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To Do (project-wide)

  1. House CAD
  2. House BOM
  3. House Instructions
  4. Build Soil Mixer

Microhouse Information

This is information related to the microhouse that will be built at the workshop in Belize

Build Site

Build Site Features:

  • Salt water well
  • Ample shade
  • Decent Topsoil
  • Marl Subsoil
  • OK drainage
  • Sand and Gravel already on site

Tools and Infrastructure List

These are the tools that are required for the workshop. Recommend that some should be purchased in the USA and brought down. These are highlighted in yellow.

Google Sheets Link

Local Materials Sourcing

Appears to be $1.50 per board foot for local source rough cut lumber

Google Sheets Link

Machine Information

CEB Press

CEB Press Version 16.09

  1. CAD: Updated CAD File: 16.09Belize.FCStd
  2. Brick Size: 5" x 6" x 12"
  3. BOM:Google Sheets
  4. Drilled Nylon Drawer Guide Clamps
  5. Nylon Drawer Bushings.
    1. Oilite Bronze Bushings are actually less expensive.
  6. Main Cylinder: Sweiger sourced 5x10 cylinder, 2.5" shaft
  7. No analog pressure gauge - Ram
  8. Valve subplate: Surplus Center Item# 9-5883-2
    1. D03 mounting style
    2. SAE 10 Presure Port, SAE 12 Tank Port, SAE 8 Work Ports
  9. Solenoid valve from BOM: Northman Model# SWH-G02-C3-D12-10
    1. Flow Rate: 16.8gpm
    2. 3/8" ports (D3)
    3. AS568-012 O-rings


Controller Version 19.01

  1. BOM:Google Sheets BOM]
  2. Code: Updated
    1. Old Code: CEB_Press_Control_Code_v19.01
      1. Github
  3. Important Parameters in Code:
    1. Cylinder Volumes


PowerCube Version 15.06


  • Model: OSE Power Cube, Version 7s
  • Engine: Briggs & Stratton Professional Series, 28 HP
  • Fuel Capacity: 7 Gallons
  • Pressure (maximum): 3000 PSI
  • Flow (maximum): 15.2 GPM
  • Weight (approximate): 400 lbs

Pump Information

  • EATON Model 26006-RAN (possibly 26006-RZE)
  • Datasheet eaton
  • Original surplus center listing link
  • Pump performance
    • Eaton26006-RZE.png


  • Consistency of milkshake
  • About 3 parts water, 1 part sifted soil, and 5% lime/portant stabilizer
  • Sift soil with 1/4" mesh
  • Apply about 1/2" slurry, which dries to about 1/8" thickness
  • Volume required per wall section of 4'x8': there are about 200 block per wall section. Each block requires about 10"x12" area of slurry, which is about 60 cubic inches of slurry. This is about 50 gallons per wall section.
  • The ideal setup would be for a 55 gallon drum to be located at every side of the house, midway on that side and on the outer side of the block pallet.
  • The drum would have to be refilled once.
  • Note that it is not brick availability at the wall, but slurry availability at the wall - which is the limiting step for the speed at which CEBs are laid.
  • Note also that preparing the framed window and door modules is the limiting step for how fast the overall walls are built.

Spare Parts List

This is a spare parts list that I am assembling so that Mader can purchase parts in USA to avoid downtime in Belize.

Google Sheets Link

CEB Production Data

Soil Testing

Testing Soil for CEB Feasability

Sieve Testing In Belize

Lab Data

The following spreadsheet has sheets listed by soil type. Scroll down to see different tests. Charts are preliminary not final.
Google Sheets Link

Test Blocks

Test Procedures

This is how we test our blocks:


Test Block Composition


CEB Microhouse Timelapse

Block Production

From Aidan Log:

Machine Going to Belize

Related Information

Useful Links

CEB Microhouse Build in Belize

CEB Notes from Aidan


Here are some notes I prepared for the Utah CEB in October 2018. I believe they are relevant for any CEB project around the world.

Google Slides Link


And here is a dropbox link to my directory for that project. There are many PDFs inside that will give insight to anyone interested in CEB production. I recommend you download the entire directory as a .zip file (top right of page).
DropBox Link