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HintLightbulb.png Status - Done: OSE Piping Workbench, basics PVC Pipe and Fittings To Do: Blocks:

HintLightbulb.png Status - Done: Created parts in OSE Part Library Workbench To Do: basic functions like show text, show image, save last selection Blocks: I do not know how import of parts works

HintLightbulb.png Status - Done: Created parts in OSE D3D Workbench To Do: add support for axis Blocks:

HintLightbulb.png Status - Done: Add partial CAD, BOM, and Concept To Do: add the rest Blocks: {{{3}}}

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Fri April 2, 2021

I added new buttons to OSE Piping Workbench to move and to rotate parts.

Thu Dezember 10, 2020

Ported OSE Piping Workbench to Dodo. It uses Dodo by default, but if Dodo is not present, the workbench will uses Flamingo.

Mon Dezember 7, 2020

I started to port the piping workbench to Dodo.

Tue November 26, 2020

I requested OSE Piping Workbench to be added to the official FreeCAD list of non-official addons. See [1]

Wed June 28, 2020

I am back :) Check.png I am in process of adding OSE Piping Workbench to Freecad Addon Manger Check.pngCheck.pngCheck.png. It requires multiple steps [2]. Ignore the step 4 to label the Github repor. I seems like Github does not have this feature for free accounts.

HintLightbulb.png Hint: From User:Groques: You can complete step 4 by adding respective "topics". See the following guide:

We also did this for the "3D Printer Workbench". The following may prove helpful:

June 02, 2020

Create a dedicated site for OSE piping workbench on [FreeCAD wiki].

June 02, 2020

Step 4 Complete of the registration process for the Freecad Addon Mager is complete. Thank you G Roques for the tip!

Wed August 12, 2019

In this weekend I will do a small presentation about OSE and OSE-Germany for German effective Altruists. We will discuss about OSE from the point of view of EA and possible collaborations.

TODO: Check safity mechanism for cordless drills.

TODO: Find a video about HILTI hammer drill.

Wed Apr 24, 2019

How to create gears in helical gears in FreeCAD

Tue Apr 23, 2019

Attended the dev meeting.

Sat Apr 20, 2019

Some thoughts about Veganism and OSE .

Sun Apr 14, 2019

Fixed bugs in OSE Piping Workbench

Sat Apr 13, 2019

Fixed OSE Piping Workbench

  • Port to FreeCAD 0.18
  • Fixed some issues in windows.

I am not sure if the code still works with FreeCAD 0.16. Let me know, if there are some problems there.

Tue Mar 26, 2019

Attend Developer Meeting.

Mon Mar 11, 2019

Fixed problem in ose-piping-workbench with new FreeCAD. The Qt5 in new versions of FreeCAD caused error "type object 'PySide2.QtWidgets.QApplication' has no attribute'UnicodeUTF8'"

Sun Mar 3, 2019

Fixed code in ose-piping-workbench. Wrong indentations in the python code probably caused some failures on Windows 8.1.

Sat Jan 27, 2019

Attention, Attention! Step aside! Call an ambulance! This is an amateur working. Calibrate 3D printer. Get position: M114;

  1. Start pronterface.
  2. Connect to the printer.
  3. Home the printer (click the House button).
  4. Put a sheet of paper on the bed.
  5. Move the printer bed up until it touched the paper sheet. Move the printer sheet to insure that the nozzle touches it.
  6. Send "M114;" command to check if the printer shows z0.
  7. My shows "X:-15.00 Y:190.00 Z:2.00 E:0.00 Count X: -1200 Y:15200 Z:162"
  8. That means. The printer things its z position is 2.00. But in reality it is 0.0 now.
  9. Set proper position with a command "G92 Z0".

If I start with homing position Z7.0. I need to correct it to 7.0-2.00. That is 5.0: "G92 Z5"

This was a bad idea. After homing this calibration is lost. Now I will try to calibrate with the z probe.

  1. Lower z prob.

This was another bad idea. The z prob is deeper than the nozzle. It touches now the platform before the nozzle. Maybe the first ide was not that bad...

