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The OSE experiment is a decades-long experiment to determine whether a civilization with sound governance can be created from scratch using abundant, natural, local resources. The goal of the experiment is to determine several parameters for creating such enterprises, similar to Microstates or Network States, such that this becomes a viable and highly replicable model for human development. Among some of the critical parameters are:

  1. Who is the likely population - what age, intelligence level, skill level - that can achieve this?
  2. How much land is required in the end state for a single OSE Experiment enterprise - for it to become a viable and growing entity?
  3. Is a single enterprise as such sufficient to produce a cascade of global change to completely regenerative development of the earth?
  4. Is such an enterprise sufficient to develop its own digital financial system of exchange? What does the financial institution that allows for global exchange look like?
  5. How much land area is sufficient to produce 100% of a society's needs? Our premise is that this scale is 40-1000 acres for a complete civilization, including various technology-enabled means of import substitution for a regenerative, circular economy.
  6. How much open design is required to enable the startup of a facility like this? It is our assumption that proprietary information would not suffice due to its gaps in efficiency.
  7. How much financing, support, or other assets are required to replicate the enterprise community?
  8. In terms of starting an enterprise like this - what is a likely operational model and rollout plan until the first viable enterprise community that lasts, thrives, and grows?
  9. What time scale is required for startup, and how can this time scale be compressed?
  10. In terms of building alignment to build a community - what are critical skill sets and mindsets that the members must have?
  11. How is security and conflict resolution addressed internally and in case of invasion? What institutions are required?
  12. How does such a community play a role in terms of transformation of the world to a peacetime, prosperous economy - where war, poverty, and corruption are a thing of the past? What institutions are required to address these issues?
  13. What institutions are required for continuous learning and growth, such that bureaucracy, organizational inertia, and resistance to change become a thing of the past? Ie, how do we reinvent education and lifelong learning.
  14. What is the minimum-overhead technological infrastructure required to provide all technology needs, spanning all the way up to modern semiconductors? Can a structure as small as the Tower of Wisdom, supported by 40 acres of land, provide all the material and technological needs?
  15. Can a viable economy be created without Artificial Scarcity, and is such an economy sufficient to solve the centuries-long conflict between the classes?