set up for DPVs?
  • Sent application to Ameren to establish 400 amp backup service; confirmed 400 amp option w/electrician. Electrician to come out to OSE Tues, 14 May to survey power requirements in workshop at 1pm. OSE Grid Backup / Returning Power to the Grid Planning Log
  • Creating standardized DPV Interview process
  • Setting up Microhouse Planning page
  • Video conferenced with Jordan Phoenix re: DPV this summer
  • Creating The Spark Film -- 1 Day Planning Log
  • Building Contributor Touch Points model
  • Found possible open/high bed frame from Ikea for Hab Lab sleepers-- or - researching cost with shipping and measuring bed frame/beds; under bed drawer here:
  • Notes to self--(1) Update log from last Wed & Thurs!!! (2) Develop instructions/documentation for logging in/connecting via Google Hang Out using OSE Community; (3) Develop agenda for beginning of Design Sprints to be able to "Screen Share" referenced pages during Marcin's welcome/intro speech; (4) Update Master Schedule, test sharing mechanism on Google+ with Gary; insert place holder for OSE Execs after 13 Jul; (5) Create non-technical survey for volunteers; (6) Research touch points for additional recruiting mechanisms both locally and other; include corporations (7) Draft letter to request for receipt of goods from local businesses; (8) OSE polos or button downs??? other? (9) Need to begin to think about DPV/volunteer mid-term survey, exit survey and volunteer appreciation program

Sun May 12, 2013

  • Contacted OSE Europe chapters for a video conference to integrate OSE Europe communities in the 6 in 60 Campaign

Sat May 11, 2013

Task Update

  • Contacted DPVs; developed standardized correspondence for Initial DPV Inquiries and Initial Work Day Inquiries
  • Updated DPV tracker
  • Facilitated first 6 in 60 Design Sprint; updated links and sources of information in OSE 6 in 60 Google Community
  • Building Recruiting Log for new talent recruitment strategies\

Fri May 10, 2013

Task Update

  • Created survey for 6 in 60 Design Sprint Tech Check Extreme Manufacturing - 6 in 60 - Design Sprint #1
  • Added links and events to the Open Source Ecology "6 in 60" Campaign Google+ community; created two guest login IDs for the community
  • Tested with Rob, we will evaluate this as a possible option for collaboration in the future
  • Continued effort to set up electricity--completed Ameren application and spoke with Joe (electrician); quote is in work; discussed timeline/need date; Joe will check on parts availability to meet our deadline
  • Need to connect with OSE Europe leaders in Italy, Greece, Germany, etc and try to work on parallel/conjoining events
  • Created youtube channel (AudreyOSE) to allow us to record Google Hangout sessions that are broadcasted

Thurs May 9, 2013

Task Update

  • Developed consolidated OSE contact list from
    • Developed tracking format to mark rejected emails/requests to be removed from distro
    • Need to develop a survey to gauge supporters/constributors interest in receiving emails, newsletters, announcements, etc. We don't want to spam supporters!

Wed May 8, 2013

Task Update

Tues May 7, 2013

Task Update

  • Updated Master Schedule
  • Developing a list: DPV/Intern Prep -- Needs List for DPVs. What do we need to buy before their arrival, what should we tell them to bring?
  • Developing 2013 DPV / Intern Tracker to track task completion of DPV/Internship Process
  • Discussed electricity options with Joe & Marcin--waiting for quote from Joe (electrician) for costs of 800 amp power; ETA Wed 8 May COB
  • Need to create an OSE "parking lot" process to "park" ideas and roll them into the schedule
  • Pulling potential contributors' contact info from Team Culturing list; received event announcement from Marcin for '6 in 60' campaign

Mon May 6, 2013

Task Update:

  • Attempted to load Gantt chart to wiki; its opening with errors
  • Worked OSE Jam team matrix and reviewed schedule with Marcin; decided to build schedule based upon modules first, then build an integration point into the schedule
  • Mapped out 20 modules (with Marcin) to be created for the Sweet 6 Sprint; discussed time/formats of sprints--possible expansion of sprints to 3 time zones in the future with facilitators in each time zone

Sun May 5, 2013

Task Update:

  • Showed my mom (who is not tech savvy) how to use Sketchup; she's volunteered to watch the tutorial, perform the cube test, and report the results

Fri May 3, 2013

Task Update:

However, my computer is not downloading the program--unknown reason. Reviewed security settings--gtg. Will attempt in another browser. After clearing space in my download file, I was able to install the required software. Success! However, am putting 3D printing on hold to focus on setting up DPVs for the summer.

  • Need to establish DPV processes:
    • Survey
    • Wiki log creation & video of interest
    • DPV link -- update FAQs, other info
    • Develop comm protocols: interview, notification, announcement/blog spot, send "welcome" info: community standards, shop safety guidelines, what to bring, about FeF/Maysville, etc...other? Work with Gary to establish objectives/goals for visit--align with OSE Master Schedule; ID resources needed to support DPV ($, manpower, facilities, tools/equipment).
  • Launched Sweet 6 Survey, if approved, would like to send out to past volunteers and post to our "events" section on our website.
  • Met with Gary. Discussed: facility issues requiring immediate, short term and mid-term attention. Discussed advertising ideas for upcoming campaign/recruitment protocols, screening processes, DPV pages, and pre-boarding of interns/DPVs. Also, need to include website organization/efficiency modeling in the Master Schedule.
  • Developing DPV survey & editing requirements for the DPV page. Will have this done this weekend, as well as some other products to send to DPVs and edits to the info submitted by DPVs. Made initial contact with 3 potential DPVs this summer. Note: would be nice to have a video about DPVs! 30 sec-1 min "commercial" shot--what it is, what you can do, how to apply. Also believe we should link DPV info under "Events" on the Main Page--or find a better place???
  • Posted link to Sweet 6 Campaign survey in the Control Panel for the Microtrac page - OSHW-OSE-Microtractor-v2

Thurs May 2, 2013

Task Update:

  • Organized/cleaned office at FeF; created a space for the 3D printer. Put together the 3D printer. Encountered issues with download procedures. Calling tech support to resolve--drivers not found, no GUI? Really need to consider a LAN line or VOIP line at FeF...can't get a signal while plugged into 3D printer.
  • Recommending GanttProject for use as scheduling tool. It allows users to: 1) Create WBS, draw dependencies, define milestones; 2) Resource load the schedule; 3) Develop PERT charts, 4) Export as PNG, PDF, or HTML. 5) Import/export from MS Project, 6) Share via WebDAV, 7) Is open source & free. (This page needs work--am learning how to embed video, etc).
  • Developing notional Master Schedule.
  • Testing Jam Team Survey functionality.
  • Received DPV info from Marcin, will begin screening process Fri, 3 May.
  • Began making changes to Audrey Control Sandbox. Ideas: 1) Develop 30 sec video advertising upcoming Product Drive (call it the Live Free Campaign?)--include what we are doing, key events timeline, who we need, logistics (web conferencing, prototype builds, etc); 2) Develop 30 sec video advertising DPVs; then develop 2-4 min video showing FeF, DPV FAQs, highlights, etc?

Wed May 1, 2013

Task Update:

  • Met with Gary to discuss: Jam Team Design (preliminary), questionnaire, dedicated project visit info & master schedule.
  • Began outlining a notional master schedule.
  • Updated "Google Survey" project to include how to change the order of questions and make certain questions mandatory.
  • Tested multiple Gantt chart programs for schedule development.