After bringing back the z probe. M114 returns instead Z0. "X:-15.00 Y:190.00 Z:2.40 E:0.00 Count X: -1200 Y:15200 Z:1942 Now to calibrate I need to set Z after probing to "7.0-2.40".

  1. G92 Z4.6;

Sat Jan 5, 2019

With the help of Germán and Oliver setup the D3D Australia.

This is my very first 3D print. It is a OSE test cube :). Look how cute and adorable it is:


I need to make some very small adjustments of the z axis and buy some PLA filament.

Sun Jan 1, 2019

Tried to connect D3D Australia to computer:

  • Cura does not see the printer.
  • slic3r crashes with "** ( CRITICAL **: 11:58:45.761: murrine_style_draw_box: assertion 'width >= -1' failed" as soon as I try to test the printer.

I tried to connect manually to usb device /dev/ttyACM0. It worked only with superuser permissions. I checked permissions of the device

ls -l /dev/ttyA*

crw-rw---- 1 root dialout 166, 0 Jan 1 12:32 /dev/ttyACM0

then I checked if I am in the dialout group

id -Gn ruslan

I was not. I added my self to the group

sudo usermod -a -G dialout ruslan

Reconnect. And it still does not work. But after reboot, the connection to/dev/ttyACM0 works. And cura can see the printer!

What is the orientation of the axis? [3] does not answer the question: Where the positive z axis points to? I got confused by the motion of the z-axis. When I send positive z value, the printing bet moves down. This is the correct behavior, because if the bet moves down, then the printing head moves up.

Sun Dec 2, 2018


Improved insertion of fittings in OSE-Piping-Workbench.

Mon Nov 28, 2018

Found out better port representation for pipe fittings. Add port documentation to German OSE Wiki because it supports mathematical formulas.

Sun Nov 20, 2018

Started to implement new positioning for pipe fitting in OSE-piping-workbench.

Sat Nov 19, 2018

I bought some missing parts for Germáns printer: a bearing and two M6 bolts. I still need an Australia-Europe adaptor to switch on the printer.


Sat Nov 10, 2018

The FreeCAD user Kunda1 helped me to setup FreeCAD debugger! Debugging in FreeCAD

Ask: by dev meeting:

  • Is a BOM integration in FreeCAD interesting to us?

Like [4] or [5].

See FreeCAD forum.

Sun Nov 4, 2018

I started to learn physics to calculate mechanical properties of a 3D-printer. My motivations are

  • Creating a decision support systems, which can suggest stepper dimensions.
  • Technical efficiency through optimizations.
  • Efficient use of human resources. Do important work which only a few people can do.
  • Fun and Education.


No support for mathematical formulas in the wiki :(.

Sun October 30, 2018

I am back. I am writing this from my mud hut, not :). There are couple of things to do:

  1. improve piping workbench - integration with Flamingo workbench; finish and forget.
  2. publish 3D printer CAD files
  3. repair Germán's 3D printer
  4. Improve the axis - automated generation of axes
  5. complete the OSE part library workbench
  6. learn cool physics for 3D printer calculations: Lagrangian mechanics.


  • I tried to find out how to debug FreeCAD. It just does not work :(. FreeCAD crashed. How I suppose to teach someone to program under these conditions?
  • I published ose-piping-library -- the prediscessor of ose-piping workbench -- under the CC0 license (Public Domain).

Sun August 19, 2018

Tried to setup Germán's D3D printer with Germáns help. Worked well. The D3d seems mostly to survive transportation well. But view parts are broken or missing. Broken:

  • One peg which holds pegs.
  • A lot of magnets felt off.
  • Y Stop felt off End stop y.jpg.


  • One bolt which keeps a bearings in one end of the universal axis.
  • One bolt which to fix heated bed
  • One bearing.

I need to buy missing parts and then continue with assembly.

Sun August 5, 2018

Sat August 4, 2018

  • Worked on better part placement in OSE Piping Workbench. The prediction of correct side does not work in flamingo.

Sat Jul 28, 2018

  • Commission will evaluate if Ruslan gets money
  • Ruslan will live in a mud hut if the money does not materialize, not.

