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The Factor e Farm (FeF) experiment aims to take everything that civilization has learned to date, to create a working blueprint for communities that work. Starting with 30 acres of raw land in rural Missouri, we are building a path to Evolve to freedom.

Marcin Jakubowski - part 1 from East Bay Pictures on Vimeo.

Name Factor e Farm is not a factory farm. But a place where we create the technology for ecology.

  • Factor => Enabling action.
  • e => The transcendental number.
  • Farm => Where we begin.

Those coming for Dedicated Project Visits are advised to be aware of the Factor e Farm Participation Standards and Rules of Conduct.


Cordwood structure
  • Workshops
    • Main Workshop
    • Lathe Workshop
  • Utilities
    • Water
      • Well Pump and Rainwater catchment
      • 1000 Gallon tank reservoir
      • 2nd water pump brings water from the reservoir tanks to habLab kitchen and bath.
    • Sanitation
      • HabLab has a septic system (please limit/don't use antibacterial soaps!)
      • flush toilets and composting toilets
      • 3 compost bins for cooking scraps
      • Recycling system has outdoor segregated storage for plastics, metals, and paper products, which are brought to local recycling center.
    • Heating/Cooling
      • Wood stoves
      • Thermal mass earth roofs.
      • cross-ventilation
    • Kitchen
      • Stove
      • Sink
    • Electricity (there are two electrical "grids" at the farm)
      • Solar Panels system - 1.4 kW peak
        • charger
        • battery bank
        • 120v inverter
      • Gas Generator system (needed for MIG Welders)
        • 72v Forklift Battery Bank
        • 72v Chargers
        • 120v and 240v Inverters (10 kilowatts)
    • Communications
      • Very low cellphone reception
      • Wireless Internet (DSL)
    • Food
      • 400 tree fruit, nut, and berry orchard (still growing)
      • Grapes, tomatoes
      • Free-range chickens - eggs;
      • We buy food that we don't grow on the farm
      • We try to eat together


  • Finances and food are handled individually.
  • 1000 True Fans campaign provides ongoing funding.



  • Legal structure and land tenure is discussed at Transparency


  • We are a learning community, and we are all expected to help each other grow in practical, mental, emotional, and spiritual techniques.
  • Highly value Education


See Factor e Farm Tools


NOTE: It is NOT ok to visit Factor e Farm without an invitation. Please see Visit Factor e Farm.

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NOTE: It is NOT ok to visit Factor e Farm without an invitation. Please see Visit Factor e Farm.

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Nearby weather station

See also Temperature

What to Bring

Think "Camping with Power Tools". The HabLab has a kitchen, bathroom, common area, bedrooms and storage space. The kitchen has a full oven, a top loading refrigerator, and a sink with filtered drinking water. The bathroom has 3 dividers between 2 flush toilets and 2 stand up showers, the bathroom also has 2 sinks. The common area has couches seats and tables, there are also standard electrical outlets. The bedrooms vary in size, there are 4 couple rooms and 2 single rooms, there are about 4 desks and 6 beds too. There is parking are for about 10 cars. Of the 30 acres about 8 acres is forested. The forested area is nearby hablab and the workshop, and there is space for tents and hammocks.

The village of Maysville, Mo is a 50 minute walk, 20 minute bike-ride, or a 5 minute car-ride away. The town of Cameron, MO is 90 minute bike-ride, or 20 minute car-ride.

  • Workshop Safety Gear
    • Safety Glasses
    • Steel toe boots
    • Workshop clothing (jeans, long sleeves, steel-toed boots)
    • Shared gear includes: work gloves, welding gloves, welding helmets
  • Clothing
    • Pack appropriately for the season
  • Electronics
    • Camera
    • Laptop (low-power if possible) (screen-size is a large part of laptop power consumption)
    • mp3 player
    • cell phone (poor cellphone reception, Skype phone number strongly recommended)
  • Tools
    • large and small notebooks
    • pens/pencils
    • Multi tool
    • Flashlight
  • Food
    • Try to limit food that must be refrigerated.
    • Ask about current farm status (if anything will be ready for harvest soon, and how much.)
    • There is potential to produce all food on-site.
    • It is a 5 minute drive to
    • water bottle


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