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Thurs, 10 Oct

  • Facilitated DPD Meeting and updated status and tasks Daily Product Development Meeting; discussed meeting start time -- all parties agreed 9am is a good time and we will all be ready to participate on time; discussed backhoe status, microhouse roofing, & documentation; scheduled sidebar for ironworjer discussion (:45)
  • Sidebar: Ironworker discussion; notes are in Daily Product Development Meeting meeting notes for 10 Oct
  • Updated newsletter with Ironworker Sprint information, will also reach out to the community (:50)
  • Updated current events page with Microhouse phase 2 info & new Design Sprint info; also updated Design Sprint page -- need to go back and incorporate Ironworker Sprint onto these sites
  • Set up DPV interview for Cyril, tonight @ 5pm via Google Hangout
  • Sent Jeff Stump info and needs re: stress calculations
  • DPV interview with Cyril - has concerns over tourist Visa...would like a J1 or B1 visa & our sponsorship; need to review 22 CFR Part 62 (Exchange Program Visa requirements / sponsor responsibilities); the application fee for designation as an exchange visitor program is $3,982; this fee is non-refundable; however, we meet the requirements for a B1 visa: need to contact the Business Visa Center tomorrow: (202) 485-7675, Hours: 8:30am to 5pm (EST), Monday – Friday. MTF.
  • Facilitated Daily Wrap Up Notes

Wed, 9 Oct

  • Worked with OM to obtain Hammerspace membership. Hammerspace membership also includes membership to CCCKC activities.
    • Spoke with Craig @ Hammerspace: they have 18" x 12" sheets available for purchase, and some remnants. He will train me on the machine's use; cost is 50 cents per minute if I wok the machine; he will help me set files for printing, etc. They have wifi at the facility. The CNC plasma cutter can do 4x4 steel tubing. They would need to develop a jig to align the axes--cost will be about 50 cents a minute; this machine has controlled access and we would need to arrange the work in advance. I will get more information about this on Friday.
  • Facilitated DPD Meeting and updated status and tasks Daily Product Development Meeting; need to streamline the meeting, expectations, etc -- to help make production meetings productive; DPV Work Plan
  • Updated Staff Meeting slides
  • Checked on Design Sprint agenda for this Saturday's Sprint, but it hasn't been updated yet, emailed Marcin to request the agenda be updated so I can distribute it to the community today via Newsletter and link it to our volunteer landing pages
  • Researched State Dept website for information on visa status requirements for foreign volunteers -- Will a tourist visa work? Are there restrictions? Can we pay the food stipend to them? More info Business Visa

Visa Wait Time for Paris Embassy

  • Updated OSE Calendar with new Design Sprint schedule
  • Putting inputs into FeF Improvement Form / database
  • Updated Tech team Culturing Survey with Cyril Libert's app and updated status on Jeffrey Stump.
    • Emailed State Dept re: Visa requirements for volunteers
  • Called MoKan Fastener for status on 10" bolts (requirement: 100x 10" bolts, 1" in diameter). 10" bolts can get here by Monday, but would need to be plated (2 more days). Earliest availability is Wed or Thurs. They also have 11" bolts (50 in stock). They would need to be plated as well (earliest availability is Monday). Cost is $3.25 per bolt, but the plating charge for small orders is $80, bringing the cost of the bolts up higher ($5.50 per bolt).

Tues, 8 Oct

  • Continued updating Daily Product Development Meeting (additional concept documents for backhoe and ironworker, integrated Dozuki links, etc
  • Facilitated 8 Oct Daily Product Development Meeting (:50)
  • Completed OSE Media Package for Speaking Engagements and sent to Jonathan Miller for BYU outreach effort
  • Created OSE Letterhead with Logo
  • Fielded numerous phone calls re: Handyman ad, created Handyman/woman Database
  • Updated blog
  • Conducted Wrap up 8 Oct Daily Product Development Meeting (:20)
  • Emailed several collaborators re: tech development & documentation
  • Hammerspace: membership is $40/mo for individual; will give us $100/mo for non-profit rate @ 4 memberships; discussed with Marcin, will go with 1 membership right now (:20)
    • Laser cutter: have a feed and the cape to cut 4x8 sheets; Craig is POC for laser shop--also takes work on @ 50 cents per minute of use, no set up fee for members
    • They also have a CNC plasma cutter, need to get more info on this -- do they have the cape to cut 4x4 tubing?
    • Need to know cert requirements to use machines
    • Need to know lead times for orders if we want to contract out
    • Need to know if they have sources of supply for steel and /or cardboard
    • They are OSE supporters! Need to give them an updated pamphlet
  • Need to contact CCC tomorrow
  • Reviewing design documentation / logs for Backhoe & LifeTrac 6, attempting to complete LifeTrac 6 PDB, need to set up LifeTrac 6 prototype assessment; emailed Dorkmo re: loader arms instructions
  • Reviewed Roofing video -- (looks great!) requested a volunteer! page be added at the end