Sun 15. July 2018

Documented LibreSolar box. Improve parts positining in PVC Piping workbench.

Tue 10. July 2018

Attended developer team meeting.

Mon 09. July 2018

Programmed PVC Workbench. Continued to implement new positioning feature.

Sun 08. July 2018

Participate on cos(h) meeting for disassembly and assembly the SolarBox. We made a lot of documentation, photos and videos.

Sun 07. July 2018

Programmed PVC Workbench. I started to implement new features from github user oddtopus: Insert Fittings directly to pipes and other fittings.

Tue 3. July 2018

Attend OSE Dev meeting.

Sun 1. July 2018

Partially made D3D_v18.06.12#CAD. Took the frame and axis from Oliver. Add Stepper and missing axis parts. Spent a lot of time trying to rotate stuff in FreeCAD. It is very frustrated or I am missing some FreeCAD tricks.

Sun 25. June 2018

Follow the video istructions from Marcin [6]

Sun 24. June 2018

Started D3D_v18.06.12 Printer.

Sat 10. June 2018

Worked on OSE-piping workbench. Rename modules. Made them better fit to FreeCAD naming style. Adjust D3D-printer workbench.

Sat 09. June 2018

Worked on OSE-piping workbenched. Migration of elbows to Flamingo style finished. I added bend angle to the sweep elbow.


Rename Modules to prevent conflicts with other workbenches.

Thu 07. June 2018

I met Michel from cos(h) group -- a student group from Hamburg University of Applied Science (HAW Hamburg). I already met this group multiple times before -- they are nice and professional. One of their projects is Libre Solar. They build Solar Box - a device which you plug between solar panels and electrical devices. The Solar Box optimizes power conversion and stores excessive energy in batteries.

The cos(h)-team goes beyond just Open Hardware -- they make good assembly instructions!

It is possible to work together on the 3D-Printer!

Sat 03. June 2018

Worked on PVC-pipig work bench. Oriented elbow as in flamingo.

Add a video tutorial, how to connect two pipes with an elbow. The elbow geometry can be changed.


The channel in the middle part of an elbow is not displayed correctly :(. You can see it, if you make the elbow transparent.

Sat 02. June 2018

Access to forbidden. Why?

Today I worked on PVC-piping workbench. I changed orientation of the parts and solid elbow from x-z plane with to x-y plane with symmetry to x-y bisectrix. This corresponds to flamingo elbow orientation.

One freecad user asked me to write a howto to create fitting [7]. I will do it.


  • position and rotate my flamingo elbow the same way as flamingo-flamingo elbow does. (x-y plane with x-y bisectrix symmetery instead of x-z plane).

Tue 29. May 2018

Developer meeting.

Sun 27. May 2018

Visited a EcoLab Blievenstorf for OSE Germany.

Tue 22. May 2018

Developer meeting.

Tue 15. May 2018

ESE-piping-workbench, you can find dxf files here.

Mon 14. May 2018

Jen found a useful link to Uniform Plumbing Code.

Sat 12. May 2018

Start to create new workbench. It is easy to work directly with FreeCAD Module directory.

cd   ~/.FreeCAD/Mod

Setup repository

I use Stephen's FreeCAD_Workbench_Starter.

I could not fork it, because I already fork it for ose-piping-workbench. Instead I made clone of it with a new name.

git clone  ose-part-library-workbench
cd ose-part-library-workbench

I create a github remote directory where I can make my code accessible for the public.

The cloned repository is still bound to Stephen's repository. I want to bound it to my github repository. I rename the Stephen's origin as "upstream".

git remote rename origin upstream

and add my new git-hub repository as an origin.

git remote add origin

Now I push my recent created repository to my github repository

git push -u origin master

Adjust files

  • edit Add new project description.
  • Rename OSE_ExampleWorkbench to OSE_PartLibraryWorkbench in, adjust text.

class OSE_PartLibraryWorkbench (Workbench):

    MenuText = "OSE Part Library Workbench"
    ToolTip = "Add parts from Open Source Ecology project"
    #Icon = """paste here the contents of a 16x16 xpm icon"""

edit the last line in too


rename and rename to something else to prevent conflicts with other workbenches. Adjust dependent files.

