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  • These are current curated tasks that collaborators may engage on a voluntary basis:


  • Generate a BOM-Quality CAD-related FreeCAD script to extract a complete BOM in HTML/CSS format. The BOM format is simple, incuding part number, part name, quantity, and a hyperlink for sourcing. A sourcing hyperlink can be a wiki page that goes into further options based on a sourcing map.



  • There are 500 Modules that constitute most of human technology, and OSE is opensourcing them. We need an icon, such as at Icon Source - for each of these modules. The goal is to create a uniform, cohesive set of icons according to the icon guidelines at Icon Source that can be used to create visual communications, diagrams, etc. This includes not only the 500 modules, but also process, enterprise, tool, and other icons such as shown at Icons. We need a maintainer for this project.

Video Curation

  • OSE has a repository of video assets that are intended for collaborative video production. See Collaborative Video Protocol. The goal here is to curate these assets by taking the source at Google Photos, and creating wiki galleries with a link to the source, a thumbnail of the video, and a short description of key content for that video.

Script Writing

  • Are you a good script writer, educator, copywriter, director, or producer who can write compelling copy for educational and promotional videos? OSE's mission of creating a civilization that works for everyone lends itself to all types of videos, from creative music videos such as the OSE Rap, promotionals such as for the Open Source Microfactory STEAM Camp 2020, recruitment for instructors, and many others. If you are familiar with our work, consider writing scripts based on the curated video assets from the Video Curation section above.

Wiki Work

  • This Page seems to be used for searching through the various Categories, but the list seems incomplete, and the interface clunky
    • Is this the correct page for this function, and if so how can we improve this

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