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We are currently exploring forms of structure through which Open Source Ecology and the teams engineering the Global Village Construction Set might function more smoothly.

The primary goal is getting the GVCS functioning more smoothly than currently.

There's currently no automated system in place to receive people who are interested in participating in the construction of the GVCS Project, automated system to route people to the right depts, or system in place to handle the project management of the 50 GVCS tools.

As quickly as possible, we're working to address this.

What we know-

We know we want to make it a fun experience for everyone involved within Open Source Ecology, and so it's our goal to integrate a game layer on top of the project management of the engineering of the Global Village Construction Set. It's our aim to create a peer to peer project management system that makes everyone in charge, and it feels more like a game than "work".

Your feedback and help testing and working within the efforts we make will help others coming further down. We hope to be getting some help from the folks at SCVNGR.

To begin, if you plan on backwards engineering 47 complex machines, using volunteers from around the globe with various backgrounds, you're going to need some robust systems of project management and virtual communication.

An important distinction to make is that OSE and the Global Village Construction Set will have different layers of connection with the outside world. The first layer is what the public sees of what Open Source Ecology is, the wiki, the blog and anything else we want to share with the public of what OSE and the GVCS is.

The next layer of communication with OSE is internal administration communications, so those who are running OSE have virtual offices where their teams can easily run and manage the running of OSE's administration. The administration consists of anyone involved in the daily operations of OSE outside the development of the GVCS.

The next layer is the communications between and within the teams working on each of the 50 GVCS tools, and that's 50 teams alone!

Before moving in to one idea we're toying with, you'll need to take the two minutes it takes to sign up for Google+, Google Docs and Gmail, and With these 4 tools, any group of people can gather in a group online video conference call, lead and trade off leading meetings with easy screen sharing. It's as good as being there once you've tried it out and get the hang of it.

Testimonials: "Woe, that's powerful!" - "WTF, one click of a button and I'm driving your computer!" - "We were shown a machine part, I took over and showed the group driving the mouse on the part what we needed to address. Seamless!"


This graphic representation on Leif's site explain just this tool bag. These tools are only necessary for anyone interested in either being on a team building any of the GVCS tools, or the group running the administration of OSE and the GVCS. No one from the public need get this group of tools on their computers, but anyone having such tools will be most powerful virtually;)

To help engage someone who's potentially interested in participating in OSE and/or the GVCS, many layers of enrichment of data are offered as something beyond a mere profile turning it into a auto-broadcasting-receiving-cool tool thingy offering a whole new way of interacting with the web. Below please find a sample of what it could look like (rough). Mock-up-Open-Source-Ecology-profile-001.jpg

To the right find Part 1/6 Audio Tour outlining a system wide game layer added to the Open Source Ecology and the Global Village Construction Set. Media:DIY Island Intro-1.mp3

Leifur Thor who is managing this research will be making a series of either audio, slides, or videos of these ideas, with updates as to their progress in execution.

If you're interested in helping us out with this, please contact Leif at leifthor[at]gmail[dot]com.