Thu 10. May 2018

Looked for standard


  • A brief list of all dimenensions and their minning is here ASTM D2749 - 13.
  • More detailed list: ASTM D3311

What we do not need:

  • D 2665 – 0: Designation: D 2665 – 04, Standard Specification for Poly(Vinyl Chloride) (PVC) Plastic Drain, Waste, and Vent Pipe and Fittings, This standard is more focused on material and mechanical properties of pipes and fittings.


  • Support Open Source standards.
  • Use metric system.

Sun 06. May 2018

Migrated OSE piping workbench to new uniform dimensions.

Sun 29. April 2018

Continue to unify for OSE piping workbench.

Tue 23. April 2018

Abstract for FreeCAD 101#OSE FreeCAD Programming Tutorial. FreeCAD_Workbench_Programming_101.

Thu 19. April 2018

Preparation to and attendance of Developer Team Meeting Development_Team_Log.

Sun 8. April 2018

I am going to adjust coding style [9] add flamingo implementation of OSE piping workbench#Crosses.


  • Use the same core dimensions in OSE piping workbench. Now some of the using pipe inner dimensions, some pipe thickness, some use names some use part numbers.
  • Select code style and reformat code.

Tue 3. April 2018

Dev Team Meeting Development_Team_Log.

Mon 2. April 2018

Rewritten OSE_piping_workbench#Elbow. Now it uses PThk (pipe thicnness) instead of PID (pipe inner diameter). It does not create 2D drafts any more, this simplified the composed (non-solid) version of the elbow. The Flamingo version is has now the same orientation as the normal version.

= Sun 1. 2018 Ported OSE_piping_workbench#Elbow to new dimensions.

Sat 31. 2018

Continues to work on OSE_piping_workbench. Oddtopus added an important features to Flamingo: moving objects

Fr Mar 30. 2018

Added OSE_piping_workbench#Sweep Elbows to OSE_piping_workbench.

Mon Mar 27. 2018

Developer meeting Developer meeting attendance and preparation

Sun Mar 25. 2018

Added flamingo parts to OSE piping workbench#Couplings, OSE piping workbench#Bushings, OSE piping workbench#Tees, OSE piping workbench#Corners. Updated D3D Workbench in FreeCAD.

If you update OSE-piping-workbench from github also update D3D-Printer-Workbench.

OSE-piping workbench is experimental. Especially the Flamingo support. Possible I will change some things in the future.


Tried to create a discussion with Disqus -- it is not possible. Disqus is user unfriendly and useless.

Sat Mar 24. 2018

Continue to integrate Flamingo OSE piping workbench. Add Flamingo iplimentations to [[OSE piping workbench#Pipes] and OSE piping workbench#Elbows. You can now change their parameters dynamically.


  • Flamingo integrated into the pipe GUI.
  • Flamingo integrated into the elbow GUI. Oddtopus - the developer of Flamingo - provided code and documentation.

Fri Mar 23. 2018

Worked on OSE piping workbench. Started Flamingo integration to the pipe interface. The developer - Oddtopus - of Flamingo oddtpus made a FreeCAD orum entry [10] and already contribute some code and documentation.

Tue Mar 20. 2018

Prepare to and attend the Developer Meeting

Mon Mar 19. 2018

Worked on OSE piping workbench and D3D printer workbench. Added selection dialogs for pipe and corners.


  • How to correct entries in "effort log"?

Sat Mar 18. 2018

Continue to work on the OSE piping workbench. Power: A New Social Analysis

Some thoughts

Do we need a special contact person in Dev Team to help with FreeCAD issues?

Sun Mar 17. 2018

Visited OpenEcoLab and organic mushroom farm of User:Oliver. Saw many tools made with T-slot profile the frame is more expensive than PVC but the aluminum frame is easier to transport and looks better and more robuster. Ate mushrooms 😋.

Mon Mar 13. 2018

AAAAAAAAhhh. I got confused by the CST-USA time. Went to the meeting 1 hour later 😭.

Mon Mar 12. 2018

Programming OSE piping workbench.

