Marcin Log - December 2016

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Sat Dec 31, 2016

Greenhouse in the Snow. Kickstarter update - Updated OBI Webinars registration. Seed Eco-Home Workshop participants - [1]

Fri Dec 30, 2016

101 101s. Lead Acid Battery Storage Efficiency. Thunderclap. Trinus.

Thu Dec 29, 2016

Sweet Eco-Home Index. Tilapia. OSE Podcast. OSE Development Priorities. OSE Developers.

Tue Dec 27, 2016

Pickup Trucks. Server Log.

Mon Dec 19, 2016

OSE Podcast. Vivid Vision. Dog Door. 2017 Reading List.

Sun Dec 18, 2016

Couples Coping Enhancement Strategy. Opher Brayer.

Sat Dec 17, 2016

Open Source Hydronic Stove - updating for 2016 iteration.

Fri Dec 16, 2016

Kolbe Profile

Wed Dec 14, 2016

Team Development. Hamburg Presentation 2.

Tue Dec 13, 2016

Hamburg Presentation 2. Added OSE_FreeCAD_Tutorials#FreeCAD_Exam to the FreeCAD learning page for a CAD competency exam that is verifiable in 30 seconds by any reviewer. Cloud Collaborative Open Source Drawing Software. Development Crash Course started. 2017 Reading List. Enterprise Dashboard. Updated OSE Hardware Rollout 2017. Open Source Business Process Management Software. Power Tool Jigs.

Mon Dec 12, 2016

Concrete Doors and Windows. Future of Value Creation Conference. Moushira on Risha Laser.On Writing Well.

Sun Dec 11, 2016

Integrated Assessment.

Sat Dec 10, 2016

Sweet Eco-Home Index. Cleaning up critical Templates. Difference Between HTML and CSS. I Love Marketing Podcast. Natural Wood Stain. Agriculture Conferences. Sweet Eco-Home Kitchen.

Fri Dec 9, 2016


Thu Dec 8, 2016

Aquaponic Greenhouse Webinar.

Sun Dec 4, 2016

Formalizing 10x increase in development velocity. Open Source Movement Entrepreneurship 101. Build Planning 2016. Borrowing from Seed Eco-Home Index. Updated Development Template with 3DP Substitution. Cigarette Alternatives. Open Source Granulometry.

Sat Dec 3, 2016

OSE Hardware Rollout 2017. HR Operations Manual. Victor Torch Sizes. 180 Degree Cutting Torch. Open Source Acetylene Torch. Open Source Spot Welder. Open Source Robotic Arm. Open Source Power Supply.

Fri Dec 2, 2016

OBI Webinars - Living Home Webinar. Diode Laser. Water pond in Build Planning 2016. Sweet Eco-Home Index.

Thu Dec 1, 2016

OBI Webinars. OSE Immersion Program.OSE Server. Linux Admin 101. Diode Laser. Seed Eco-Home and Aquaponic Greenhouse Workshop.