Mon, 7 Oct

Goals for the Week:

  1. Continue building Product Development process: boards, meetings, protocols, instructionals
  2. Drive Backhoe development schedule

Recap from Last Week:

  1. Complete outstanding items from goals from last week
  2. Assess, prioritize & develop templates for Product Development Board(s)
  3. Reflow TCM schedule and re-assess Backhoe and Ironworker schedule


  • Facilitated Daily Product Development (DPD) Meeting (1:50):
  • Post DPD Meeting w/ Marcin (:30):
    • Marcin suggested I go to KC on Friday to get more cardboard cut for rapid prototyping: need to check out Hammerspace, Cowtown Computer Congress and Open Hardware groups, or architecture firms; we pay for materials
    • Researching space heaters, received permission from Marcin to buy two
    • Handiman: Marcin would like the Handiman here ASAP, need updated status from Katie re: newspaper, also will check Sutherland's board when I'm in Cameron on Tuesday. Things we need to fix ASAP: Microhouse help, Stove (dismantle and weld--big job), toilet
    • Chris is returning on the 17th & 18th
    • Decision: We will see if Mark can come out on Thurs, one of the DPVs will work with Mark to finish the MH roof (priority)
    • Decision: Focus media messages on new Rapid Prototyping capes: FB, blog, newsletter
  • Ordered 2 space heaters (2 x Jarden Consumer Heater BCH9212-U Bionaire Ceramic Mini Tower Heater , Sold by STAR ON LINE, total $133.98, Order# 105-6580029-0761840, EDD is: Friday, October 11, 2013 - Thursday, October 17, 2013. Emailed confirmation to Katie for accounting purposes. (:30)
  • Ordered iShowU HD subscription to allow Documentation DPVs to capture CAD animation in high definition; cost: $29.99 per year; more info can be found IShowU HD; also incorporated into DPV Orientation and Message Board; requested Emmett to create log in and use instructions, as well as uninstall instructions upon departure. Emailed Katie about creating a ghost DPV email address for logging into these types of programs. (:25)
  • Updated DPV Orientation and Message Board with trovebox, Dozuki and iShowU info -- left placeholders for instructions (:15)
  • Updated Current Events page (:5)
  • Updated OSE Design Sprint ((:03)
  • Created Volunteer Call Script and Talent Recruitment - Military Organizations protocol; still need to develop email "shorts" and flyers; updated Consolidated Recruiting Database with a new tab - "military orgs". (1:20)
    • Met with Marcin to discuss recruiting status -- Called 14 military/veteran offices; Two answered. Realized non-mission essential personnel are not available due to the Govt shutdown. Will continue this avenue and career centers tomorrow. (:05)
  • Facilitated wrap up meeting: Wrap Up Meeting notes (:35)

Sun, 6 Oct

Continued working Daily Product Development Meeting page / board...integrating risk page and relevant work logs to current status...prepping for 0900 development meeting tomorrow morning. Concerned we aren't using product dev boards...

Note: research Job Corps organizations as a conduit of volunteer advertising.

