OSE Incentive Challenge 2021

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OSE considered an Incentive Challenge on the cordless drill, but due to COVID, that shifted to a high temperature, large printer for printing construction materials from waste plastic. The latter is a near trillion dollar value item, in that the plastics industry is $400B according to Market Size. The possibility is to reduce cost of the Seed Eco-Home significantly by using 3D printed materials. The Incentive Challenge would include the product ecosystem to enable plastic waste cleanup:

  1. 4'x4'x8' 3d printer. Ideally with 4-9 heads for faster printing. Printing on a tile surface, as a very even, warp-free surface. Large nozzles, minimum of 1.2 mm, for bulk printing, without requiring high quality filament.
  2. Shredder - for shredding waste plastic
  3. Filament maker - for turning waste plastic into 3D printing filament
  4. High temperature chamber with exhaust filter - to print with common materials such as PE, PP, PET, PC, PVC ABS, and more - without needing special filament but instead printing from trash waste stream resources.

Prior Work