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We are collecting information on our collaboration team - in in terms how each person can assist the OSE movement in terms of building the world’s first, replicable, open source Global Village. Please write down what you can offer today to the project (information, technical expertise, fabrication capacity, review and bidding, publicity, strategy development, joining the Factor e Farm home team, on-site volunteering, etc.). Please feel free to put your contact information up as well. This information will be available to the development team, whose goal is to put together the 40 pieces of the Global Village Construction Set by year end 2010 by tapping the help and expertise of a large collaboration pool.


To make resource maps useful, it is desirable to make notes on what type of questions or assistance can be provided from a given source, to facilitate GVCS development

Torch Table Resources


  1. Toby Grotz - electrical engineer; contacts to state of art inverter circuits; post-carbon preparedness
  2. Gang Xiao - expertise in solar concentrator systems; built prototype of low-cost parabolic trough for electricity production, steam engine calculations
  3. Ben Hansen - sustainable forestry practitioner, custom fabricator; sawyer, farmer

Local Food Systems




  • St. Joseph Freecycle - [1]
  • Marcin Jakubowski - [2] - project integration for building the world's first, replicable, open source Global Village in a bootstrapping fashion by year-end 2010.