Marcin Log - July 2013

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Wed Jul 31, 2013

Started Development Templates.

Mon Jul 29, 2013

OSE Contributor Agreement.

Sun Jul 28, 2013

Began Q3 Plan.

Sat Jul 27, 2013

New Orleans visit at OSBG - tractor pilot project - see LifeTrac 5. Design Sprint Day. Highlight: Engineers for a Sustainable World collaboration - director Alexander Dale showed up, ready to collaborate through University chapters. Can help us set up OSE presence or chapters at universities. Sprint beginning - Module - Digital Signal Processor. Sprint result - Module - CNC Torch Height Control. Started Growing the True Fans Human Ecology. Permafacture Design Course.

Fri Jul 26, 2013

Katie started Development Template. Christopher Reinhart exploring Brick Stacking Patterns for Microhouse. Action Item Tracker. Created Video and Graphics Team page. Started Module - Torch Height Controller. Development Process Plan

Thu Jul 25, 2013

All day of team discussions - prototyping planning. First ever google hangout for True Fans tonight. See True Fans Hangout

Wed Jul 24, 2013

Working on GVCS Documentation Template and breaking machines into GVCS Modules with Rob, Katie, and Jean. Katie driving the documentation forward as in LifeTrac 6 as case example. Mecoconcept manually loaded brick press. Discussing OSE Local Groups with Sam Turner. One True Fan drew up Open Source Hardware and Local Communities presentation. Preparing first Google Hangout with True Fans community. Owned and Operated features OSE at minute 8:36.

Tue Jul 23, 2013

Decided on sample template for machines as Infographic - Modules - Interfaces and List of Modules - [1].James working on 50 hp Power Cube - Power Cube WS. Started LifeTrac 5 page.

Monday Jul 22, 2013

Planning week. Talked to Catherine Austin-Fitts. Katie did . Goal for Week: (1) put 6 month plan in Project Manager, (2) prepare design sprint and get up to 24 people in Sprint; (3) Break each machine into placeholders for Modules, Interfaces, and Individual modules. (4) Upadate True Fans database and host first True Fan hangout.

Wed Jul 17, 2013

Tue Jul 16, 2013

Jesse's 3D Scanning Page. Talked to Chris Reinhart about OSE Microhouse Build, + John Motloch and Scott Truax. Composing Prototype Assessment. Requesting LifeTrac 5 Prototype Asessment from Gary. Frictional Stir Welding.

Mon Jul 15, 2013

Begining definitions of OSE Local Groups - Guidelines for Use of the OSE Name. Beginning July 20 Sprint Planning - to write our a schedule by today. Week Goals: Draw up LifeTrac 5 budget. Prepare first detailed Sprint Schedule. Plan a trip to OSBG. Fill roster with 12 DPVs. Increase Design Sprint Participation Numbers by 20. FoldaRep. Talked to Jenn Gustetic. Topcoder. Sample Robot Return Challenge. Talked to Robert Davis Steele. CNC Cut Furniture.

Sat-Sun, Jul 13-14, 2013

Nat Turner adventure at FeF. Still building. Public Relations Package. John Fazzini letter.

Fri Jul 12, 2013

Approving week's blog post and beginning role division for The Spark Build - one day production run of the tractor. General Rules of Open Source Organizations.

Thu Jul 11, 2013

The Spark Build quality control. Nat Turner arrived. Major player, don't know anyone more committed on deep localization solutions.

Wed Jul 10, 2013

100km on 1 Liter.

Sun Jul 7, 2013

Power Cube Development Matrix started after LifeTrac Development Matrix.

Sat Jul 6, 2013

Design Sprint. Laser Diode design ready for part sourcing. OS Car drive ready for review. CNC Torch table system diagram in progress, decided upon acetylene torch as step 1. Progress on populating Dozuki with modules.

Fri Jul 5, 2013

Sample Dozuki Embed

Fri Jul 5, 2013

Took 50 hp engine to get it running.

Thu Jul 4, 2013

Rest day from 6 in 60 Documentation. Scheming to the relevance of 3D printing as a critical, not luxury, aspect of machine prototyping. Straw Board reference from Scott Truax and John Motloch. Saw another of the Video Feeds on OSE from Post Growth Institute.

Wed Jul 3, 2013

Redesigned final integration details on backhoe, and assembling pivot to stabilizer legs, boom, stick and tractor mount. Next Culture Research and Training Center. Open Source Appropriate Technologies Paper. Open Source Alternative to Matlab. Planning our first scheduled Design Sprint - Design Sprint - Jul 6, 2013. LifeTrac Development Matrix.

Tue Jul 2, 2013

Struggling with integration detail on Backhoe. Lack of scale prototype and step-by-step procedure means we are figuring things out on the fly for details of fit - thereby extending build time by a day. Main pivot was assembled. Requires careful step-by-step in order to do it on the first try.

Mon July 1, 2013

Swarming on Backhoe and Ironworker build today. Ironworker: pivot plates, blade mount, cylinder mount, cut shaft, and done. Backhoe: bucket attach, boom and stick drilling, cutting of rest of materials, building pivot, cutting shaft, attaching cylinders, adding QA mount, making pins. On Bulldozer Geardown - need to drill out keyways. Need mills. Sweiger: belt. refining Design Sprint#Design Process