Problem and solution

  • There are also not much examples of pivy to understand how it woks. Coin website suggests to use documentation of open inventor API. For main idea see Inventor Mentor Book
  • dir(obj) does not display all attributes. Try to guess them from C++ API in Open Inventor C++ Reference Manual. If you need to get a possible list of arguments you can call something like obj.translation.setValue(invalid data) to provoke an error message with some suggestions for arguments.
  • I do not know how to make hideable ports. They are always displayed.

How to test coin code:

from pivy import coin
sg = FreeCADGui.ActiveDocument.ActiveView.getSceneGraph()
sep = coin.SoSeparator() # add other objects here
cyl = coin.SoCylinder()
# Remove object from the view.

Some thoughts

  • 3D printer with PVC frame has disadvantages: once built, the frame cannot be disassembled;
  • It can be taken apart with heat gun. Best way is to cut near the corner, heat the pipe, and then take it out. See Removing PVC Joints.
  • what about all PVC waste;
  • Teach to build. What about basic didactic skills? What to do if something will go wrong: accident, missing part, broken part, participants with not sufficient fine motor skills.

Sat Mar 11. 2018

Try to create create pipes as a pipe as Scripted Object with special positioning and rotation commands.


  • Pipe as a Part::FeaturePython. Be careful, in Freecad examples there are Part::FeaturePython and App::FeaturePython are used. They are not the same.

Problems (and solutions)

[11] points to the wrong documentation. It is here

To do

  • Different view with drag and rotation points.
  • Command for moving parts around.

Tue Mar 06. 2018

It looks like T-Profile version for the 3D printer is not much more expensive than the PVC version.


Mon Mar 05. 2018

Metric System


  • How to add Disqus comments?

Sun Mar 04. 2018

OSE piping workbench


  • Implement function join for pipes.


  • I do not know how to programming this views in FreeCAD. I just do not understand the logic behind it.

Sun Mar 03. 2018

Fixed bushing dimensions. Use pod instead of PID in PVC Pipe and Fittings Library#Bushings. Improved D3D workbench. Added 90° elbows to workbench. Created Biogasanlagenbauerabzeichen

OSE bio-digester-builder-badge.png.

Wear it with pride!

Sun Feb 24. 2018

Worked on PVC Pipe and Fittings Library#OSE Piping Workbench and D3D Workbench in FreeCAD. Updated PVC Pipe and Fittings Library, replaced references to macros by references to workbench, update text and pictures.

Thu Feb 22. 2018

Spoke with User:Oliver about status of OSE Germany, D3D Frames and many other interesing stuff.

  • OSE Germany is active. Focus on regenerative Energy. SolarBox, [12] The License is CC-SA-BY.
  • T-Profile could be a cheaper alternative to PVC frame. Universal Prototyping Kit
  • Possible collaboration on OSE piping workbench.

Sat Feb 18. 2018

Add all fitting to PVC Pipe and Fittings Library#OSE Piping Workbench. Tried to find out where to by in Germany PVC pipe crosses, which are not very expensive.

  • Amazon: FORMUFIT F0013WE-WH-4 3-Way Elbow PVC Fitting, (Pack of 4) EUR 35,99 + EUR 11,52 shipment. WTF?
  • One can also use "PVC-U T-Stück 90° 4fach", but I found them starting only with 50mm [13]
  • I saw "32mm ID 3 Way PVC Tube Joint Pipe Fitting" on ali-express. I can try to buy them.

Sun Feb 17. 2018

Started to work on OSE Workbench. Useful links provided by Stephen Kaiser

I used Stephen's as starting point.

Here you can find guidelines for icons | FreeCAD Forum. In particuar it points to [14]

Started to work on PVC Pipe and Fittings Library#OSE Piping Workbench. The code is on

Tue Feb 13. 2018

The development of a pipe frame macro was a failure How piping macros are made#Failure analysis. [15]. Developer meeting.

Sun Feb 11. 2018

How piping macros are made. Added Macro to create a complete frame box from pipe and corners File:Create-frame-box.FCMacro. It is not possible now to select pipe and corner names from a list. The user must put the part names into corresponding edit fields.