Sat, 5 Oct

Continued working Daily Product Development Meeting page / board. Thanks Dorkmo for fixing formatting issues. Populated first two windows, added production rhythm. Reviewed Dozuki and other sources to try to determine where development status is on ironworker and backhoe...need more info

Fri, 4 Oct

Thurs, 3 Oct

  • Spoke with Jonathan M wrt BYU speaking engagement; Nov 22nd is a good date, discussed fee; he will be put me in touch with POCs on the faculty; also, they need a Media packet to include Marcin's resume, Fees, Requirements, Agenda/topics, Goals, and general info about OSE -- this is my priority today
    • Jonathan is going to put me in touch with engineering clubs at BYU; also told me about their 1 year Capstone program, need to rersearch
  • Emailed followup re: proper use of TED logo and TED Fellows logo for flyers and pamphlets
  • Emailed response to several questions re: Design Sprint;
  • MailChimp update: October 2nd Newsletter has hit 21.7% Open Rate in less than 24 hours! This is the above our average after 7 days! Great response from the community! Need to post Microhouse pictures to Facebook...
  • Migrated Academic Touchpoint to new database: Academic contacts
  • Added a new section to OSE Design Sprint page : Design Sprint resources.
  • Participated in Recruiting Meeting Notes
  • Updated OSE Staff page, deleted Product Lead info and added Rob's picture under the DM
  • Created Recruiting Meeting Notes for 10-4-2013 meeting, sent calendar invite
  • Created Product Development Meeting Notes for 10-4-2013 meeting, set agenda, and sent calendar invite
  • Created draft Marcin Resume -- old resume on wiki has outdated contact info and does not focus on OSE and fellowships

Wed, 2 Oct

Tues, 1 Oct

  • Updated blog
  • Coordinated/fielded questions with several potential DPVs
  • Attended OSE re-grouping meeting: discussed status of Ironworker & Backhoe and strategy to get volunteers for the design & prototying; using product development board for each module for the Ironworker & Backhoe
  • Began 10/2 Newsletter
  • Photographed Microhouse progress:

Mon, 30 Sep

Goals for the Week:

  1. Complete outstanding items from goals from last week
  2. Assess, prioritize & develop templates for Product Development Board(s)
  3. Reflow TCM schedule and re-assess Backhoe and Ironworker schedule

Recap from Last Week:

  1. Establish Work Day program - Done.
  2. Complete outreach plan : support materials & budget - Done.
  3. Media strategy / plan : INW
  4. Complete residual tasks from previous weeks : INW


  • Created draft University Flyer, requested advice from TED POC wrt use of TED logo

NOTE: Mon, 30 Sep & Fri, 27 Sep

Out of office (vacation days)

Thurs, 26 Sep

Day off due to car trouble (vacation day)

Wed, 25 Sep

Tues, 24 Sep

  • Flash Mob email is highly successful with a 33.51% open rate in less than 24 hours; 4 new names to TTCS
  • Added Xavier University's Sustainability Program to the touch point database
  • Updated blog compiling document; uploaded and shared photos of the LifeTrac 6 build, the Microhouse foundation prep & the infrastructure improvement (gravel roads!); also highlighted what I believe is important to the LifeTrac 6 build re: improved quality of steel, improved logistics obtaining steel, utilizing Best Practices from LFT 5, etc.
  • Updated Staff Meeting slides for TCM
  • Updated Bed Logistics
  • Updated DPV Tracker with Cody H offer acceptance, emailed Cody with DPV sponsors name/info and welcome letter
  • Microhouse: helped with Bed Logistics and am verifying attendance of two tentative volunteers
  • Corresponded with Dorkmo about 50 hp power cube & Microhouse
  • Uploaded recipes to Recipes; added to link to Factor e Farm Community Standards
  • Created folders for blank Medical Insurance forms and Liability Release & Waiver forms for the HabLab announcement board; made form dropbox location in the office

Mon, 23 Sep

Goals for the Week:

  1. Establish Work Day program
  2. Complete outreach plan : support materials & budget
  3. Media strategy / plan
  4. Complete residual tasks from previous weeks

Recap from Last Week:

  1. Develop Specialized DPV App Process (#8-13 in TCM schedule) -- protocols & templates -- Still INW
  2. Complete outreach plan -- Done


  • Integrated Product Development Schedule into Volunteer page
  • Extended offer to Cody H., awaiting response
  • Researching open source or free mass texting services
  • Sent Tech Team Culturing Survey info to Flash Mob listserv via Mail Chimp ... 193 possible new subscribers to Design Sprints, newsletters, etc
  • Corresponded with several collaborators requesting information about a DPV, microhouse participation, remote project via University, how to build a tractor, etc
  • Modified/updated [1]

