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  • This page will essentially be a public place for me to place thoughts and ideas if i miss a meeting etc

3/27/2020 Open Source Respirator Meeting

Seed Eco-Home Enterprise Development - Documentation and Rollout - Dec 8, 2021

  • Seems like big need is getting people together / on the same page + level of familiarity with the software
  • Then / Simultaneously:
    • Finishing the Non-CAD Documentation of the Seed Eco-Home
    • Planning Infrastructure Development of FeF
    • Planning of Logistics of Getting People to FeF , where they will stay + eat etc while they are on site (see above), Plotting how they get back
    • Laying out all the Regulatory Processes Related to Seed Eco-Home Construction
    • Preparing More Media for Event Announcements etc

On Face Sheilds

  • Along the lines of face sheilds i find the head mount to be the best thing to 3d print
  • For the see through part either OTS, or vacuum/thermal formed sheet of some sort seems to be the choice (at least imo)
  • Can shredded and molded pet work? it's clear, but is it resistant to solvents/ozone/heat?

On Masks

  • TPU would be a good option
  • Perhaps epoxy or silicone dip/coat for rapid production?
  • Filters seem hard to do non-industrial (as of now...)
    • May not have been clear, i was looking into that today and seems to be the Plastic Melt Blowing or some sort of other Nonwoven Fabric method
    • All of these are rather complex, and the scale is useful
  • For the positive pressure systems seal may be less of an issue, but then we run into batteries and cost...

Custom Masks

  • Can someone more code savy than me create some sort of camera/diy scanner -> face dimentions -> cad/changes in the cad - > custom mask program
    • Would a webcam work, or would something more complex be needed? (like a Cyclops 3D Scanner , but with webcams and the user moving their head slowly
    • Any OTS software for face modeling etc (VFX industry perhaps, motion capture etc?)
  • This WOULD make it harder to mass produce perhaps?

On Blender

  • I posted a great tutorial for the most recent form of blender, many of the artisitc parts MAY be skipped too? (Colors, Textures etc)
  • On another note i heard it in passing but SUPPOSEDLY (i will look this up soon) there was a project to make a cad mod for blender (may be better than freecad

Collabrative Work

  • First off, sorry if i was messing with pages too much. May have been either me forgetting to repaste that stuff, me merging similar pages, or us overlapping in edits
    • EITHER WAY if i am overstepping in editing fits etc, feel free to chime in so i don't go too far
  • Seccondly google docs supports "live editing" which is great for collaboration (especially at once) can any other software we use do this/be modified to do so?
    • I know many of the closed source software suites are optimised for multi person edits, and frequent file moving around etc
  • Also we may want to set up (if it isn't already) some social media stuff less for publicity, and more so real time text based communication that is a bit more straightforeward/organised than talk pages etc
    • this again may just be me, and it may already be in use (google docs chat perhaps?), but something like "GroupMe" or something where we can bounce ideas etc off of whoever is online, and "keep everyone in the loop"
  • How are we doing on recruiting/collaborating with the people in the COVID-19 Medical Devices Facebook Page? Have we sort of stepped out and thrown all our links out there etc?

Possibility of Local Efforts in My Area

  • I am right outside of jacksonville florida
  • Not as bad as new york, the west coast or any other of those VERY hard hit zones, but due to having some transportation hubs (Jacksonville, orlando), and all the tourists etc, we are starting to get pretty bad
  • I need to do more research, as i have been sort of in the "self isolating" bubble, and not too in the loop on local needs

Look Up

  • If the local hospitals have shortages
  • Supply chain issues? (I know panic buying has affected civilian stores (bread, toilet paper etc, even tylenol and immunosuppressent someone i knew is prescribed for but SOMEONE figured out how to panic buy all the supplys...ANYWAY, need to see if filters etc are still available)
  • Local Printers etc (I essentially have nothing too relevant to these efforts. I have a good pc (may need to start some COVID-19 Distributed Computing Projects running in the backround etc), basic tools (rotary tool, drill, the small stuff), transportation, and thats about it)
    • I COULD perhaps make a thermoforming rig, i have an old loud shop vac, would need to get everything else, of find someone that does
    • As of a recent search of mine, i don't THINK there are any makerspaces nearby
    • UNF has a fablab, but it is pretty much shut off to engineer students etc ONLY, and the campus is shut down (MAY be able to ask around via email etc, but probably wouldn't get far)
    • Facebook page perhaps? where can i look around for local people with 3D Printers etc
    • I know some dental labs have 5 axis cnc mills etc, but that's also a stretch for access

3/27/2020 Open Source Respirator Meeting

On the IP Camera

  • Cost would be a benefit but does the printfarm have octoprint? User:Marcin

On getting more people

  • I think networking and superior product development are key


  • I think we should "push" into precious plastic's forums, and especially their Bazaar (use the bazaar for selling ose prints, parts, etc?)
  • Also i think reviews are needed. Outside of "our circle" not many, if any, have seen/reviewed our machines.
    • This can create a bubble (we miss something due to all being in the same state of mind)
    • And this reduces our exposure, brand presence is useful

Superior Product Development

  • This IS our end goal, but as the belize build shows are products are sort of in a beta phase
  • They Definetly Work but need some polishing and problems/solutions people frequently using it find
  • Also we need more data publishing, if someone is payin $1,000 for somthing there will be lots of research, if specs are hard to find etc they may choose another option

Translations + International Spread

  • We REALLY could use some translators. That's the real key to global networking IMO.
  • Especially since 87% of the world DOESN'T speak english.
  • Also perhaps some sort of tool such as the goodle translate app, or some sort of dedicated device? Not as great as a fluent translator, but it may help
    • Think i made some goofy construction set on this a while back, will look for this

Livelyhood Stuff

Developed Country Market

  • Using my town as an example, it seems the community center/makerspace/low level trade school market in VERY open, ie little to no competition
    • We can use this to essentially make a kit like "precious plastic" made with workflows, budjets, forms, etc all in one packet/file, and a machine list so someone can get the idea, look for funds + invest and GO

Developing Country/Rural Area Market


  • Granted i only have stories etc, so NO EXPERT HERE
  • I saw in a documentary a while back, that due to the electric grid being unreliable, and very non widespread in some areas smartphones are sold at shops (*africa i think, i'll find that documentary
    • Also generators were common, to the point there was sort of a "generator mafia" so perhaps small gensets, and solar kits etc perhaps?


WWT + Fresh Water Sources

  • My oldest sister's husband (sounds like some third cousin twice removed nonsence lol) went to med school in Grenada
  • HUGE disparity between rich and poor
  • Most water is done on site/near on site
    • Water grid is bad as is, and often goes out
  • Thus many have home tanks, but these were often broken or dirty from what he said
  • Thus i think our systems, plus the benefit of cooking gas/lantern gas, or even electricity could be a great asset
  • Wells perhaps?


  • I was looking into this a few days back, and open source tools do exist for full on online schools
  • Supposedly what i used at unf used one of these as a backbone (even though it was for profit pearson or somthing lol)
  • We could perhaps look into making lessons for this?


  • As both of you pointed out, imo dev template is GREAT for intensive development work, but not so great for new people
  • What is use is pretty low end, but good for placeholders
  • Perhaps just the basics, see also, and useful links section
    • It would require a pile of page edits and/or a bot dedicated to this, but i think it would be more accurate to say "internal links" and "external links"
  • I think the "general" pages should be very clean and basic, and have the specific versions be the dev template style
  • ALSO "orphan pages" or pages with no links to them are BAD, that has been one of the main perfectionist persuits, links and organisation
  • ANYWAYS those are my thoughts on that but i Need some feedback on this please