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Spain is a perfect choice to start an OSE Community:

  • Economy is not well
  • More than 25% engineers are unemployed (I may be not very right with the exact numbers, but as I hear from a lot of people from Spain, there are a LOT of free people)
  • Much more people in Spain are looking for alternatives
  • Very good weather for working, living and technology use


  • We have already people engaged - at least 4 for in the mid-term
  • We have place - cheap housing + workshop
  • We can have land
  • Jesus is helping a lot
  • We have concrete projects - wind turbines (perfect for the place), loom, others
  • We could engage the whole village! Caly has the perfect vision how to make it!
  • Millares could inspire other villages to act and develop OS technology.



I REALLY believe that if approached in a very conscious way with
concrete alternatives We can *engage a LOT of people in Spain*! If I was
born in Spain and knew that I was going to stay there for the long term,
I wouldn't give it a second thought and immediately engage 100s of
people. OSE can spread like virus! Even now! What is needed for that:
- Find people who are connectors and who can inspire people willing to
dedicate themselves to it. It could also people from us who are willing
to spend time with that.
- Make presentation of OSE Spain online and for public speaking.
- The presentation should contain the following elements:
   - OSE Vision
   - the OSE Values
   - concrete examples (machines + communities) happening right now
   - Show how the transition is happening from proprietary to open source
   - Distributive Economy
   - Implications of Open Source Development + Distributive Economy
- Start making often videos about yourself, your work and your Vision.
- Find channels to distribute this information.
- Connect 2-on-2 with important people in different networks and decide
how you could support your needs/goals.
  • alba sanchis < >
To Create active structures in different regions would be interesting, because it's too many people interested in
distant regions. For me, the most important of all is the begginning of
the work, begin to materialize projects, begin to build.
Here in Millares there are many possibilities to start but there are a lot
of work and we are only 2 (and have to subsist too),
I think that OSEE and the people are demanding a lot of information that
will cost time and effort to prepare (and we are only 2!), in my opinion that
important things has to be made with time, well done.
I invite everyone who can and want to come here and help. Taking action...
this is my philosophy.
Is not necessary to be the central, is not necessary to put money now...
we need people: heads and hands to mold all this beautiful words and projects
in concrete realities.


"I've spoken to a number of organic farmers and investors in the
area and people are very interested in putting together 'nodes in the OSE
network' but there's an obvious lack of people who could run such a
Are other people actively approaching land owners, farmers and investors
about supporting Factor e Farm and putting OSE workshops together in their
own communities?  If so, I'd like to begin a conversation, share best
practices, collaborate on marketing materials, and document everything in
the OSE wiki."


(Potential) Partners