LifeTrac Development Brief

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See Modular_Life_Trac for the Sketchup concept. This is one possible implementation of LifeTrac with modular components that can be modified as needed.

We now know that the frame, wheel units, and Power Cubes can be totally modular.

Now we can add more modularity:

  1. Arms module - for loader or Bulldozer Blade
  2. Wheel attachment module
  3. Driver Cab
  4. Articulation feature - 2-Way Pivot Articulated Steering Script. Break down into Articulation Module and Wheels on the Ground Module
  5. Resizing as needed
  6. Bulldozer geardown

The above would give us a full construction set for a tractor, stiff or articulated, of any size.


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Next Steps

Take existing materials from Lucas Log, Leandra Log, Cory Log, Chris Log, , Justin Log, Jordan Log, Gary Log, and pick out Cab Module, Pivot Module, Power Cube Module, Loader Module, Wheel Hub Module and Bobcat Quick Attach Module, Modular Wheel Units - and integrate to an articulated steering tractor.

Start with a Articulated LifeTrac Concept google doc embedded on a wiki page of that name, with link to edit, shared with core OSE developers. Concept should include all modules, how they fit together. A second concept drawing would list all the interfaces. From there, go to a Sketchup drawing that picks up all the different modules from the OSE Warehouse of versioned components.