OSE Lesson - Plotting and Drill Combined Exercise

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This lesson is part of
OSE 9 Day STEAM Camp
Day 1
Lesson-1 Welcome & OSE Introduction
Lesson-3 OSE Lesson - D3D Universal 3D Printer
Lesson-4 Universal Axis
Lesson 5 Universal Controller - 1 hour
Lesson-6 D3D Universal - Wire & Calibrate
Lesson-7 FreeCAD
Day 2
Lesson 3 Collaborative literacy and OSE product development
Lesson 4 Modular Electronics 1h
Lesson 5 Designing an Arduino Uno in KiCAD 1h
Lesson 6 Build a circuit plotter 1h
Lesson 7 Plotting and Etching an Arduino Uno 2h
Lesson 8 Soldering an Arduino together 2h
OSE Lesson - Plotting and Drill Combined Exercise 1h
Lesson Repository
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Assorted content

Unsorted content to be sorted later on

Things to settle

What day is this? How long time minimum does this exercise take?


Documentation, files, etc

About this lesson

Purpose of this lesson, what will we build, and why. Where does this product fit in human technology

  • Subject(s) -
  • Course Topic -
  • Time allotment - 1 hour

Learning Objectives

Course Content

Product specifications and requirements

pdf-file of full downloadable version


Prerequisite lessons

You need to have an understanding of

  1. xxx - covered in lesson yyy
  2. xxx - covered in lesson yyy

Prerequisite tools and parts

You need to have the following parts to get the most from this lesson:

  1. xxx - built in lesson yyy - can be bought from *link*

How to enroll

There are three alternatives to enroll

  • DIY
  • Prerecorded
  • Webinar - recordings, live participation, Q&A

Background reading

Background reading - background information, videos, etc - to prapare for the lesson (in addition to earlier finished modules)

Hardware instructions


BOM: Parts, sources, and tools. Would be good to have one BOM for this alone + part of e.g. the D3D Universal BOM. See section Universal Controller of the D3D Universal BOM

3D Printing files


hardware picture

embedd 3d view

language agnostic instructional

iconic representation of the product's main building blocks (See Open Source Technology Pattern Language

Diagram of how it works - google slides

KiCad file source

Blender assembly animation

Technical drawings (from Freecad)

Scale experiment instructions

Modularity experiment instructions

Course Completion

Grading and test

Incentive Challenge


Teacher's corner


  • 0-15 min
  • 15-30 min
  • 30-45 min
  • 45-60 min Round up, try to quit before the end of the class to give people some time to go to the loo before the next class.

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