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Last updated August 2020.

Required reading for all OSE Developers and others who are interested in collaboration:

Top 20

To find out about OSE's work, study these top 16 resources if you are interested in becoming an OSE Developer:

  1. GVCS TED Talk - the talk that brought OSE to the world stage at TED.
  2. OSE Vision
  3. OSE Social Contract
  4. Status of Completion - Burndown graph of all machines completed
  5. Getting Involved - for many ways you can get involved
  6. OSE Mentorship - do you want to work with OSE full time and start an OSE chapter in your location? We have a program exactly for this purpose.
  7. OSE Specifications - the design principles behind what we do
  8. Extreme Manufacturing - Radically efficient, module based, parallel swarming model of social production for rapid builds
  9. OSE Collaboration Protocol - how we collaborate with large teams working on modules
  10. Extreme Enterprise - how we plan to build the first open enterprise to change the world
  11. OSE Model of Change - how do we approach our mission to change the world to collaborative design?
  12. Roadmap - for how we are getting there. 10 year roadmap for eradicating artificial scarcity.
  13. The New Yorker - article about the early days of OSE from 2012.
  14. Open Building Institute Kickstarter - effort begun in 2016, intended to make affordable ecological housing widely accessible. Builds on the GVCS tool set. Resulting experimental house model is the Seed Eco-Home.
  15. Product Ecologies - for how the machines fit together
  16. Construction Set Approach - designing the technosphere using building blocks for everything
  17. Open Source Product Development - how traditional product design is tending to modular and open design
  18. Distributive Enterprise - OSE is pioneering this new economic paradigm for the open source economy
  19. Distributed Market Substition - transformation of economic systems
  20. Open Source Everything Store - the Distributive Enterprise to disrupt Walmart
  21. Open Source Technology Pattern Language - from 2008 and slightly dated, but still serves as a good benchmark for a comprehensive technology kernel - and will be updated as we move forward
  22. Critical Path - current year's plan
  23. OSE Developers - invitation to people who want to help take us there

Other Notable Content

  1. Genealogies - development genealogies for 6 project with multiple prototypes
  2. Civilization Starter Kit - initial major publication, featuring the first 4 machines of the GVCS
  3. Prototypes Built and Cost - cost of prototyping and results up to 2013
  4. Press - 100s of articles from The New Yorker, Wired, Huffington Post, Inc, Time, and much more.
  5. OSE Boot Camp - 1 week immersion training introduced in 2018
  6. OSE Fellowship - 1 year full time merit-based fellowship to do something extraordinary
  7. Seed_Eco-Home_Index - index of all the design documents for the Seed Eco-Home
  8. Aquaponic Greenhouse Workshop - design and results of the 2015 Aquaponic Greenhouse build.
  9. 500 Modules