Fri, 20 Sep

  • Completed updates to Volunteer page
  • Sourced/picked up 50 1" washers from Sweiger
  • Interviewed Cody Harrison for DPV; updated DPV Tracker with interview notes and offer
  • During LFT 6 Production Meeting, Marcin requested weo obtain day labor : called Mark Greer of Maysville to gauge interest
  • Began putting together hydraulics for LFT 6

Thurs, 19 Sep

  • Participated in LFT 6 Production Meeting
  • Updated TCM schedule in PM; incorporated changes from routing feedback
  • Newsletter / Design Sprint announcement sent to community; updated Development Status & Needs with latest sprint agenda and updated links to Design Sprint and Events pages.
  • Updated DPV Tracker with Cody H details -- interview scheduled for 20 Sep; assisted with t-shooting picture loading capes
  • Workshop: replaced bolts and added washers/self-locking bolts to cab & power cube modules; found 24 bolts were missing washers...and we are short; going to source additional washers tomorrow from Sweiger &/or MoKan; need root cause analysis of error
  • Found work instructions lacked bolt pattern instructions--stumbled over 1 instance where bolt pattern mattered...penciled in to WI for incorporation--but believe we need to review each area for critical bolt insertion (i.e. where inserting bolts from one side or the other will effect range of motion of other parts)
  • Imported OSE Smart Mob contact list to a new list in MailChimp -- going to invite them to sign up for TTCS or new listserv, plus give them an update on current OSE projects, new org structure, ways to volunteer, etc.

Wed, 18 Sep

Goals for the Week:

  1. Develop Specialized DPV App Process (#8-13 in TCM schedule) -- protocols & templates
  2. Complete outreach plan

Recap from Last Week:

  1. Establish notional University Tour schedule and ID support materials, etc; send announcement to universities - INW
  2. ID volunteer position descriptions - categorize by need (primary, secondary, tertiary) and develop primary descriptions - done


  • Participated in Production Meeting: Notes
  • Corresponded with several people interested in assisting with the Microhouse build
    • Questions to OM: Is Chris' team staying at HabLab, camping, hotel? Bed availability? Dates? What is the Microhouse schedule? The schedule in PM is not complete...when are we making forms?
  • Corresponded with Jonathan M re: possible university trip to BYU for ED presentation
  • Updated DPV Tracker with Cody H details
  • Added Rob B as tentative Microhouse participant to Microhouse Prep / Checklist & DPV Tracker (see Work Day tab)
  • Updated OSE Design Sprint page with 21 Sep announcement and 28 Sep Sprint status (i.e. we will not be hosting a Sprint); and updated Events page
  • Updated blog with announcement of University Tour
  • Answered Site Development Questions--I believe we need to have a staff discussion as a some of these questions will impact OSE's strategic vision (i.e. are we going to get into aquaponics in the future?)

Tues, 17 Sep

  • Updated calendar & bed logistics for Dan B -- DPV arrival
  • LT6 Production notes
  • Assisted Katie with gravel research & site plan for parking, roads & walkways
  • Slipped and fell on muddy walkway near HabLab -- hurt knee @ ER all afternoon
  • Corresponded with several potential collaborators wrt the Microhouse

Mon, 16 Sep

Sun, 14 Sep

  • Participated in Production Meeting; cut bonding plates; picked Rob up at the airport; hosted OSE morale event -- attended by Rob, Katie, Gary, James, Emmett & Lucas

Sat, 13 Sep

  • Updated Tech Team Culturing Survey and Mail Chimp list with a volunteer's new email address
  • Coordinated use of DPV for shop clean up...we need to get ready to build a tractor!
  • Cleaned the workshop and prepped material to cut; manually recorded shop inventory (wifi password did not work for OSEtwo); cut 4x4 steel beams
  • Purchased ear p;lugs and grease tubes at True Value...picked up more ear plugs, duct tape & limestone at Home Depot Sat evening
  • Prepped food and beverage for Potluck dinner on 14 Sep