One needs recent File:Pipe.csv and File:Outer-corner.csv to use File:Create-frame-box.FCMacro.


I should definitively make a pipe workbench. The customized macros for complex part like a frame box costs too much time.

Sat Feb 10. 2018

Formulas to translate Formfit dimensions at [16] to Macro dimensions. We use lower case letters for Formfit dimensions, then it holds:

H = a - g/2

M = g

G = H-e = a - g/2 -e

POD = d ( Note, the dimension "d" of a 1" corner does not correspond to the outside diameter of a NPS 1" pipe)

PID is unknow, just take a value from the NPS pipe dimensions.

  • Added corner dimensions from Formufit. The dimension G from Aetna Plastics for the 1" -corner Part Number 413-015 seems to be wrong. 3/16 is too small. I replaced it by 13/16. On the OSE wiki, the dimensions are now from Formufit.
  • Fixed pipe names in File:Pipe.csv from 'NPS xy"' to 'NPS xy in'. FreeCAD cannot edit names of the created parts if they contain '"' symbol.


  • To champfer edges of the corners is easy to do manually in FreeCAD but I did not find a way to do it programmatically from a macro.
  • Assembly2 stops working after I used about 4 circular constraints.

Fri Feb 09, 2018

Disqus - Developer Meeting. Started to devolop pipe corners for 3D printer frame. Next 12 weeks:

  1. Corners for a 3D printed frame -
  2. Finishing 3D corner
  3. Start building a PVC based printer - 12"?

Created File:Create-outer-corner.FCMacro, added dimensions from Aetna Plastics to File:Outer-corner.csv. Added a section [PVC Pipe and Fittings Library#Corners]


I want to add corner dimensions from Formufit, they could be more suitable for our purpose.

Wednesday Feb 07, 2018


Tue Feb 06, 2018

Add dimensions check for File:Create-tee.fcmacro. Developer Meeting.

Sun Feb 04, 2018

Updated File:Create-pipe.fcmacro. Now the macro is customizable and uses File:Pipe.csv like the other macros. Updated PVC Pipe and Fittings Library#Pipes.

Created instruction video [17] which explains how to install pipe macros.

Updated ellbow macros File:Create-elbow-90.FCMacro and File:Create-elbow-alpha.FCMacro. They hide now not more auxiliary sketches.


  • Why the wiki always shows a strange screenshot of the pipe: [18] even if I tried to updated it multiple times?

Problems Solved

From Sat Feb 03, 2018.

  • The bushing uses the outer pipe dimensions for the larger dimensions of the bushing.

Sat Feb 03, 2018

Created File:Create-bushing.FCMacro, added bushing dimensions from Aetna Plastics to, created PVC Pipe and Fittings Library#Bushings.


  • SOLVED (See the entry on Sunday, next day) There are some inconsistent dimensions for the shape of bushings which I use. See the picture below:


If dimension "PID" is smaller than "POD1" then this bushing shape is not possible. This problem occurs for example in a 3/8"->"1/4" bushing with the part name "437-052" from Aetna Plastics.

  • There are no dimensions or shape for the hexagonal or octagonal part of the fitting. There are also no dimension with the conical inner socket part. I just invented these dimensions and they should be considered to be symbolic and do not resemble the real parts.

Fri Feb 02, 2018

Improved in File:Create-cross.FCMacro added cross dimensions from Aetna Plastics to

Thu Feb 01, 2018

Looking for the bugs in PVC Pipe and Fittings Library-Macros. Found and fixed bug in File:Create-elbow-90.FCMacro and File:Create-elbow-alpha.FCMacro - which does not create elbows in FreeCAD 0.17. All the macros worked in OSE 1.0 with FreeCAD 0.16 and FreeCAD 0.17 with default settings for Macro-directory.

Tue Jan 30, 2018

Developer meeting.

Sun Jan 28, 2018

Rewrote File:Create-elbow-90.FCMacro. Added File:Create-cross.FCMacro and the corresponding PVC Pipe and Fittings Library#Cross section. Update File:Pvc-coupling-test.fcstd (it was created by a buggy create-coupling macro).

