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Seed Eco-Home
Seed Eco-Home
Aquaponic greenhouse.
Aquaponic greenhouse.
Aquaponic greenhouse.

D3D 3D Printer by Jean-Baptiste Vervaeck, 2017GIMP source, inkscape source, PSD source, AI source.
Seed Home infographic, OSE collaboration with Open Building Institute on the Open Source House. Image by Jean-Baptiste Vervaeck. Download source SVG file at [1]. CC-BY-SA 4.0 International.
Soil pulverizing as part of soil preparation for Compressed Earth Block pressing - at the MicroHouse 3 Workshop, Friday, August 8, 2014.
Velocar MicroCar - engineering by by Yann Lischetti, graphics by Jean-Baptiste Vervaeck. First build planned for August 1, 2014
MicroHouse made from Compressed Earth Blocks (CEBs), wood siding added, May 2014.
MicroHouse 2 Build with open source tractor, soil pulverizer, and brick press, April 2014.
LifeTrac II, 2010.
LifeTrac IV at night 2012.
Workshop scene 2012.
Acetylene torch OSE 2012.
Group shot 2012 4 Day Production Run.
Tractor with Backhoe Prototype I 2012.
One day Brick Press production run December 2012.
Power Cube VII 2 Day Production - November 2012.
1 Day Production 2012.
Welding brick press arms 2012.
Grinding brick press 2012.
Long Exposure With Cell Phones OSE.
Open Source Ecology - Global Village Construction Set.jpg
LifeTrac, the open source tractor
The CEB Press
CEB pressing scene.
Tractors on production line.


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image dimensions: 3,780 × 2,598 (760 KB)

Color__ HEX__ Red__ Green Blue__
OSE gold FFE69C 255 230 156
OSE blue 2F69B3 47 105 179
grey 2D2D2D 45 45 45
white FFFFFF 255 255 255
OSE light blue 6699FF 102 153 255

LifeTrac Drawing

Carl Christensson

Gcvs lifetrac.png

Source File - Adobe Illustrator

Blueprint Background

Carl Christensson

Gcvs blueprint.png

GVCS Packages

Aaron Makaruk and Tyson Ludbech

OSE - GVCS Packages.png

Other Media

Global Replication

See Replication and Prototypes Built and Cost.

  • LifeTrac III in Turkey, December, 2012 -
    LifeTrac III replicated in Turkey, December 2012. Global Village Construction Set Machines have now been replicated in the USA, China, Guatemala, Italy, and Turkey - or Europe, Asia, and North America



Pasadena, California


Other Photographs