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v7 KS Script v7 -mj





OBI Kickstarter Script v3


  • End scene - the matrix last scene
  • wholesale hope
  • we realized that the only way we can have affordable housing is if people get involved.

Pure Passion

I'm passionate about self-determination - that we can live on this earth without hurting others. Self-determination drives me - and therefore drives me to enable everyone to be autonomous - so only then can we all get along well together. Hence the crazy experiments of local self-providing, without rejecting technology. The trick to communicating this is that people are in general slaves, and have not tasted the sweet taste of freedom.


  • We are known as the Mud Hut in our 10 mile radius.
  • I got my PhD in plasma physics, and discovered - that I was useless
  • I got my PhD in Open Source Hardware - and I discovered - that I want to join marcin.
  • So we got married.
  • i welcomed her to my apocalyptic nerd farm in the middle of nowhere, Missouri.
  • she tells me, "I'm not living in a mud but. I need a real house." So I dropped everything so I could keep her around.
  • when she arrived, at the end of a particularly harsh winter - we ended up staying in a motel until it warmed up.








Review Team - to be Invited

Strategy - focus on writer/doers. Topgrade this list. Doers include tbose who are building, are SMEs in technologies involved. Combine SME/Blogger/Cultural Creator/Doer/Advisor/Project Contributor/Mouthpiece. Once we are media ready, start inviting people over. Invite media to the Nov event. Access to open Hardware expertise, Extreme Manufacturing (Wikipedia, I co-coined this word), and first access to the product launch, interview, early access to waiting list for house builds, and invitation to the Build for free, in person press conference during the Build.

  1. Emily Aiken
  2. Brian Beck
  3. Cameron Herold
  4. Colby Thomson
  5. Chris Galusha
  6. Dave Hakkens
  7. Alicia Gibb
  8. Joshua Pearce
  9. Matthieu Lietaert - video
  10. Jae Sabol
  11. Mitch Joachim
  12. Pragnya Alekal
  13. Ceasar Harada
  14. Sunny Bates
  15. Luke Hutchinson
  16. Esra'a
  17. Paul Gardner Stephens
  1. Renee Freedman
  2. Robert Steele
  3. Tom Rielly

  • Rob Kirk
  • Ron Whitehurst - charcoal producing pellet stove/TEG/home shredder/pelletizer appliance. Perennial landscape for food and fuel, biogas. Produce awesome infographic. The incremental Eco Seed Home.

Review Strategy

The review of the script seeks for feedback on:

  1. Does the script fit our intended audience? Thus, audience definition must be clear. The intended audience is...Details of the different sectors. Review whether the sectors make sense. Are there ones we missed? Where do those sectors hang out?
  2. Is the script interesting to our intended audience? How to improve it?
  3. Does the script provide a convincing argument on feasibility? Should it be about proving feasibility, or about inspiring people? How important is convincing people about the feasibility? This goes back to our Audience - is the audience well-defined?