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As of 2018-07, we have no ticket tracking or change control process. For now, everything is on the wiki as there's higher priorities. Hence, here's some articles used to track production changes

CHG stands for CHanGe. It's a process used to prepare for a CHANGE in production system. A CHG ticket should clearly state:

  1. The exact date and time (including timezone, ideally UTC) for when the CHG is scheduled
  2. The names and contact info of all the potentially affected system owners
  3. Why the change is needed
  4. How long the change is expected to take
  5. What systems will be impacted by the change
  6. When this CHG has been tested in staging
  7. How to prove the system is in the pre-change state
  8. What exact commands will be run to change the system
  9. How to prove that the system is in the post-change state
  10. How to validate that the change was successful
  11. If the change was unsuccessful, list the exact commands to be run to revert to the pre-change state

All stakeholders should be notified and approve the CHG well before the CHG is scheduled to take place.