Fri, 12 Sep

  • Lost 45 minutes of work productivity due to internet connectivity issues...cleaned the office and de-cobwebbed the HabLab instead
  • Modified Product Development Schedule with bigger font for readability in integrated pages
  • Updated Staff and Contractors page on the wiki with current OSE staff members
  • Corresponded with several potential volunteers re: Design Sprint participation
  • Picked up small generators that were repaired in St Joe
  • Continued Academia Tour Plan...coordinating possible BYU speaking engagement in Nov

Thurs, 12 Sep

  • Provided input to the blog -- highlighted Emmett's arrival as our first Video Documentation DPV, highlighted current work that Lucas and James are supporting, and included a plug for volunteers. I also asked that a standard statement be included in all future blog posts that inform people how to get involved.
  • Provided comments and input to Microhouse Project Pitch Sept 11, 2013 for submission to the foundation. Would like to see these types of documents earlier to provide input from a strategic and community management point of view.
  • 11 Sep newsletter has achieved a 20.4% open rate to date; will keep monitoring. Going to slightly change the format for future publications; click rate is high at 4.6% to industry std 3.5%, monitoring...
  • Updated Main Page with current Product Development Schedule; updated PDS with current build schedule slippage
  • 2013-2014 Academia Tour Plan v.9-12-13

Wed, 11 Sep

  • Updated DPV Tracker with Dan B offer
  • Coordinating with possible Work Day volunteer: Josh from Kansas City
  • MailChimp: Our newsletter for the week of 3 Sep achieved a 22% open rate; up almost 5% from the previous week
    • Updated Tech Team Culturing Survey with new sheet that autoupdates and feeds into Mail Chimp listserv with fewer steps
    • Researching how to auto feed True Fans list into listserv
  • Stopped by GVS Graphics (101 W. Jackson, Maysville MO)to get a quote on embroidery for shirts & screen printing for a table cloth with OSE logo
    • Embroidery for shirt: right breast pocket, 3-4" : $90 digitization set up fee (one time fee); $8-10 per shirt (estimate)
    • Tablecloth : image approx 12" tall - estimating 3 colors/screen, $15 per screen for set up, $10 for imprint; we could also use older OSE logo (two colors?)
  • Updated OSE Facebook page admin access to include all members of Exec Staff

Tues, 10 Sep

Goals for the Week:

  1. Establish notional University Tour schedule and ID support materials, etc; send announcement to universities
  2. ID volunteer position descriptions - categorize by need (primary, secondary, tertiary) and develop primary descriptions

Recap from Last Week:

  1. Complete and begin implementing DPV Recruitment and Management - 2013 Strategic Plan; complete volunteer position descriptions for: 3D Designer, Fabricator, engineer (mech, ag & power electronics), web developer; UPDATE: still INW
  2. Complete TCM project planning in PM; UPDATE: Done, sending to staff for review
  3. Recruiting outreach; UPDATE: on-going


  • Sourcing tires for LifeTrac6 6 - called Tom's New & Used Tires, (816) 279-2527, 1925 Frederick Ave, Saint Joseph, MO 64501 -- no tires of that size available. He said to call back, they get a new truckload daily. Also checked TSC and found these -- sent to Lucas & Gary
  • Updated TCM schedule in PM; exporting for routing / approval of Exec Staff
  • Created OSE Staff Internal Routing / Approval Tracker...shared with Exec Staff for feedback/comments
  • Tried to export PM to Open Office version of excel, but failed. Will try to export from the pdf so I can post the TCM schedule for review /comment to the staff
    • Was able to export to Open Office on my home computer, sent to team via OSE Staff Internal Routing / Approval Tracker
  • Stopped at Used tire dealers in Leavenworth; one suggested the size tire we are likely looking for is 235/85R16. Confirming tire size with Lucas & Gary.
  • Stopped at Stitch by Stich Custom Embroidery (305 Cherokee, Leavenworth KS, 913-680-0404, POC Sherri Stich) to get quote to have OSE Logo embroidery done -- actual costs can be determined after the logo has been converted / set up in their system; there is a $25 one-time fee for this service; the estimate for a 3-4" logo on the right breast of a polo or button-up shirt is $10-15 if we have under 20 items done. Will look for 2 more quotes.
  • Participated in 1:45 min meeting with Exec team and CAF
  • Emailed to exec staff sample key duties, tasks & responsibilities document I used on active duty to track recurring tasks (prompted from staff meeting discussion)
  • Updated OSE Design Sprint page with correct link to Sep 14th Sprint; updated Events page to include updated Design Sprint info, updated Tractor build info, and expanded Microhouse build schedule