Sat Jan 27, 2018

Tested piping macros started to create a short video with installation instructions.

Wed Jan 24, 2018

Rewrote PVC Pipe and Fittings Library#Macros section of the piping macros.


Rewrite and restructure PVC Pipe and Fittings Library to gradually provide information from necessary to advanced and to the background technical information.

Tue Jan 23, 2018

Preparation to developer meeting and tested and fixed bugs in File:Create-coupling.fcmacro, File:Create-tee.fcmacro and File:Create-elbow-alpha.FCMacro macros.

Sun Jan 21, 2018

Updated File:Create-coupling.fcmacro, File:Create-tee.fcmacro and File:Create-elbow-alpha.FCMacro macros. Updated PVC Pipe and Fittings Library.

Sat Jan 20, 2018

Added File:Create-coupling.fcmacro macro. Added PVC Pipe and Fittings Library#Couplings and PVC Pipe and Fittings Library#Coupling.

Tue Jan 9, 2018

Made preparations for developer meeting and attended it.

Sun Dec 31, 2017

Added File:Create-elbow-alpha.FCMacro for an elbow with an arbitrary angle between 0° and 180° to PVC Pipe and Fittings Library#Elbows.

Sat Dec 30, 2017

Updated File:Create-elbow-90.FCMacro macro. Now dimensions are stored in a separate CSV file. This macro was previously named File:Create-elbow.fcmacro. Updated PVC Pipe and Fittings Library#Macros.

Thu Dec 28, 2017

Updated File:Create-pipe.fcmacro, File:Create-elbow.fcmacro and File:Create-tee.fcmacro macros.

Tried to create 2D documentation pictures for fittings dimensions, but:


  • I have problems with the cut-function in FreeCAD.
  • I tried to create 2D drawing in FreeCAD, it is not easy. I started to use LibreCAD, maybe it is better for 2D than FreeCAD.

Sat Dec 23, 2017

Tried out FreeCAD library and Flamingo FreeCAD add on.

  • FreeCAD library contains some pipe fitting objects but no macros. The FreeCAD library can be used as for ideas how to make FreeCAD or fittings.
  • Flamingo is interesting, maybe I will contribute to it.
  • I added a warning message with a suggestion for a solution to File:Create-pipe.fcmacro when no documents are selected.

Fri Dec 22, 2017

A github user luzpaz asked me on github if it OK to add my macros to [19] and also mentioned [20]. I am thinking about doing this.

Wed Dec 20, 2017

Fixed bugs in FreeCAD macros


  • During the macro development, I used a FreeCAD command line for testing. The macro works, but it crashes next day or it crashes on a different machine.
  • The reason for the crash are objects which I create with the command line. My macros can refer to them but during the next run these objects do not exist any more.
  • Before I run a macro, I create a new document. My macro assumes that such a document exists. I know, why I need this document, but other users do not know this. The user runs my macro and is :(.


  • Test macros after FreeCAD restart.
  • Testing by other users is important.
  • On a failure, Let the macro show a hint to the user, what went wrong and what the user should do.
  • Instructions are very important.


  • (Video) instructions how to install macros and how to use it.
  • Add instructions to the macros.

Sun Dec 17, 2017

Add new version of a pipe FreeCAD macro PVC Pipe and Fittings Library#Pipes. Better code and GUI. Add new version of a 90° elbow FreeCAD macro PVC Pipe and Fittings Library#Elbows. Better code and GUI. An angle between 0° and 180° is possible but I have GUI and parameters only for 90°.


  • improve integration of various macros into FreeCAD
  • separate data from the logic to prevent Licensing Problems. The Macros will be published under CC0 public domain.

Sat Dec 16, 2017

Created git hub repository [21] for the macros. Added a macro for tee-parts PVC_Pipe_and_Fittings_Library#Tees.

