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  1. We design and build open source industrial machines, and publish the plans on the internet for free. https://www.opensourceecology.org/ We are working on all the critical machines that are used to build infrastructures and produce things, so that a civilization with modern comforts could be built. It is everything from a tractor, to a bread oven, to a circuit maker.
  2. You can see my TED Talk from 2011, just google Global Village Construction Set TED Talk https://wiki.opensourceecology.org/wiki/TED_Talk
  3. Since then, we have completed about ⅓ of the set, with hundreds of prototypes around the world. https://wiki.opensourceecology.org/wiki/GVCS_State_of_Completion
  4. We build in a modular way. This picture shows the Universal axis module - a universal CNC axis - https://wiki.opensourceecology.org/wiki/Universal_CNC_Axis - with 10 micron step resolution - that is a building block of any CNC system. For example, the 3D printers above, D3D Pro - https://wiki.opensourceecology.org/wiki/D3D_Pro - and D3D Universal - are built from this axis.
  5. This axis can be lengthened - to make a 6’ tall 3d printer
  6. Or a 1 cubic meter 3D printer.
  7. But it can also be enlarged, to larger rod side - such as starting from the original 8 mm axis and going to 25 mm -https://www.facebook.com/photo.php?fbid=10211318198887887&set=gm.690934881099091&type=3&theater
  8. to make this CNC torch table - https://wiki.opensourceecology.org/wiki/CNC_Torch_Table_v19.10. So here
  9. Even up to much lareger Universal Axes with large rods - 2” or 50 mm -
  10. - so you can build a heavy duty CNC machine. https://wiki.opensourceecology.org/wiki/2%22_Universal_Axis
  11. What you can see here is an emergence of a modular product ecology. We started with 3D printers, we 3D printed parts for the larger Universal axis, and ended up with the CNC Torch Table. Now the CNC torch table cuts flat sheets of steel, so we can make things like our tractor - https://wiki.opensourceecology.org/wiki/Trencher
  12. Or compressed earth brick press - https://wiki.opensourceecology.org/wiki/CEB_Press
  13. So we can build a house with industrial efficiency - 5 days with a team of 50 people. https://wiki.opensourceecology.org/wiki/Seed_Eco-Home
  14. Or an aquaponic greenhouse. https://wiki.opensourceecology.org/wiki/Aquaponic_Greenhouse
  15. We build all of this in our Open Source Microfactory. For example, this was a build of the brick press for building houses. So let’s taka a look at the basic product ecology.
  16. We build all of this in our open source microfactory. For example, this was a build of the brick press for building houses. So let’s taka a look at the basic product ecology. 3D printers make torch tables make brick presses and tractors. https://wiki.opensourceecology.org/wiki/Product_Ecologies
  17. But then how do you close the loop to move into an ecological, Circular Economy?
  18. So here we add the next level of complexity, where we shred used tractors, cars, and other objects, and then we extract metal, which we can melt in an Induction Furnace, then roll into virgin steel, and CNC machine into products such as more tractor bodies, hydraulic motors, and engines. For the plastic, we can recycle that through the plastic extruder, to make 3D printing filament, and then start 3D printing plastic parts, car tires, and rubber tracks for more tractors.
  19. We have covered metals and plastic, but we still need to cover rocks, plants, soil, and water, and there we have almost all of civilization’s infrastructure. You can turn soil into building blocks with the compressed earth block press, you can make cement blocks by burning limestone in a lime burner, you can turn straw into fuel pelltets and insulation, and you can turn trees to lumber, and if you want to go further, take trees and turn them to bioplastic and 3D printed glazing. https://wiki.opensourceecology.org/wiki/Materials_Production_Facility
  20. What you see here is a bunch of product ecologies where machines make other machines, and then recycle themselves to keep the loop going. Now instead of melting things down, it takes less energy to reuse things. That’s why we focus on modular design. In our system, we use modular structural tubing and interchangeable parts such as the Universal Rotor. . https://wiki.opensourceecology.org/wiki/Universal_Rotor, which can be thought of as a heavy duty version of the Universal Axis for motion.
  21. We also use interchangeable power units, so we that we can run a tractor on one-10 of them. So far we only did 3. https://wiki.opensourceecology.org/wiki/Power_Cube
  22. So if you look at the tractor, you see the modular frames, 3 power cubes that can be used elsewhere, and Universal Rotors - circled - where in one case it can function as a wheel drive and in the other it drives the trencher.
  23. It’s also worth noting that the one of the same power cubes - can be used in our microtractor. https://wiki.opensourceecology.org/wiki/MicroTrac_v17.10
  24. We use a construction set throughout. We have the tractor construction set, CNC machine construction set, and power electronics construction set - not only mechanical items lend themselves to this - it’s a universal approach. https://wiki.opensourceecology.org/wiki/Construction_Sets
  25. What is the limit? Well, if you have precision CNC, and precision grinders, you can go down to micron machining resolution. You need flat granite for your frames - see https://wiki.opensourceecology.org/wiki/Dan_Gelbart. With 1 micron resolution, you get to air bearings, and super-precision equipment used in positioning and in vaccuum chambers - so you can make semiconductors and microchips from dirt and twigs under your feet. But, simpler than this - you go from induction furnace, to precision grind - to make Ball Bearings.
  26. For us, we envision a 40 acre facility, our site, where we have a microfactory that can make solar panels from sand (silicon), and go all the way up to Extraction of Aluminum from Clay. So that clay is used for our CEB block, for clay 3D printing and ceramics, and for aluminum.


