Marcin Log - July 2015

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Fri Jul 31, 2015

OSE Entrepreneur in Residence Program development.

Thu Jul 30, 2015

CNC Software Toolchain. Keyline Plow Development Template. Bulldozer.

Wed Jul 29, 2015

Bulldozer Calculations. Bulldozer Workshop.

Tue Jul 28, 2015

FeF Site Plan - uploaded QGIS working plan. Working on Bulldozer. Tech Shop Collaboration Plan. Developing OSE Metal Fabrication Certificate. Circle Cutting Attachment.

Mon Jul 27, 2015

Priorities Log. More work on FAQ. Based on Track Platform, moving on to Bulldozer Platform.

Sun Jul 26, 2015

Miracle Orchard Want Form

Sat Jul 25, 2015

Factor e Farm Site Plan. Electronet

Fri Jul 24, 2015

Workshops - going through participant numbers.

Mon Jul 20

Bash Cheatsheet

Sun Jul 19, 2015

Soil Data

Wed Jul 15, 2015

How to Produce an Instructional Manual

Thu July 9, 2015

Luka Log. Enterprise Log.

Wed July 8, 2015

Picking up Tom from airport adventure.

Tue July 7, 2015

Benchtop Drill Press. Sprockets and Track Geometry. Workshop Logistics and Expectations Form. Finalizing Track Platform. OSE Site Plan.

Mon July 6, 2015


Fri July 3, 2015

GVCS Log. Aerial Drones. . . Darren offered free 2 chapters of his book to participants. Overview of Regrarians Platform. Link to Huma's free videos. Good camera and mike. Even raw footage, section by section. Capture everything. When the question is asked - have trainer repeat the question. Chapter logos for Regrarians book. Very Cunning Plan.

Thu July 2, 2015

CNC Torch/Router Table Development - build

Wed Jul 1, 2015

Microtractor Log. Track Platform - updating to idlers of minimum size to work around 1-7/8" bearings.