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Welcome to Ayo's Log. Active D3D Team Members: Emmanouil Log, Cedric Log, Jose Urra Log, Jean-Baptiste Log, Marcin Log. Richard Log. Laszlo Log. Roberto Log. Chas Log. Abe Log.. Timesheet. Link to Ayo's Log: http://bit.ly/2pGrwH1 Link to D3D Wiki: http://bit.ly/2q5XU7h Link to D3D Meeting Log: http://bit.ly/2pN2Gpm

Sat August 5, 2017

Power Cube Design Sprint. Listened to overview on the Power Cube and modelled 3 components (couplers) in FreeCAD for the Power Cube + Uploaded files and updated log (6hrs)

Fri August 4, 2017

Studied the D3D BOM (the version developed towards the August 2017 D3D build workshop) with Marcin's help, in preparation towards a personal D3D build using the pvc pipe frame design. It was interesting to see how the parts ordering affects the unit cost for one printer, especially regarding how components tend to be available in quantities that usually leave extra pieces unused. The sweet spot would be in finding the optimal number of units that can be built at different thresholds with the same ordering list. I duplicated the BOM and played around with the figures, creating separate sheets for 5 printer units, 12 printer units and 24 printer units including costs for all components except for the 3d printed parts and the D3D frame. I noticed that 5 machines seems to be the lowest optimum number of machines, giving a cost of $345 for each one (total of $1728 for 5), 12 would is a nice median, costing $231 each, and a set of 24 printers would cost $199 each (less the cost for 3d printed parts and D3D frame). Calculating the cost per printer assuming no extra components would be left over (meaning only the exact components needed for the printer is paid for, again, less the cost for 3d printed parts and D3D frame) the unit cost per printer would be $191, just about $8 shy of the unit cost when building 24 printers, which suggests that 24 is the optimum number of printers to build to balance cost vs extra parts left over from the ordering process, though this may only be as a result of the parts ordering links suggested being selected because their quantities map closest to those needed for 24 printers. Useful to think about it in these terms nonetheless, especially if planning workshop builds or the setting up of a 3d print farm. (3hrs)

  • File worked on can be viewed here:


Sun July 30, 2017

Converted CEBPress Frame MidPlate to DXF. Proceedure suggested by Abe [[[1]]] produced the same issue as Isreal experienced, with the flattened DXFs, and I've not been able to figure out why that happens. I however tried Israel Log's suggestion of checking "Export 3D objects as polyface meshes" under the import / export tab of Edit> Preferences, I was getting a different type of mess, a 3d form, but the mesh seemed to have been reduced to a bunch of jumbled edges. I found a fix for that by going back into the import / export tab under edit>preferences, and ticking "use legacy python importer". + Uploaded files and updated log (4hrs)

Updated the list here:- The list of Updated CNC Cut Files and here:- The CEB Press Part Library

Sat July 22, 2017

CEB Press Design Sprint. Worked on re-positioning holes on the Mid Plates of the Frame (3.5hrs), observed sprint on Filament Extruder(3hrs)

Tues July 11, 2017

File simplification of Lyman Filament Extruder components with particular focus on the spool mechanism (6hrs)

Filled OSE Developer Feedback Questionnaire and weekly log. (1.5hrs)

Mon July 10, 2017

Reviewed last week's meeting video + File simplification of Lyman Filament Extruder components with particular focus on the spool mechanism (4hrs)

Tues June 27, 2017

Update to the D3D frame using PVC pipes and plastic xyz corners. Flat pieces taken out of the corner pieces. The pipe lengths still yet to be accurately set(2hrs)

  • File to be uploaded.....

