Rapid Design Method

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  1. Use admissible parts list such as Fab Tool Icons specific to area of endeavor
  2. Look up Design Guide in the area of interest, to define Working Modules of interest
  3. Draw up vBOM using admissible parts from 1 and admissible Working Modules from 2
  4. Design technicalities using FreeCAD, to generate CAE Analysis and CAM capacity. Export for analysis in OpenFoam, and generate rapid manufacturing schematics in KiCAD for open source PNP fabrication
  5. Perform Calculations to include some engineering. Develop FreeCAD analysis capacity for the specific topic.
  6. Use CNC mill, laser cutter, torch table, robotic arm, 3D Printer, WAAM, CNC Sawmill, automated ZnAl caster, with the CAM-generated files
  7. Render product concepts
  8. Develop Production Engineering for garage, FabLab, RLF, and Swarm scales/contexts.