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Systems Used

Keywords: Concurrent Engineering, Module-Based Design, Scalability, Design-for-Manufacturing, Distributed Production, Scrum, Agile, Heavyweight Product Management,Kaizen, Continous Quality Improvement, Six Sigma, Open Source Product Development, Collaborative Literacy, Cloud Realtime Collaborative Embeddable Documents, Digital Fabrication, Open Design, Social Production, Crowdsourcing, Crowdfunding, Crowdfunded, Crowdsourced Design Challenge, Critical Path.

Process Managment: Big Picture Checklist or Working Questions

  • Work Log - Are all members of team logging progress, as well as time sheet? Are documents being embedded? Is Scrumy agile backlog being updated? Do members have critical assets linked in log: working docs, timesheet, Scrumy, etc?
  • Development Template
  • Training - are team members being certified for skills? Such as CAD, video, etc. Are presenters being recruited for training webinars? Is course of finding SMEs->webinar->101 video-> development podcast being pursued?
  • Social Media - Minds or other development group on social media - any results also posted to main media.
  • Prototyping Process - are there different avenues for concurrent prototyping in place?
  • Wiki Project Page - Is project team updated? Is there a video feed? Is there an Ad-Hoc task list? Link to social media discussions? Is there a CAD repository? Is Dev Template embedded? Is there a template informing people how to join team?
  • Recruiting - is HR aware of team needs? Are team needs identified?
  • OSE Linux - is development software available? Is it being maintained/updated? Are libraries, extensions, templates (wiki and doc) and other features maintained?
  • IT - are backups being performed? Is server software maintained/updated?
  • Enterprise - is there a concurrent product development and marketing program being developed? Is there a crowdfunded, crowd-design challenge being prepared?
  • Media: Graphics, Video Production, and Presentations -Are there graphics assets being generated for systems architecture/replicability? Includes icons, templates.

Key Processes

  • Integrated Process - One Paragraph Process Narrative. Followed by in-depth discussion on rationale (Process Rationale) for scalable platform, main point of which being that we rely on smart contributors to keep IT infrastructure requirements lean, while allowing for quick teachability because entry-level process is simple, but all detailed steps are well-documented. Basic premise is that we are creating a collaborative culture.
  • Work Logs - is date format correct, most recent entry on top, wikilinks to other logs, and document links? Are Skills Certifications transparent? Is there a link to Development Page?
  • Development Template - Are all items in development process being pursued? Is there a plan/roadmap for overall completion? Is completion state being logged daily, and graphed on a weekly basis? Is the process manager overseeing Logging of Completion Status? Is the process being followed in a logical order? What could be improved? Can process manager determine the status of completion? Is completion checklist (conditions of satisfaction) being verified and refined? Is PM overseeing team needs and fulfillment by HR? Is there a training program (tutorial or 101) for every step of the development process? Are people being certified
  • HR - HR continousle searches, interviews, onboards, and offboards candidates to active Working teams. HR maintains overall OSE Dev Team page including badges (skills certifications)
  • Kaizen or Continuous Quality Improvement - We are a learning organization. The improvement process involves studying Process Rationales for specific parts of operations, and making suggestions via the Feedback Form, which is evaluated by the processs manager.