Suburban Housing Environmental-Harm Reduction Policy Agenda

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  • The Suburban Housing Envirometal-Harm Reduction Policy Agenda , Abbreviated as SHERPA (Sherpa) is a guideline of policies that reduce the enviromental problems associated with Suburbanization
    • Guiding suburbs towards a more sustainable futute...
  • Mainly:
    • All the issues associated with Traditional Lawns ( Monoculture , Intensive use of fertilizer, fungicide, herbicide, petsticide, and water usage)
    • The reliance on Cars for the majority of transportation
    • Energy Consumption / Waste
    • Pollution of Waterways (Mainly Fertilizer Runoff, and resulting Algae Blooms / Dead Zones )
    • Solid Waste Production


Land Use


  • Promote alternate forms of Ground Cover such as other Ground Cover Plants , usage of space the space for gardens, and utilization of Native Plants
  • Promote utilizatiion of Reclaimed Water / Rainwater Capture etc for lawn watering
  • More data on soil moisture etc via OS Sensing and Control Hardware
  • Could also potentially Genetically Modify Ground Cover that has a max height below the "must be this short" mark, or with deeper roots etc


  • Promote utilization of LSEVs for intra-community transport (also see Open Source Golf Cart )
  • Potentially some sort of OS car/ridesharing/carpool app (this isn't in the works though, need to see if any pre-existing options exist)

Energy Consumption / Waste

  • New houses being constructed using OBI designs would be more efficient, and may even produce excess energy ( Selling Power to the Grid )
  • Offering OS Photovoltaic Panel / Solar Thermal Heating Panels etc to reduce energy usage
  • Open Source Smart Home hardware + software to reduce waste from electronics, HVAC, and lighting

Pollution of Waterways

Solid Waste Production

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