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Open Source Techpage

FeF Organizational

Core Team

Coordination Platform: Flashy XM

Coordination Panel

Organizational Timing

Hyperlink Database: Link It

Requisition Form



Video Channel


FeF Infrastructure

FeF Development


Top English Language Learning Websites

Email: Gmail

Web Conferencing: BigBlueButton

Web Conferencing: Skype

Task Tracking: Pivotal

Technical Blogging Standards and Instructional

Website Open-source Content Management System (Software): Wordpress

Website Open-source Content Management System (Software): Drupal

Website Open-source Content Management System (Software): Joomla

News Websites

Team Coordination

Information Processing

Open Source Computer Operating System: Ubuntu

Open Source Web Browser: Mozilla Firefox

Internet Browsing Encryption Extension: HTTPS Everywhere

Open Source Scientific Calculator Program: SpeedCrunch

Open Source Office Suite: Libreoffice

Shutter: Open Source Image Screen Capture Tool for Linux

Greenshot: Image Screen Capture Tool for Windows

Open Source Xvidcap: Video Capture Tool for Linux

CamStudio: Video Capture Tool for Windows

Inkscape: Open Source Vector Graphics Editor

Audacity: Open Source Audio Recorder and Editor

Open Source Video Editor and Compositor: Kdenlive

VLC Media Player: Multimedia Player

KiCAD: Open Source Electronic Schematic and PCB Layout Design Suite

Solidworks: 3D Parametric Modeler, Integrated 2D Drawer, Assembler and Analyzer

FreeCAD: Open Source 3D Modeler and 2D Drawer

FreeCAD Procedures


Windows Emulator for Linux: Latest Version of Wine

2D Mathematics Graphics: Sage

How to Install Compilers on Ubuntu

How to Get Python Development Files Installed (sudo apt-get install python-dev)

Get libxerces-c-dev package in synaptic package manager

Get libeigen3-dev package in synaptic package manager

Get libboost1.40-dev package in synaptic package manager

Get qt4-dev-tools package in synaptic package manager

Get libcoin40-dev package

Get libsoqt4-dev package

Get libf2c2-dev package

Get fort77 package

Get cmake program

What is Configure in Programming

How to Compile from Source

Computer Aided Manufacturing

Web Searching

Webpage Search Engine: Google

Image Search Engine: Google Images

Untracked Webpage Search Engine: DuckDuckGo


Open Tech Organization List

Social Database

Video Repository: Youtube

Video Repository: Vimeo

Audio Repository: Soundcloud

File Repository: Sourceforge

File Repository: Github

Online Encyclopedia: Wikipedia


First Aid Response: Common Injuries

Prevention: Hot Work and Explosive Gases


What is Matter

Linear Movement Guides

Material Joining

Material Standards

Telecommunication Layers

CNC Mill Technical Story

Thread Analysis

Metric/Imperial Tap Drill Sizes

Mechatronics Tips

PVC/CPVC Schedule Sizing Chart

Hose Barbs

Bacteria Growth Factors

HyperPhysics Comprehensive Concept Maps

Handbook for Mechanical Engineers (1896) Free eBook

Handbook for Mechanical Engineers (1922) Free eBook


Pipes and Fittings Info


Voltage (electrical potential difference) and Current (electron movement)


Electromagnetic Induction

Semiconductor Basics

Wire Conductor Types and Forms

Tray Cables

Custom Cable Design Basics

Battery Cable Basics

Heat Shrink Tubing Basics

Electrons have Electric Charge Conductors Insulators Resistors Capacitors Inductors Transistors Integrated Circuits

Battery Charging

Surface Mount Assembly General Guide

Footprint Focused Surface Mounting

Linear vs Switched Mode Power Supply

Isolator 101

Selecting an Isolator

Qualifying an Isolator

Isolator Tech Comparisons

Computer and Accessories

AVA Direct: Custom Computer Distributor


Open Source Mousepad

Audio and Mike Headset

Observation Instruments

Sensor Modules

Open Source Temperature Switch with Microcontroller and Solid State Relay

Open Source Float Switch with Microcontroller and Solid State Relay

Open Source Infrared Proximity Switch with Microcontroller and Solid State Relay

Wireless Communication

File:Tomato configuration.pdf Tomato Firmware Settings for WDS Mesh


Material Transportation


Duffle Bag with Straps

Duffle Bag


How to Apply Stucco to a Wall

How to Make Stucco

Powered Vehicles

Markable Materials

100% Recycled Paper 400 Sheets 8.5" x 11"

Removable Adhesive Label Roll

Functional Surfaces

Cutting Surface

4ft x 2ft Surface 29in Height Resin Top Table with Foldable Legs

Stainless Steel 20" x 24" x 36"H Rolling Table



Lighter Fluid

Firesteel Round Bar 1/2" Dia x 5"

Magnesium Round Bar 1/2" Dia x 5"

Flints for Flint Striker




Floor Lamp


Compact Flashlight


Inkjet vs Laser Printer Comparison


Mechanical Tools

Straight Claw Hammer

Post Driver

Long Handle Shovel


Precision Screwdriver Set

Rotation End Effectors

Metric Drill Bits 1.5 - 6.5mm in 0.5mm increments + 3.3mm, 4.2mm

Cobalt Steel Metric Drill Bit Set 135 deg point angle, split point, 6 - 10mm in 0.1 increments


13" Horsehair Brush





Open Source Backhoe


Module Rotation and Movement


Mechanical Timer

Energy Storage

Flow Generation

Flow Channel

Flow Filtering

Cooling and Lubrication

Cutting and Tapping Fluid, Eco-friendly Composition

Electrical Information Storage

Electrical Control

Electrical Conduction

Electrical Protection

Electrical Transformation

Discrete Electrical Components


Foldable Tri-leg Stool

Folding Chair

Flex Folding Chair

Mobile Low Stool


Liquid Soap

More Technologies (all to be organized later)

Setting up a Website with NearlyFreeSpeech (with Wordpress module)

WP-Filebase: Wordpress Versatile File Uploading Plugin

Further Categories to be Site System'd