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Please place a check (Check.png) if you have placed the fab drawing on a page. You can either place a drawing on the page or email me the drawings at brianna (at) kufadesigns (dot) com and I can put them up.

All drawings should be labeled with part number and the name per the wiki.

They will eventually be uploaded to the2d cad page

Fab drawings

Note: we will eventually be doing 2d parts drawings for all components, so please also do the parts drawings for each part listed.

  • Arms - primary-100009-1(right) ,100010-1 (left)
    • We need hole punch diagrams, please do not show the hole where the grate supports (100091) attach, this will be torched later.
    • Please label each with either "right" or "left" arm.
    • IN PROCESS (12/13/11 - J ROGERS)
  • Arms - secondary 100003 - show hole placement and where to weld leg holders.
    • IN PROCESS (12/13/11 - J ROGERS)
  • Hopper sheet metal-Hopper Sheet Metal: (100060-1, 100061-1, 100062-1, 100062-2)
    • One big drawing with all of the sheet metal detailed (see examples on page. They need to be updated) Please note that the holes in the middle of 100060 will be torched upon installation.
    • How to cut for both 5x10 or 4x8 sheets, include dirt deflector plate
    • One showing the spacing on how to weld together the whole hinge assembly
  • Soil grate-100070-1 can see page for examples of what's needed.
    • Need for both "new" and "old" versions
    • Show where to torch holes in angle.- 100068-4, 10086-3
    • how to weld frame together- 100068-4, 10086-3, 100069-1, 10069-5
    • placement of rebars/flats and cross flat
  • Main Frame Preparation
    • Hole locations horizontal(100014) , and drawer members (100011).
    • Drawer adjustment nuts location (top side of 100011)Please do not show the outer holes which attach to the primary arms)
    • Hole locations vertical members 100115, 100015 Please label with what goes in there (sensor hole/ thin cylinder supports / roller guides)

Completed 2D CAD

  • Soil Shaker motor unit -Check.png IN PROCESS (12/15/11 - ROB B)- Exploded parts diagram on hydraulics
  • Brick Holder Plate -100079-1 Check.png
  • Controller Mount-100084-1 Check.png
  • Dirt-Keeper Plate -100080-1Check.png
  • Valve Mount-100051-1Check.png
  • Soil Shaker - Check.png(12/15/11 ROB B)
    • All holes on bottom angle- 100042
    • All holes on top angle-100043
    • Guard plate cut-away detail- 100074
    • Hammer detail 100044,100045
    • Exploded parts of assembly (or something like assembly diagram on page)
  • Soil loading drawer-100026- Check.png(in progress (ROB B 12-13-11)) 3D ones similar to those on page, showing how it's assembled., also a 2D view from above or below showing distances and placings.