NOTE: Doc appointment today; will work additional 3 hours this evening

Mon, 9 Sep

  • Updating Staff Meeting slides
  • Received DPV availability from Dan B, sending official offer; DPV app for D. Jensen loaded to wiki, added new potential DPV - Cody Harrison -- all updates in DPV tracker; emailed info to possible DPVs accordingly
  • ID'd Primary/secondary/tertiary position descriptions; researched/updated agriculture positions; updated Volunteer Position Descriptions
  • Reviewed / updated TCM schedule in PM
  • Added Cody Harrison to DPV tracker; coordinated with Cody on next steps

Fri, 6 Sep

  • Formatted new OSE laptop -- OSE-02; loaded open office, printer driver, google chrome, formatted bookmarks, etc
  • Accepted large FedEx delivery from Surplus Center (took 45 min to unload from truck and place into workshop x 3 people), inventory still needs to be done
  • Updated DPV tracker with updated status of DPV (Emmett) and current correspondence for David J; assigned Rob as DPV sponsor for Emmett
  • 5 Sep Newsletter stats from Mail Chimp: 17.9% open rate -- up by .4% from last week
    • Added Adrian & Colby to distro, deleted Lucas' Berea account info
  • Luncheon with Lucas & James S -- great morale booster, said goodbye to James (for now)
  • COMPLETED TCM schedule in PM!!!! Now for the execution!
  • Hunting down the owner of the Join a Flash Mob database that was on the Wiki Main page...need to migrate contacts to other databases and change ownership of product -- Katie reached out to Aaron for possible intel

Thurs, 5 Sep

  • Updated Main Page to redirect collaborators to the Tech Team Culturing Survey and to enroll in our Newsletter Listserv; deleted list for signing up for Flash Mob--migrating Hackathon list to OSE listserv
  • Developed first iteration of the weekly OSE newsletter and sent to listserv, to include Design Sprint update
    • Linked Mail Chimp list to the Tech Team Culturing Survey so it will auto update (!!!!!!)
    • Incorporated button functions to streamline access to Tech Team Culturing Survey & True Fan pages
    • Added social media sharing capabilities; need to link to OSE's twitter & Facebook accounts
  • Updated DPV Tracker
    • Confirmed Emmett's DPV, set appt for informationa telecon; assigned Lucas as his DPV sponsor
    • Participated in Staff Meeting--discussed tractor slip schedule and feedback to Dan B to set up dates for October DPV
  • Reviewed blog comments and provided information to commentators wrt how to volunteer

Tues, 3 Sep

Goals for the Week:

  1. Complete and begin implementing DPV Recruitment and Management - 2013 Strategic Plan; complete volunteer position descriptions for: 3D Designer, Fabricator, engineer (mech, ag & power electronics), web developer
  2. Complete TCM project planning in PM
  3. Recruiting outreach

Recap from Last Week:

  1. Implementing DPV Recruitment and Management - 2013 Strategic Plan; complete volunteer position descriptions for: 3D Designer, Fabricator, engineer (mech, ag & power electronics)-- UPDATE: completed plan; implementing strategy; need to finish position descriptions
  2. Complete & integrate top level schedule into Wiki Landing pages (Wiki Main, Events, Volunteer, DPV pages)-- completed; need to integrate into wiki


  • Updated DPV Tracker for Dan B - interview, references update, & recommendation for an offer; drafted offers for 2 DPV apps INW--sent to reporting authority for review/input
  • Updating DPV Recruitment and Management - 2013 Strategic Plan
  • Updated PM for TCM projects--80% complete
  • Responded to numerous volunteer inquiries or DPV reference responses
  • Participated in Exec Staff Meeting
  • Migrated August log inputs to older entries; started Sept input
  • Researched PM for ways to archive old schedules--several options, reported in staff meeting
  • Researched ways to segregate MailChimp listservs...ongoing

Mon, 2 Sep


  • Worked on Mail Chimp newsletter template

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