  • Illinois Distributed Manufacturing Network - did it in Chicago - replicate it in Maysville
  • Insight focus - Detroit - community programs. Blair Evans - Dan says we should talk
  • jubilee3d.com


https://gitlab.com/fablabbcn-projects/electronics/barduino-cnc-shield https://gitlab.com/fablabbcn-projects/cnc-machines/g-code-visualizer Daniele Ingrassia To Everyone8:35:44 AM Santi/Eduardo which software are you running into the Barduino-2.0? FABACADEMY_BCN ZOOM To Everyone8:36:16 AM in the Arduino, generic esp12 dev board(Arduino) con machine control GRBL port to esp32 compatibility everything is in the repo

  • @Jake it was so cool that Neil showed it to us in the class last Wednesday = )

Nadya Peek To Everyone8:46:45 AM for running Jubilee? controller is a Duet, for multi material 3d printing you can use prusaslicer, for other gcode types we are using grasshopper and jupyter notebooks Jorge Javier To Everyone8:47:10 AM Great, thanks! Nadya Peek To Everyone8:47:35 AM if you are building a jubilee, join the discord! there are now lots of people to answer questions and encourage you along the way David Prieto To Everyone8:48:30 AM send the link to the server! Nadya Peek To Everyone8:49:07 AM https://discord.gg/XkphRqb

  • Babasile Daniel To Everyone8:54:19 AM

Hi Marcin! Glad to see you here Benjamin S To Everyone8:54:21 AM Big fan Marcin baptiste "la machine... To Everyone8:56:43 AM love it David Prieto To Everyone8:58:06 AM so cool Jakob Nilsson To Everyone9:02:40 AM can we stop the video share?

  • ND Kyle-Pierre Nfr To Everyone9:03:53 AM

she has not been watching the news. current unrest is a function of a lack of freedom which is a function of an access to markets

  • IND Kyle-Pierre Nfr To Everyone9:06:30 AM

without trade, who pays their time to make things?

  • IND Kyle-Pierre Nfr To Everyone9:06:30 AM

without trade, who pays their time to make things? Dan "MeisterTek" Mey... To Everyone9:07:21 AM We need to make sure that we run machine building machine building workshops that are accessible to women and non-sis people. The Chicago Hackerspoaces are making progress on this with real foucused effort. Nadya Peek To Everyone9:07:34 AM That's cool Dan! how can I follow

  • IND Kyle-Pierre Nfr To Everyone9:08:11 AM

hear, hear, Neil. Charlotte Latin To Everyone9:08:26 AM Nadya we have more than half of our fab academy high school students are girls we are all fighting the good fight Jakob Nilsson To Everyone9:08:42 AM I see lots of women with the video off :) Jim Hart To Everyone9:09:07 AM I am amazed that there are barely 50 people on the call with such an incredible opportunity before us. I am so glad to be a part of this family!!

  • Jim Hart To Everyone9:10:31 AM

Thank you all for your awesome work! Jake Read To Everyone9:11:22 AM @rico, the belts are all just single run so they're easy to tension, you can check out the CAD here https://gitlab.cba.mit.edu/jakeread/ratchet baptiste "la machine... To Everyone9:11:24 AM thanks to all, your works are awesome & give a good start & a good way to try to change the world ^^ BYE BYE Dan "MeisterTek" Mey... To Everyone9:11:34 AM Machines, skills, jobs sell stuff is reality of capitalism. However I rally believe that byuilding machines puts the means of production in the hands of the workers, which seems pretty socilaist to me. Rico Kanthatham To Everyone9:11:35 AM thanks Jake Dan "MeisterTek" Mey... To Everyone9:12:26 AM @Jake https://gitlab.cba.mit.edu/jakeread/ratchet requires a account to access

  • Dan "MeisterTek" Mey... To Everyone9:12:26 AM

@Jake https://gitlab.cba.mit.edu/jakeread/ratchet requires a account to access Jake Read To Everyone9:13:54 AM oop, sorry no secrets there, it's public now https://gitlab.cba.mit.edu/jakeread/lug-capstans Rico Kanthatham To Everyone9:15:01 AM @jake...awesome...thanks! Ferdi To Everyone9:15:42 AM Talking About steel: https://feadi.gitlab.io/cnc_bilbao/ Jens Dyvik To Everyone9:16:16 AM


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Dan Mayer - what is your email Rico Kanthatham To Everyone9:22:55 AM too bad this discussion is not being recorded!!! this is gold!! Me To Everyone9:23:10 AM Oh, yes it is, I am still recording:) Jens Dyvik To Everyone9:23:18 AM


Rico Kanthatham To Everyone9:23:34 AM @Marcin...please please please share Daniele Ingrassia To Everyone9:23:42 AM Just wanna share the work of one of the Tunisian FabAcademy students: https://github.com/FAB619/MakerSpace-3-in-1 Nadya Peek To Everyone9:24:40 AM nice documentation good razzledazzle machine skins

  • Dan "MeisterTek" Mey... To Everyone9:29:21 AM

@Marin my e-mail dan.meyer@msichicago.org


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Nadine and May are handling that.

Then, machine-builders, for 9:00A EDT June 1, Daniele is handling: