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May 2018

Note: 100% means machine is ready for productization or has been productized. This means at least stage 6 in the Stages of Product Release Completionstatus2018.jpg

Available CAD

Current Projects

See active projects updated monthly at Current Projects

Completed Build Guides

Latest Work

  • Many of the machines are under active, iterative development. This will be the case until the end of 2028 - the completion date of the Global Village Construction Set.
  • As we finish designs, we add them to the OSE Part Library
  • You can see the latest versions for each machine at the Genealogies page. The prototypes built are listed with the latest on top.
  • Do you want to get inolved? We follow OSE Specifications, so if you can help us make our machines better, see Getting Involved.


  • We are aware of dozens of machine replications around the world. There may be many more that we don't know about, as we do not track downloads at this time.
  • We expect viral uptake as we near GVCS completion and all prototypes are turned into full products by 2028.
  • You can see existing replications by year at OSE Replications



January 2014



  • Here is an initial burndown as far as prototypes built when we could still count them, dated from 2012:

Note: All entries in this graph are hyper-linked. Click Edit below the graph and then click twice on each image to access the link.