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OSE Organization Structure

Open Source Ecology, International is a term that can be applied to the over arching, umbrella organization that guides and administers the project from a high level. It grew out of the early work by founder Marcin Jakubowski and is now expanding into a global organization.

The OSE Mission is to:

  • coordinate collaborative development of tools that enable open access to the best practices of economic production
  • promote harmony between humans and their natural life support systems
  • remove material scarcity from determining the course of human relations, globally and locally
  • create harmonious coexistence between natural and human ecosystems (if we assume these are separate), towards land stewardship, resilience, and improvement of the human condition
  • pursue the creation of an open society, where everybody's needs are met, and where everybody has access to information, material productivity, and just governance systems - such that human creativity is unleashed, for all peoples.
  • create replicable, open source, modern, decentralized, resilient communities.


At a minimum, OSE International has the following functions:

  • Technical Development of the Global Village Construction Set
    • GVCS Architecture - product ecology, etc.
    • Guidance of GVCS Project Managers
    • Retaining GVCS Subject Matter Experts
  • Organization Administration
    • Membership
      • Recruitment
      • Oversight of Local Chapters
    • Oversight of Regional Branches
    • Requests for Local Chapters
    • Commercial Affiliates
      • Requests for Affiliation
      • Establishing Best Practices
      • Promotion and Marketing
  • Fund Raising
    • True Fans Programs
    • Charitable Contributions
    • Grants
    • Prizes
  • Resource Administration
    • Web site
    • Wiki site
    • Mailing list
    • Chat rooms
    • Others (tbd)

Staff and Positions

Proposed staff positions:

  • Executive Director
  • Resource Director
  • Membership Director
  • Fund Raising Director
  • Legal Advisor

Legal Status

OSE International is currently doing business as OSE, Inc, a non-stock corporation in the state of Missouri, USA. See http://opensourceecology.org/corporate-info/

OSE may wish to consider creating an OSE Trust Fund to manage and administer donations, land grants, and other contributions.