D3D PVC pipe 8in bed

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HintLightbulb.png Hint: This is being developed as a lightweight frame version of the D3D 3D Printer which allows for taking the workshop easily to remote locations - as otherwise each frame weigh 20 lb for 1/8" frame with 1.5" steel width. Further, we have the PVC pipe frame already in the D3D Workbench.

Development Template


Note Extruder Steps Change to 408


Titan Aero + Fan


Part Library

See https://github.com/OpenSourceEcology/3D-Printer-Part-Library. All files larger than 1 MB are stored on Github.

Large Files

  • Volcano Heater Block - [1]
  • Titan Aero - see source file from Lulzbot. See mirrored (to the correct orientation) at OSE Github - 1.5 MB - [2]
  • Volcano heater block. 1.6MB at Github - [3]. And File:Volcanoheater.fcstd.

Small Files

Hole Jig


2017 Build 2 - Stephen Kaiser, San Francisco

2017 Build Example 1 - by Elie from Montreal at Factor e Farm