Sat June 24, 2017

Derivative design for the D3D frame using PVC pipes and plastic xyz corners (to be 3d printed). This version is yet to allow the prescribed 1mm tolerance between the connecting points where frame meets D3D. The pipe lengths have also not yet been accurately set(8hrs)

Fri June 23, 2017

Completed stripping the D3D Full Assembly, by replacing detailed components with stripped parts, file size of 647kb was achieved with potential to drop the file size even further if the extruder assembly is also stripped and replaced with simpler primitives, the current stripped file size however already proves most helpful for working with the full assembly when working on other aspects of the design, for example the alternative pvc pipe frame I'm currently working on. (5hrs)

Also resumed work on the alternative pvc pipe frame. To be completed and uploaded by Sat 24th June (4hrs)

Thur June 22, 2017

Stripping of D3D Full Assembly, replacing detailed components with stripped parts, taking a cue and using content from the stripped down version of the X Axis seen here File:D3D 16 Sub-assembly X Axis.fcstd (8hrs)

  • File worked on to be finished and uploaded by Friday 23rd June.

Wed June 21, 2017

Assembly of simplified cable chain using Draft>AlignToPath to string 40 link pieces on an arc and adding a start piece and an end piece. Spring piece not included as I was not clear on the actual placement for that part (7hrs)

Tue June 20, 2017

File simplification of cable chain continued, end piece stripped (4hrs), spring piece stripped (3.5hrs)

Wed June 14, 2017

File simplification of cable chain, start piece stripped (4hrs)

Tue June 13, 2017

Updating log.-1hr, Resuming file simplification of cable chain (3hrs) following guide documented here: https://docs.google.com/presentation/d/11CXpjC2phOyV40SSsKuAET6jEAIGK036BmqTNzkxwmM/edit#slide=id.g22c1dd84ad_1_132

Mon June 12, 2017

Editing FreeCAD 3 videos based on lessons learnt and uploading to Youtube for the FreeCAD for Dummies series. See first of 3 posts here: http://network.opensourceecology.org/newsfeed/720948027916820480 -9hrs

  • Navigation - [2]
  • Multiwire + Text String - [3]
  • Edit Object Colors + Save to PNG - [4]

Sun June 11, 2017

Learning FreeCAD- tutorials, through videos, wiki, forum search, making videos based on lessons learnt. -8hrs

Sat June 10, 2017

Learning FreeCAD- tutorials, through videos, wiki, forum search, making videos based on lessons learnt. -5hrs

Fri June 09, 2017

Learning FreeCAD- tutorials, through videos, wiki, forum search. -3hrs

Mon May 29, 2017

Ditto as with Sunday May 28 above.

Sun May 28, 2017

Tried to continue with cable chain file optimisation. Issues with FreeCAD, apparently snapping does not work in Sketcher, upgraded to FreeCAD 0.17 to be able to use more recent features, tried drawing (based on online recommendations) in Draft workbench and creating sketch from there using Draft to Sketch, for some reason, it worked the first time and then stopped working. An inordinate amount of time spent trying to figure this out.

Sat May 27, 2017

FreeCAD file optimization for cable chain working from stl

Sun May 21, 2017

Exploring file optimization options in FreeCAD

Sat May 20, 2017

Exploring file optimization options in FreeCAD

Wed May 10, 2017

Updating images, updating log

Tue May 9, 2017

Further work on the pipe frame assembly

  • D3D pipe frame full assembly
  • D3D pipe frame full assembly

Mon May 8, 2017

Further work on the pipe frame assembly

Sat May 6, 2017

Trying out a thought on building a D3D frame assembled out of plastic pipes, elbows and t-junctions, the idea being to see if the entire frame can be assembled out of stock plumbing materials with only five special clamps for holding the metal plates that receive the magnets being 3d printed. Source files not shared as this was done as a proof of concept in proprietary software with the intention of replicating in FreeCAD once the iteration process showed some promise as author is still trying to get comfortable with FreeCAD.

  • D3D pipe frame
  • D3D pipe frame

Fri May 5, 2017

D3D: Derivative design using PVC or metal pipes and plastic xyz corners.
Preferably we want to use plastic corners (geometry can be complex for these) and either PVC pipe or metal conduit.
Links for set up guides for running OSE_OS on a virtual machine on Windows (using Virtual Box) added to the [[HowTo_Document_for_Windows_Users]] based on experience gained while setting up for this task.