Fri Dec 15, 2017

Looked for literature about technical standard in a library. Some interesting German documents are:

  • DIN EN ISO 1452-3 Kunststoff-Rohrleitungssysteme für die Wasserversorgung und für erdverlegte und nicht erdverlegte Entwässerungs- und Abwasserdruckleitungen - Weichmacherfreies Polyvinylchlorid (PVC-U) - Teil 3: Formstücke (ISO 1452-3:2009).
  • DIN EN ISO 1877-3 Kunststoff-Rohrleitungssysteme für die Warm- und Kaltwasserinstallation - Chloriertes Polyvinylchlorid (PVC-C) - Teil 3: Formstücke (ISO 15877-3:2009 + AMD 1:2010); The same as DIN ISO 1452-3 but for PVC-C.

Some documents with possibly useful information:

  • DIN EN ISO 3126 Kunststoff-Rohrleitungssysteme - Rohrleitungsteile aus Kunststoffen - Bestimmung der Maße (ISO 3126:2005); It describes how to measure pipes.


The standards contains too much information spread in many documents. They are also expensive to obtain. Maybe books are better.

  • Piping databook, Nayyar, Mohinder L., McGraw-Hill 2002. It containments measurements for some pipes and fittings in one place. It is not clear, if this information is sufficient for CAD-files.


I tried to make a simple tee-fitting in FreeCAD. It is simple only theory -- the FreeCAD refuses to perform boolean operation on shapes for unknown reasons. I wasted a lot of time moving parts back and forth, until FreeCAD does what it suppose to do. I felt like a pigeon in the Skinner experiment. [22]

Sat Dec 10, 2017

Uploaded improved elbow FreeCAD marco File:Create-elbow.fcmacro with GUI. It can create some 40 Schedule 90°-elbows.


  • Add more parts. Add progress information -- the macro needs some time to create an elbow, but the user does not have any feedback when clicks OK.
  • All previous macros are experiments and not a finished work. Find out these Idea behind the macros is good enough. If it is, complete one macro.
  • Maybe it is better to use a repository instead of loading each change to the Wiki?
  • Find out what is Wrong with FreeCAD. Why cannot I do a cross section (easily)?)

Sun Dec 9, 2017

Improved version of elbow-macro.


I tried to create a cross section of the pipe elbow for documentation. For some reasons I cannot cat the elbow by a large box. With small box it works. Very annoying :(.

Thu Dec 7, 2017

Worked on new elbow macro. Now I used sweep for whole elbow. The work around from Dec 6 is no more necessary.

Tue Dec 5, 2017

PVC_Pipe_and_Fittings_Library: Improved FreeCAD marco File:Add-elbow.fcmacro. It creates now a single solid part.

Problems solved

The Problem union of parts from Sun. Dec 3., 2017, I solved by changing the outer radius of the bent part. See [23].

Sun Dec 3, 2017

PVC_Pipe_and_Fittings_Library: Created FreeCAD cad file for a PVC elbowFile:Pvc-elbow-test-60deg.fcstd. Created FreeCAD marco File:Add-elbow.fcmacro to add an elbow to the active document.


  • I cannot make an union of three elbow parts.

Problems solved

  • FreeCAD sweep-function cannot sweep a complex sketch -- for example with two circles. Spitting sketch into multiple sketches helped.


Add gui to the macro and find standard dimensions for the elbows.

Sat Dec 2, 2017

PVC_Pipe_and_Fittings_Library: Created FreeCAD file for a PVC pipe File:Pvc-pipe-nps-sch40-1d8.fcstd. Created FreeCAD Marco File:Pvc-pipe-nps.fcmacro to add 40 or 80 schedule PVC pipes. Useful links: OSE_Part_Library, PVC_Pipe.


  • I have no experience with FreeCAD macros and Python GUI-Library. The macro code is experimental. I do not know how to integrate my macro into FreeCAD .


  • There is a note in the wiki-editor "Please note that all contributions to Open Source Ecology are considered to be released under the CreativeCommons". But I would like to release some of my code under public domain license. Is it OK?
  • Where I enter hours, which I spent for the project?

Fri Dec 1, 2017

I spent time looking for information about pipes. I tried to find answer to the questions:

  • What are important standards?
  • Is PVC really good material? Are there some environment friendlier alternatives?
  • What are the appropriate technical terms in German? A verbatim translation PVC-Rohr seems not to a frequent term.

Sat Nov 25, 2017

I created the first working log entry.