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  1. Universal Track Unit
  2. LifeTrac v20.12 - v11 - Build during Summer X 2021 - LifeTrac v20.12
  3. LifeTrac v17.10 - v10 not build -LifeTrac v17.10
  4. Microtrac v17.10 - v9 - in use in 2021 but modified to shorter tracks - MicroTrac v17.10. Note there were 2 more Microtractor style iterations - the first asymmetrical track version, and a second one with loader and 2 power cubes added to that. Let's call these MicroTrac Prototype 1, MicroTrac Prototype 2 - prior to Mirotrac v17.10.
  5. LifeTrac v16 - v8 - Tracked tractor 2016 - This was designed purely as a simplified traction machine with 7000 lb of pull. See more info at MicroTrac Genealogy
  6. LifeTrac 7 - first tracked version. Continuing Tractor Construction Set with Bulldozer Development. Initial build of tracked tractors. Need for CNC torch table cutting of parts became evident - as making tracks by hand is too time consuming.
  7. LifeTrac VI - Continued LifeTrac Construction Set. Modular Wheel Units are a robust design feature. Same design, but fixed the loader arm geometry. Used a single curl cylinder, but found that it makes it difficult to enter the cab. Issues with curl geometry. Need to simplify forearms. Reached 75 hp with 3 Power Cubes, such as 25 hp for wheel drive and 50 hp for 6' trencher.
  8. LifeTrac V - Began using LifeTrac Construction Set - 4"x4" square tubing, and increased modularity of construction. Modular Wheel Units continued. Returned to articulated steering and rear ground-higging pivot to separate 2 pivots for ease of fabrication. Introduced Bobcat Standard quick attach. Driver enters cab from front. Foot pedals + joystick valves were used for driving. Build for Our School at Blair Grocery urban farm.
  9. LifeTrac IV - Larger hydraulic motors (45 cu in) were used, and Modular Wheel Units were added. Quick connects added to hydraulic controls. Wheel shaft coupling issues solved. Entry is from the side.
  10. LifeTrac III - Same as II but one single (front-end) loader arm. 32 cu in hydraulic motors. Quick attach valves added. Issues with hydraulic motor to wheel couplers, where 6-spline agricultural shaft was used on each wheel.
  11. LifeTrac_II - Began modular Power Cube design. Skid steering with tracks on rubber tires, 4 wheel drive, 2 modular engine units (Power Cubes), 54 hp total, front- and rear-end loaders included. 32 cu in hydraulic motors. Full roll-over protection as driver sits inside cab. Brakes are the hydraulic motors themselves.
  12. LifeTrac I - Start in 2008. Articultated steering, 4 wheel drive, wheel chains, dedicated 55 hp diesel engine. Limited roll-over protection.