CAM Files Protocol

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HintLightbulb.png Hint: *Document on the wiki.

  • Use DXF plugin in Inkscape or LibreCAD to generate profiles for cutting. You can also use FreeCAD to export DXFs from 3D CAD.
  • Use FreeCAD or BlocksCAD to generate STL files
  • Upload all files to the wiki


Computer Aided Manufacturing (CAM) files are toolpath files that enable a computer-controlled machine - such as a CNC Torch Table or a CNC Milling Machines - to produce parts automatically by using the CAM files as blueprints.

Examples of CAM files:


[some useful info on cutting tolerances, kerf etc to take into account when laying out CAM files]


  • Is there an easy export from FreeCAD to DXF for cutting? This should be available to facilitate large-scale collaboration.