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A system is the method by which you achieve the purpose. This document shows how the various systems at OSE fit together and lists the many processes used to get the daily work done. This is based on the existing organization and should not be considered final or an impediment to improvement. In fact, all processes should be subject to continual improvement--just be sure to update the documentation to match.

This systems organization may also be useful as an organizational construct for this wiki.


Develop and test technology to enable post scarcity economics.


OSE org chart overview.png

Gemba (core) System

This is the system for developing the GVCS 50. Each tool can be developed using this process with the output of the system being the complete set of 50 tools ready for use by the OSE Village Experiment. Other systems, while important, exist to support the Gemba.

(Based on GVCS Development Template)


  • Manpower:
    • Project manager
    • Subject Experts (see Subject matter experts)
    • Designer
    • CAD Draftsman
    • Use case researcher
    • Documenter
    • Fabricators
  • Building material
  • Tools


  • Research user needs, open source prior art, and industry best practices
  • Specifications and requirements defined (see OSE Specifications for general specs)
  • Conceptual Design in the form of Systems Engineering Breakdown Diagrams
  • Estimate Costs
  • Engineer for assembly
  • Produce working drawings and CNC files (CAD)
  • Produce design rationale document
  • Failure mode analysis
  • Post for peer review and refactor as necessary
  • Produce BOM
  • Calculate Costs and performance and verify they meet targets


(Inputs: Design documents, CAD drawings, CNC files, BOM with costs)

  • Source and purchase materials
  • Gather tools and prepare workspace
  • Build
  • Video Document Build process


(Input: prototype unit)

  • Put the machine to work on site and evaluate it's capabilities in real conditions.
  • Test interface with other GVCS equipment.
  • Adjust if needed, documenting changes.


  • Check drawings and BOM for changes against the reference implementation.
  • Edit pictures and video
  • Upload and organize material on wiki (see Fabrication Procedure Standards)
  • Compile and publish User Manual (How it Works, Operation Procedures, Safety, Maintenance, Troubleshooting, Repair)


With documentation available to the community machines can be built off site. As problems with the documentation are found or improvements are made the documentation should be revised on the wiki using a process similar to source code management. After a tool achieves release status further development will come from the community as FeF will be focusing on developing other tools.

  • Fabrication Optimization
  • User Network Development


By year-end 2012 documentation and working reference implementation for all 50 GVCS tools


The OSE Village Experiment is the 'customer' for this system. Their future needs should be kept in mind at every point in the system.

Support systems

These systems support and serve the Gemba. Before any changes are made ask: how will this change affect the Gemba?


  • Organization Management
  • Project Management
  • Support Management
  • System/process Design
  • Planning


  • Recruiting/Networking
  • Full Time
  • DPV
  • DRV
  • Off-site team (see Bid Process)
  • Expert/Researcher


  • Electrical system
  • Water system
  • Sanitation
  • Farming and Consumables
  • Maintenance
  • Construction


  • True Fans
  • Angel Investors
  • Foundations


  • Tax Accounting
  • Receivables
  • Payables
  • Expense Tracking
  • Petty Cash
  • Budgeting
  • Reporting



  • Existing research
  • New research


  • Website
  • Blog
  • Wiki
  • Videos and media
  • IRC
  • Other communications and collaboration tools


  • News media contact
  • On site liaison

Infrastructure Required

Fab Lab (workshop)

Hab Lab (housing)

See Hab Lab Project Home



  • Electrical
  • Water
  • Sanitation


Get New Research (Research system)

  • Identify topics
  • Recruit researchers
  • Compile research/paper (Make available)
  • Contact Gemba people who can benefit
  • Make available

System/process Design (Management system)

  • catalog existing systems/processes
  • collect data
  • plan improvement
  • Test plan
  • study results
  • implement

Full time process (Personnel system)

DPV process (Personnel system)

  • Receive DPV form
  • Personnel manager reviews and inputs in database
  • recommends
  • Interview with Marcin if GVCS project, with Viviek if support
  • Personnel manager coordinates logistics

DRV process (Personnel system)

Off site design team (Personnel system)

Bid process (Personnel system)

See Bid Process

Find experts (Personnel system)

(see Subject matter experts for list of needed experts)
  • requires contact db with network contacts listed with expertise
  • if not an existing contact then call Viviek and others
  • look up papers on the subject. Contact authors
  • determine interest level

Construction (Facility system)

  • evaluate needs
  • produce site plan/specs
  • design
  • CAD/Engineer
  • BOM/Budget
  • Schedule construction
  • recruit manpower
  • Purchase Materials
  • Build!
  • Clean up

Maintenance (Facility system)

  • list equipment to be maintained
  • create maintenance schedule

Receivables (Accounting system)

  • coordinate with funding to work out what payment are expected and method of payment.
  • track status of expected income

Payables (Accounting system)

  • receive invoice
  • input into quickbooks
  • check for authorization and delivery status
  • was product acceptable?
  • pay invoice
  • if check over $500, Marcin signs

Expense tracking (Accounting system)

  • take pictures of receipts with camera phone
  • e-mail to bookkeeper
  • batch and input into quickbooks
  • (if reimbursement then write check/pay out of petty cash)

Petty Cash (Accounting system)

  • Maintain between $2000 and $5000 in small bills
  • use for small urgent OSE needs only unless exception from Marcin
  • no cash without receipt
  • input the receipts in batch
  • count money
  • if low, go to bank
  • every month show Marcin report

Reporting (Accounting system)

produce monthly reports for Marcin:

  • cash flow (cash in vs. cash out)
  • outflow breakdown by account (itemized and summery)
  • unspent budgets


  • Obtain requirements
  • if standard part:
    • determine standard supplier for part from database
  • if non-standard part:
    • spec out available options
    • choose supplier based on quality, local, price
  • coordinate with bookkeeper to ensure all parts can be bought within budget and within funds in the bank
  • purchase item
  • inform interested parties of expected arrival date
  • receive item
  • (follow up if items not received)

Functions and Capabilities Required

  • Design Expertise:
    • For GVCS needs
    • Electrical
    • Water
    • Sanitation
    • Construction.
    • Robotics
    • Permaculture
  • CAD/Engineering
  • Building Skills
    • Welding
    • CNC
    • Mechanical
    • Electrical
    • Hydraulic
  • Technical writing
  • Source Management

  • Project planning
  • Subject Expertise
    • Psychology/Intentional communities
    • Chemistry
    • Agriculture
    • more
  • Research
  • Networking
  • Logistics
  • Geology/Survey/Hydrology
  • Architecture
  • Construction Planning
  • Budgeting
  • Construction
  • Purchasing
  • Systems Administration
  • Software integration/evaluation
  • Web technologies
  • Video Editing
  • Graphic Design
  • 3D modeling/animation
  • Writing
  • Organization


See Development Team

See Dream Team 16